Letter: Sen. Bailey believes money trumps the Constitution


I just came across state Sen. Bailey’s July 19 attack on Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s suit against NAS Whidbey. She attacked Ferguson with ad hominem arguments, impugning his motivations and criticizing his suits against President Donald Trump even as this president has shown a reckless disregard for the Constitution of the United States.

And never mind that many of Ferguson’s suits were supported by the courts. It used to be that Republicans were pro law-and-order. Apparently not anymore.

Ferguson charges that the Navy broke the law and Bailey says nothing to refute that charge. The courts will either agree or not. But Sen. Bailey seems to believe that an economically important sector is above the law and that wrapping yourself in the flag also puts you above the law. I am deeply disturbed to find so many self-described conservatives leaning into fascism, might is right and you must never criticize the military, just as I am disturbed to hear that a number of self-proclaimed Christians support Donald Trump even though his actions are consistently at odds with the message of the Gospel, which calls upon us to take care of children, the poor and the stranger.

Steen Halling


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