Letter: Trump continues to target the poor


Another child has died at the border, in U.S. custody. Still in cages, still sleeping on concrete with mylar “blankets.” Just for seeking a better life or asylum.

What else do we still not know about this? This particular child was taken into custody with a 103 degree temperature. What parent would not seek medical assistance with that high a temperature?

These Trump policies remain outrageous and inhuman. How long will we stand for this?

Now, too, he wants to take millions of dollars from the SNAP program, making it more difficult for poor children to have food.

After all the waste of money in Washington, Trump dares go after poor children. The poor have always been an easy target, hence Trump’s egregious behavior.

I sincerely hope the impeachment trial goes through and he is removed.

There is so much to be cleaned up after this three-year mess. It may take years, if it can even be done at all.

Nancy Mayer


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