Letter: There is much to be thankful for in America


I am grateful to live in the United States of America, the freest country in the world. I am grateful that no president or king on Earth is in place outside of God’s sovereignty, and that no person is beyond the reach of His mercy or can escape His judgment. I am grateful to live in a nation built on trust in Him, where voices of dissent are given the right to expression in equal measure with the right of the majority to remain silent.

I am blessed to have a great job and a really good man for a boss, with whom I can respectfully disagree — at least on matters of national politics — in an open public forum without fear of reprisal. I am grateful that under the Trump administration, blue collar workers and small business owners like my siblings and in-laws are able to live above their means. I am grateful that in this fruitful economy, plumbers, electricians, and even drywall tapers can have double the take-home pay of a government lawyer, without a college education: it should always be this way.

I am grateful that immigrant workers who come here today are able to see and experience the land of prosperity they have heard and dreamed about. I am surprised, but grateful, that Amazon and Boeing haven’t left Seattle to escape extreme local progressivism; I am glad that the Navy hasn’t left Whidbey Island for the same reason. Someday I imagine it will.

I am grateful for a warm home this holiday season and a loving family to spend it with. I am grateful to live in Oak Harbor, where the sound of freedom rings all the day and into the night. I am grateful that every new day dawning is a gift, and that we are all in this adventure together: try to remember that this Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond.

We can’t necessarily change each other’s minds or hearts, or remove the president — nor should we — but we can choose to share joy, hope and glad tidings with everyone we meet.

Jesse J. Eldred,

Deputy prosecuting attorney

Oak Harbor

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