Letter: Trump needs filter, doesn’t speak truth


The FBI has retrieved top secret documents from the private home of former President Trump. Documents that were requested by the National Archives six months ago. Documents that a subpoena was issued for, and ignored. Documents that were considered top secret and meant only to be viewed in a very secure government facility. Any citizen of this country, any patriot, any rational person should be outraged at this latest arrogance from the post White House Trump Circus.

A weaponized Justice Department targeting Trump? Trump tried to get Attorney General Barr to say that the election was fraudulent, and Barr refused. Former Vice President Pence declined Trump’s order to not certify the election results. I saw a sticker recently on a truck in Oak Harbor: “Warning: I Have No Filter.” Does that mean you say what you think without listening to yourself? The reason for filters is to catch the bad stuff. If you believe, like former President Trump, that it’s all right to sound off no matter what is coming out of your mouth, you really do need a filter. Maybe multiple filters.

As grown-ups, we know that anyone can say anything at any time. And anyone can believe anything that they think is true. These kinds of words and beliefs are known as opinions.

Election fraud, as an example, requires proof. And proof is defined as anything that serves to establish the truth of something. Thinking that something is true, does not establish proof. Believing something is true does not establish proof.

Former President Trump has used every hot button issue that inflames his followers, whether it’s true or not. He wants Americans divided against each other based on fear, because angry people don’t listen to what other people say. When a bully, such as former President Trump, claims that he is a victim of the Justice Department and the FBI, pay close attention. He could be winding you up, putting on the spin, or just plain lying.

Mike Diamanti