Letter: Trump stands for cruelty, divisiveness


I would like to suggest a “final straw” for our former president. Before sentencing, someone representing the Central Park Five should pay for a full page advertisement in the New York Times. The ad should ask for temperance, wisdom and a fair punishment. It should remind the readers that, to this day, our former president calls for the execution of those men. That he did not want temperance, wisdom and fairness for them. But we request it for him.

The ad should also list out some of the offenses he has made against our citizens and our country. It should describe the divisiveness and cruelty he has been in favor of. It should remind us how many of our fellow citizens died due to his policies or lack thereof. It should remind us that he took children out of the arms of their parents at our border. I don’t want him to be our president again. He does not represent me or anyone I know.

Michelle Cozine

Oak Harbor