Letter: Voting for Damian Greene would be a smart move


I was very encouraged to see Damian Greene enter the race for Island County commissioner, District 1, and I enthusiastically support his candidacy.

I have known Damian for many years, as a former teacher in the South Whidbey schools, he is one of my former students. Damian was both inquisitive and hardworking, always wanting to find the smartest and most accurate answer to any issue.

He was among a small group of students to travel with me to our nation’s capitol to learn about out government. The program, geared for highly interested and motivated students, taught every aspect of government operation, including meeting and discussing issues with representatives and senators.

This was a life changing opportunity for the few students and teachers that were fortunate to go, and Damian I know took full advantage of it.

Damian is a problem solver, something that is needed on the board of commissioners. I know he wants to help us solve those things we cannot do for ourselves, and then leave us alone to do the things we can and I believe he knows the difference.

If you want to see some of his ideas, you should visit his website, where you will find ideas on transportation issues, salmon restoration and other important topics.

Electing Damian Greene would be one of the smartest things we could do. Please join me in supporting him for Island County commissioner.

Jim Henderson


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