Letter: Thompson will return common sense to district


Children are the victims of today’s leftist agenda, one which has been enabled by left-leaning school boards like the Oak Harbor School Board.

Evidently, the Oak Harbor School Board has been busy maintaining the status quo, defending Critical Race Theory, a sexually explicit “comprehensive sex education curriculum” (that is completely inappropriate for children) and forced a mask mandate that is harmful to children. They have failed Oak Harbor’s students by not providing an educational environment free from offensive and dysfunctional leftist influences.

I believe it’s time for new school board members, responsible parents who aren’t jaded by today’s woke politics. In the best interest of our children and their future, I will be supporting Jessica Thompson for Oak Harbor School Board. Jessica Thompson is a mother and a patriot who seeks to return schools to a common sense standard of decency and to protect children from political indoctrination.

Michael Bradley

Oak Harbor

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