Letter: Wonders if call to hotline led to a quieter night


Last week, after a Growler jet made a very loud pass directly over my house, well east of its designated flight pattern, I called the Navy noise complaint line, gave my name and address and left a message about what had just happened.

Fairly new to the island, but not to jet noise, I had not called before. Why not? I had become very cynical, and I suspected the noise line was merely a PR/PC move by the Navy to placate the community.

Imagine my surprise when, the following night, the first Growler in the formation did not fly over my house, but stayed on its designated pattern. Was it a fluke? Perhaps, but I don’t think so.

The November 2017 penis skywriting incident had me convinced that naval aviators and those in charge of them, were not serious and responsible adults. Now I have conflicting evidence. It could be that the Navy both listens, and responds, to noise complaints.

I would like to believe that following patterns and orders is what training is all about, and that if there is a problem, our calls help fix them.

Mimi Bommersbach