Letter: Taxes being paid should provide for better service


As I sit in a ferry line waiting for two hours, I wonder … we are waiting this long because we wait for a Whidbey ambulance to load with a patient with a life-threatening problem.

No cars are put on, only the ambulance.

I appreciate the need to give that patient preference. In fact, why are they not being helicoptered? I would want myself or my people helicoptered. A few years ago, we passed a levy for our paramedic services. We pay taxes for our emergency services.

Last August, I lost a friend who was kept at the Whidbey hospital for an extra day while surgeons gathered in Everett to operate on her. Our hospital said that it had no ambulances available. She died as they got her to Everett too late. A month later, my friend’s friend experienced the same problem.

Why is this?

I love living here, but fear for us all. Where are these important services we all pay for? Why should we have to move elsewhere to feel secure in having the services we need?

Lynda Milasich