Letter: What is climate change? What is it changing to?


Will someone please explain to me what is meant by “climate change?”

What does the climate change to? Now if the climates are changing, which are they? In Asia? Europe? Africa? Maybe North or South America? Again, what is it changing to?

I have lived in Washington state for 39 years and nothing has changed.

Also, explain “the sea-levels are rising.” Sea is singular, levels are plural.

Which sea level is it? Maybe the Baltic? South China? Mediterranean Sea? Which is 465 feet “above” the Sea of Galilee, which is fresh water.

The ocean levels are always rising. Ever heard of high tides? Then they go down at low tide.

Help me make sense of this nonsense soon as I do not have another 78 years to receive an answer.

P.S. I will buy a free meal of $21.95 off the menu at Freeland Café to the person who gives me a logical answer.

Kenneth H. Gunther