A holiday treat in Langley today from Aha! Puppet Theater

What child doesn’t love a puppet show? And what better way to get into the holiday spirit than to join a group of children horseshoed around a puppeteer with live musical accompaniment?

A local poet gives voice to the casualties of a war

It’s safe to say that the current generation probably knows very little about World War I. But one island poet and anti-war activist, Ann Gerike, is determined to bring part of that war’s story, and in turn the terror of all wars, to mainstream readers.

‘Inspecting Carol’ revels in calamitous comedy at WICA

If you are going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance. That’s a theater saying. And it sums up why thespians take the risk of walking out onto the stage each night, never really knowing what will happen.

ALL ABOARD | Long may we wave with one hand at a time

Ever notice how much waving goes on around here?Are you one of those drivers that likes to wave at folks you know who are driving… Continue reading

Festival of Trees benefit for Big Brothers Big Sisters

The names alone are enchanting and might provoke the curiosity of even the most unwavering Scrooge. Clair de Lune, Arabian Nights, Hidden Treasures and Fairy Christmas are some of the names given over the years to the gloriously decorated evergreens at the Festival of Trees Gala and Auction.

VIDEO | Helen Price Johnson takes the oath of office

Helen Price Johnson is Island County's first woman commissioner.

  • Nov 28, 2008

Holiday season kicks off at WCT with a musical classic

The first century Greek historians called her “Rhodopis,” “the rosy-cheeked.” Perhaps that’s why the prince was so smitten.

Langley’s Islandesign Interiors holds open house today

Whidbey Islanders live here for a reason. The colors, the smells, the views and the camaraderie all contribute to the special quality of life on the island. And if some of us could live immersed in the immeasurable beauty of what lingers out of doors, we probably would.

ISLAND BIRDING | Islanders should speak up now to protect important bird habitat areas

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WHIDBEY RECIPES | Dinner will be better without that familiar pair

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and most of us have planned our menu and done the necessary shopping, or decided which dishes we’d prepare to… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | A gravy ladle full of thanks for family and friends

Last night I was reading some poetry shared with me by a friend. One bit of prose that caught my eye was written by John… Continue reading

Whidbey Island’s own ‘Nutcracker’

When Russian choreographer Marius Petipa collaborated with composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky to create “The Nutcracker” ballet in 1892, the famous team were most likely oblivious to the global tradition the piece would become through the next 100 years and beyond.

Friends of Freeland offer gifts and a healthier future

What can be done to help the economy on Whidbey Island? It’s beginning to sound like an old refrain, but buying local is the most immediate way to help everyone.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Too many cooks in the kitchen

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ALL ABOARD | Skitching through life and other childhood fables

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From paratrooper to finance expert, a Clinton woman gives business advice

Business in general is not currently the best it will ever be. But that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. That’s where business maverick and Clinton resident Nina Fenton can help.

Must-see model railroad open for viewing in Coupeville

The beauty is in the details. The burnt reds and browns of the rocks and autumn trees, the miniature figures posed in midstride painting, repairing a roof or breaking rocks on the chain gang.

One Whidbey family’s journey with Alzheimer’s and art

Dementia is as cruel a disease as any, robbing its victims of their memories of a life lived, the ability to communicate as easily as they once did and a lucidity that quiets the mind with contemplation. One local artist has used her artistic prowess to battle the ogre of Alzheimer’s and a new body of work has emerged from that fight.

ALL ABOARD | Quagmire: Out of red ink with the Hallmark hotline busy

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