Letter: Vote for legislators who will bring back common sense


This weekend most of the voters of Washington state received their ballots for the primary election of 2020. I was curious and did a check of what the Washington state budget was for the years we have had Inslee as governor.

Looking up on good old Google, I found that the first year of his office the budget was $31 billion as shown on a pie graph.

For this last year, the budget was $53.3 billion, an increase of 71%.

Considering this I wonder how many of the citizens of Washington state had that much of a growth in income over the same eight years?

It is time for the citizens of Washington State to consider how much more the spending in Olympia will increase. In filling out your ballots, stop and think of the 71% increase the democrats in Olympia have forced on the citizens of this state.

I would think real hard before voting for any democrat or some cases, incumbents who vote the same way.

I moved to Washington state in 1962 and with some exceptions, due to my 24-plus years of military service, have been a citizen and registered voter who cast my first ballot in 1972.

What has happened in Olympia the last two legislative sessions has scared me.

The legislature has ignored the will of the people on car tabs, which is the third time I have voted for it and it is ignored by those in Olympia.

A so-called comprehensive sex education, that the citizens have rejected before. And we have a concerted effort to, by hook or crook, to pass a state income tax or another tax by another name with the same result.

We need change in Olympia. Vote for legislators that will bring common since back to the government in Olympia

Joseph Moreland

Oak Harbor