Letter: Vote for Muzzall, get state moving forward again


I’ve known Helen Price Johnson for a long time, yet I’m throwing my complete support to Ron Muzzall for state Senate. Helen is a nice person, but she’s not the leader we need in Olympia at this critical moment in our state’s history.

Ron is.

As a life-long resident and business leader in Legislative District 10, Ron Muzzall is someone who knows and has lived the issues we all face. With growing taxation, a push for early sex education in our schools, and a heavy-handed state response to COVID19, Ron is the person who can bring desperately needed change to Olympia.

As a life-long farmer and community volunteer, Ron has proven he’s a committed steward of the land who is in constant touch with environment and the people he serves. A tireless worker for your rights, he’s the kind of guy that Paul Harvey said would get up before dawn, work all day in the field, and then stay past midnight at a meeting of the school board.

As Harvey said, the reason why “God made a farmer.”

That’s Ron Muzzall.

Ron has been serving in the state Senate since last fall after Barbara Bailey’s retirement. His impact was immediate, highlighted by a quick vote into a Senate leadership position by his colleagues; that’s how well Ron is respected.

Join me in casting a vote for Ron Muzzall, and let’s get Washington moving forward again.

Dennis Hunsinger, colonel, U.S. Air Force (retired)