Letter: With community’s support, Good Cheer $2,200 happier


A couple weeks ago, I was thinking about how to help some of my co-workers who are struggling because of cut hours.

Our school district laid off and reduced hours for quite a few. But it’s not just the district. This community is struggling as a whole.

Our community has supported us in so many ways. They always pass levies and even come to union rallies when we need them. I figured as president of our local SEIU we could afford to make another donation to the food bank as we have in the past.

Our members unanimously said “yes.”

Because we have worked along side of the PSE union, I ran it by them, then by SWEA.

All in.

Why stop there. I ran it by the principals’ union and then I just had to email Dan (Assistant Superintendent of Business Poolman) and Jo (Superintendent Moccia). Yesterday, I presented five checks to Karen at the food bank.

With all the unions, and with Dan and Jo, Good Cheer is $2,200.00 happier.

Thank you to the community that has supported our school district and its employees.

Happy holidays and stay safe.

Carmen Schulz