Celebrate Earth Day at the Clyde

The historic theater will host a cinematic event in celebration of Earth Day at 2:30 p.m. April 23.

To learn about the beauty that can be found under the Salish Sea, look no further than the Clyde Theatre in Langley.

In partnership with the Island County Marine Resources Committee, Sound Water Stewards and Sealife Productions, the historic movie theater will host a cinematic event in celebration of Earth Day at 2:30 p.m. on April 23.

The first video to be shown at the event is “Discover Our Island Shores,” a 40-minute project commissioned by the county’s Marine Resources Committee and created by cinematographer Florian Graner.

Graner is a resident of Whidbey Island and the founder of Sealife Productions. A diver, Graner has filmed underwater for National Geographic’s “America’s National Parks: Olympic” and BBC’s “The Blue Planet,” among other projects.

“Discover Our Island Shores” includes nods to Whidbey and Camano islands. The short video is narrated by a seal, who takes the viewer through a series of marine environments – such as a kelp forest – and introduces concepts like the ocean food chain and the food web.

Kelly Zupich, the coordinator for the Island County Marine Resources Committee, said the video was primarily shown in grade school classrooms in 2019, although people of all ages have come to love it.

“It’s just a great way to see what’s underwater, which we don’t always get to see around here,” Zupich said.

In the past, the video was incorporated into the science curriculums of local school districts. A packet with corresponding information was distributed in the classrooms. There was also an art contest featuring marine life at one point.

More short films by Sealife Productions will be shown during the afternoon at the Clyde, including “Tlingit Gold,” “The Kelp Lifeway,” “Our Marine Life in Times of a Global Supply Chain Crisis” and “The Elwha River Salmon Recovery Project.”

Afterwards, Graner will lead a discussion about his experience filming underwater and how people can protect the Salish Sea and its inhabitants. He will answer questions from audience members. Members of the Sound Water Stewards and the Marine Resources Committee will also explain their role.

The whole event is expected to run two hours, depending on the length of the Q&A period.

For more information, visit theclyde.net.