Letter: Trump’s led an insurrection, supported dictators


I didn’t imagine I could ever agree with Mr. Wilferth (April 13 letter) on much, but besides his usual nonsense he did raise items worthy of comment.

The first is about Kamala Harris. I agree she is unlikely to be seen as presidential material by most of us and is, therefore, somewhat of an “insurance policy.” But to keep Joe Biden from being impeached? Mr. Wilferth will have to get out the crayons and fill in the colors on that page of his book. Is he perhaps still smarting from the unwillingness of Mike Pence to overthrow our democracy last January 6th? Just bad vice presidents all ‘round?

The second item is his last paragraph: “Please get over the Trump obsession, accept that nothing he did was adverse to the good of the country and gave us the best economy in years. Can you say that for the president’s (sic) on either side of him?” I agree that Trump supporters should get over their idolatry of Trump. I believe Mr. Wilferth is sincere, but also that Donald Trump is not worthy of any patriot’s support.

Trump did not give us the best economy in years. That was due to Obama, and it would have come sooner if Republicans had allowed the fiscal policies recently used to deal with the COVID collapse to be used in 2009-2010. But back then Republicans, utter hypocrites that they are, howled about the deficit and intentionally slowed the recovery. However, once back in power under Trump, the Republicans passed yet another of their signature tax cuts for super rich people (many beneficiaries were not Americans), increasing the deficit by $1 trillion (and counting) over 10 years.

Let’s see, other Trump accomplishments: love fests with the vile Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin; a tariff spat with China that we paid for and which did not increase American jobs or prosperity, short- or long-term; more criminal charges and convictions from his administration than possibly in any previous one. And that phone call with Zelenskyy? Trump didn’t ask for anything for our country, only for himself, and made-up stuff at that. (Let’s talk Hunter in the next letter.)

As to Mr. Wilferth’s final comment: “Can you say that for the president’s (sic) on either side of him?” Thankfully, no; at least not a Democratic one.

Looking back on American presidents, I have been unable to find one who, on the day ballots and the electoral college votes were to be certified, held a rally and exhorted people to march on the capitol and “fight like hell.” (The least of his sins.) Or insisted, once out of office, that he was the true president and that the election was corrupt (all evidence presented that I’ve researched says Republicans are lying about it, from Fulton county to Antrim county and all points in between).

Mr. Trump is special, in the way that all traitors and all dictators are “special.” I think we should avoid such people, not praise or follow them. Isn’t it curious that so many Proud Boys and Three Percenters and others showed up on January 6th, organized and ready to brutalize us all, Mr. Wilferth?

You may not like democracy; you may not like or approve of every representative, but all have been elected by our fellow citizens. I don’t think that boys in adult bodies, carrying lethal weapons, should run the show. Do you? What other president except Trump has been so on board with armed men threatening choice? As for an obsession, I do have one against people who are bent on getting their way with lies and weapons.

This is my country, right or wrong, just as it is equally yours. If I’m outvoted, I’m outvoted. Fine, that’s democracy. Trump should live with it or be gone, as should his followers.

John Seyfried