Letter: Will be glad when roller coaster of corruption is over


Trump’s petulance knows no bounds. He took his toys and went home, leaving the country in a lurch.

He did not get his way in trying to steal the election, so he tried sabotaging the whole process.

He vetoed the military funding bill, did not sign the COVID relief bill and allowed unemployment benefits to run out for millions of Americans.

This was not just a bill, but people’s lives Trump is playing with.

In the richest country in the world, this abdication of responsibility is unconscionable, but not unexpected.

Before this debacle, Trump pardoned corrupt politicians, murderers and his cronies. That’s not what the pardon process was meant for.

All the while a government shutdown loomed. Was he working for the country? No he was playing golf. I wish all his ardent supporters would explain this behavior.

Trump’s callousness can’t be explained. However, it’s who he is.

Trump does not care about anyone, only wreaking havoc.

I ame glad this roller coaster of corruption and recklessness is over. We deserve better, and I hope all Americans will be more careful who they elect in the future.

Nancy Mayer


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