Letter: Voter should support Gilday and Smiley


As a concerned retired Naval officer, I have looked at the voting record and careers of these two candidates to make sure they will support Island County and us veterans.

Representative Greg Gilday is:

• Actively involved in his role as representative and has never missed a vote

• A long-term residence of Island County. He was not sent to live here by the Republican party to get elected.

• A long-term businessman in Island County. He works as an attorney with the Law Office of Cole & Gilday and is a managing broker with Windermere Real Estate. He understands what business owners need. Gilday is not planning to move outside District 10 to Seattle after the election.

• A family man with a wife and two boys whose dedication to making Washington laws right is deep rooted in family values.

Greg is vested in our district and has been here all along and not just arrived under orders to take the Democrat seat back.

Tiffany Smiley:

• Will take care of veterans like she takes care of her family.

• Does not want veterans to become just another number in the unreliable VA system

• Has been fighting to ensure every veteran gets the benefits and care they deserve

• Will prioritize veterans.

Through Tiffany’s long battles with the government, her husband became the first American blind active-duty Army officer. We need her fighting for us to get Washington back on track.

Don’t let a 30-year veteran whose big money TV ads say she now has all the answers to our problems fool you. She helped create the problems and had 30 years to fix them. Time for a change.

Terry Sparks

Oak Harbor