Letter: Shavers has intellect to tackle problems


Have you ever looked at a slate of candidates for elected office and wondered, “Where are our leaders? Who will step up with creative thinking and practical solutions to the serious problems we face as a community?” I certainly have.

This primary election, I am delighted to be able to vote for Clyde Shavers, a young leader who has stepped up to run for State Representative in District 10.

Clyde, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, Navy veteran, lawyer and community activist, is a man with the intellect to understand complex issues and the skills to build consensus to address them. He is distinctly non-partisan in his thinking. If you listen to him for five minutes, you will realize he is brilliant in finding common ground and a way to move us forward. His solutions are practical and achievable.

Clyde is the leader I have been looking for. I urge you to vote for him for District 10 State Representative.

Janice O’Mahony