LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Record writer deserves credit

To the editor:

Thank you to The South Whidbey Record for reporting on our mission to make live radio theatre a performance medium for 21st century audiences (Island Living, Sept. 3, “Radio Theatre is Alive and Well in Kentucky”).

We feel fortunate that we have the chance to do this work with gifted folks from our own town who are our family and our extended family.

Along those lines, we must correct a vital omission in the “home town team” mentioned who are credited for making the event a reality.

“The Help” — in which Deana Duncan and Amy Walker put in stellar performances — was written by Langley’s own Bill Kerby.

Bill generously allowed us to take his original film script into our medium and it was the very wonderful writing at the base of that production which made all the difference in its realization.

He and Paula also bravely joined us in Kentucky and witnessed first hand the mad dash of opening eight shows/

10 scripts in four days — his being one of the first to open. In a situation like that, it behooved us to lead with a strong hand — lead with the strongest writing. Bill was the ace up the sleeve. He made all the difference in the world in the quality of what we accomplished.

In fact, come to think of it, as a general rule, it IS the writer who DOES make ALL the difference in the world — on the stage, on the screen and even in politics!

So Mr. Bill Kerby, our heartfelt thanks to you for the original, wonderful words and the chance to collaborate on a magical theatrical debut.

Judith Walcutt and David Ossman