LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Langley logging project is a shame

To the editor:

After fielding numerous inquiries regarding our participation in the clear cutting operation on Langley Road we would like to set the record straight!

We are thus advising the community of South Whidbey that we are in no way affiliated with, nor do we condone, the practice of clear cutting as a viable option for timber management. The property in question is located on the east side of Langley Road at its intersection with Maxwelton Road. We believe that this clear cut area makes a statement that is directly opposed to all that the citizens of South Whidbey, especially the town of Langley, idealize.

This intersection serves as the “gateway” to Langley where travelers are welcomed to our picturesque little town. What a shame that such visitors are greeted by the site of a ravaged forest; what does this say about those who are supposed to be the stewards of such forests? How does this portray a community that is known for taking pride in its beauty and its progressive attitudes?

Dr. Robben and

Chris Jones