Letter: Writer missed out on some examples


In response to vote for the side of freedoms, Nancy Mayer (May 17, letter to editor) left out a few of the freedoms provided by this Democrat administration and the Democrat party have provided.

Freedom to cross our boarders illegally.

Freedom to minimize oil production resulting in triple gas prices.

Freedom to use only electric cars with plans for electric all.

Freedom to buy an electric car and have all the taxpayers subsidize you $7,000.

Freedom to buy your bags at the store.

Freedom to not support the military with needed pay and benefits.

Freedom to not pollute our air when most of our pollution comes from Asia now.

Freedom for every group to do their own thing, further dividing the country.

Freedom for Democrat politicians to say anything and not be held accountable as in the case one of the present Island County state representatives.

Freedom for politicians to take large dollars from other countries like Communist China.

Freedom to give Russia nuclear materials.

The list of freedoms provided by the Democrat party are all too long to list. As a prior Democrat, now independent, my position is never forgetting all the “freedoms” provided by my old party.

Terry Sparks

Oak Harbor