Letter: Trump, Putin meetings had sinister purpose


It was James Carville who said, in describing the most glaringly obvious and salient fact of the 1992 presidential election campaign, “It’s the economy stupid.”

I think it’s about time that someone asks and answers the question: “Who has the most to gain by dis-unification of the United States?”

And the answer: “It’s the Russians stupid!” Instead of hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing about the 36% of Americans and 80%-plus of what used to be called the Republican Party (who have since become Q-Anon or whatever followers), please open your mind to the possibility that Donald Trump’s not-so-secret meetings and conversations with Vladimir Putin and members of his gang may have served a sinister purpose we don’t know about yet, but eventually will.

Hasn’t it already been chillingly proven that they know how to deftly weaponize and use electronic social media channels like Facebook?


Steve Burr


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