Letter: Trump should think about this country, not Russia


Donald J. Trump’s attempt to pass “bills,” or executive actions or memos, or whatever he calls them, is neither constitutional nor legal. Only Congress has the power of the purse and ability to write laws, then they go to the president to be signed into law.

Trump’s “spectacle” last weekend for his golf friends was for show only, as are most of his machinations. He does not seem to grasp the gravity of the “pandemic depression” we are now in. The situation for many Americans is very serious, especially when it comes to getting sick, maybe dying, or losing the roof over their heads or getting food to feed their families, all the while trying to deal with school openings.

As usual, Trump stoops to lies, saying the Democrats will not negotiate, when they sent a bill to the Senate months ago, and Pelosi said they would come down a trillion dollars if the Republicans would only compromise too. Whereas Republicans do not want to give Americans one penny, certainly not the huge amount of $600 dollars, which to these billionaires must seem like a fortune.

Mitch McConnell is not even there to negotiate. How can anything get done when he will not show up?! On another front, the new, inexperienced postmaster general is wreaking havoc on the post office by firing people and not allowing over time, this all in time for the November vote by mail.

The depth of damage Trump and his minions are doing to the Constitution, our norms, our country is unimaginable. I fear anything left may be beyond repair when he is finally gone.

Rather than call Putin so much, perhaps Trump should think about his country, and what is best for it. Maybe use the DPA to get the virus under control or use Dr Fauci’s advise on a way forward. Or, maybe help Americans who do not have or can not get a job, so they can at least survive.

There is much that can be done if Trump would take or let Congress take bold action, and if he would look past his conspiracy theories to the real facts of the situation.

Perhaps that is just my fantasy.


Nancy Mayer