Letter: Write in Gail Fleming for Langley council


Thanks so much for your diligent coverage of local stories; we are fortunate indeed to have the blessing of responsible and balanced journalism that serves our community. This letter is to advocate that Langley residents write in Gail Fleming on your ballot for Langley City Council Position 5, which I currently hold.

Our election system had a candidate registration deadline last May which freezes the ballot, and Gail made her decision to run following the dynamics in local government that took place in June when Scott Chaplin was appointed to the position of Langley mayor. Scott had been a registered candidate for Position 5, and consequently still appears on the frozen ballot. So, with respect, do not vote for Scott, and do write in your vote for Gail.

Gail is a whirlwind of energy and dedication for Langley as current chair of the Parks and Open Spaces Commission (POS). In this role she has been dedicated to creating and maintaining the opportunity for South Whidbey residents to enjoy our unique outdoor environment. As council liaison to POS, I’ve experienced first hand her leadership and collaborative skills, tenacity in pursuing goals and objectives, how she listens to the wisdom of others, and witnessed her ability to synthesize complex situations into effective conclusions and decisions. She is an eloquent communicator both individually and when presenting to council, and is diligent in completing POS obligations.

But wait, there’s more. Before her service in POS, Gail served on the Planning Advisory Board, has been deeply involved in the history of the Langley Comprehensive Plan, is an Emergency Response Team co-leader, has deep financial experience as a bookkeeper, and been an activist in government accountability and transparency. If community involvement is a training ground for city council service; I’ve not met anyone with better preparation to serve you in that role.

My reasons for retiring from the Langley City Council were amply covered in a Sound Off published in this paper Nov. 20, 2020. If you perceive my service was satisfactory, I believe Gail will reflect similar values, similar energy, and similar dedication to the present and future needs of our wonderful Village By the Sea. She will bring deep historical knowledge to the council. She’s been here since 1980; and yet is up to date in being aligned with our new environmental needs and the imperative to mitigate and adapt to climate change. My last counsel to my Langley neighbors is: Write in Gail Fleming.

Peter Morton


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