Letter: Shavers can bridge divide in politics


It’s not every day we get someone of truly exceptional credentials running to represent us in the halls of government. How about a Yale Law school graduate with eight years of first-quality military experience that currently serves on the board of two nonprofits in our community and another more global?

Supplementing these assets is a unique and so important ability to connect with people regardless of their political leanings. He’s a personable and approachable guy that’s always smiling and able to bridge that divide that hinders our government’s ability to get what’s needed done. He describes his motivation as springing from the “growing angry confusion concerned with being politically right or left instead of being simply right or wrong.” A unique and timely stance these days. Importantly, he wants to actually do something about our climate dilemma, unlike his opponent.

At 31 years he could easily be pursuing many career directions, but guess what, he’s 100% focused on realizing the needs and goals of our district. You’ll see him around our communities, discussing climate action at the Whidbey Fair, on the ferry, walking around Langley or Oak Harbor, and note that infectious demeanor.

Clyde Shavers is running to represent us in the 10th State House district. Have a look at this inspiring candidate at clydeshavers.com.

He’s the real deal, not that fairytale phony portrayed in those baseless and seemingly desperate claims we saw within letters to the editor in the 9/3/22 and 8/10/22 editions of The Record from one individual.

Dean Enell