LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Congress deserves our praise

To the editor:

An enormous wave of relief washed over me this morning when I opened our Sunday newspaper to see that HR 3962 PASSED!

My husband and I are both currently employed, middle class Americans, with healthcare that we purchase through my husband’s employer.

We have American friends and family here in the United States who are not so fortunate, and that is terrifying. By contrast, we have friends in Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Costa Rica and Canada who don’t worry about losing their health insurance for even one minute. We have been envious of their healthcare security for years. Finally we are close to experiencing true homeland security with the passage of the Affordable Health Care for America Act.

Thank you to Rick Larsen and the other members of Congress who stood up to the wealthy insurance lobby and other opponents who threaten true homeland security!

A. Slichter