WHIDBEY RECIPES: Zucchini, we hardly knew you

Every year, at about this time, you can expect the inevitable zucchini column. For reasons unclear to me, I always feel compelled to write about the many possible uses for the excess zucchini that is typically part of the bounty of late summer/early fall.

Everyday life in paint: two emerging artists make their Whidbey debut

You have to be pretty confident as an artist to have one of your first gallery shows on Whidbey Island. Emerging local painters Carrie Whitney and Laura Hudson are taking the plunge and baring their work and, subsequently their artistic souls, for all local discerning eyes to see.

VIDEO: Falcons get ready to soar

The South Whidbey High School football team gets set for its first game of the season, and Coach Mark Hodson gives a preview of what to expect.

  • Sep 5, 2008

TIDAL LIFE: Green is good, except up there

It happens every year. I ignore it as long as I can, pretending I’m on an alternative architecture tour admiring a living roof. Lush, verdant, it’s a little meadow that harvests rainwater and contributes oxygen to the atmosphere. But really that green isn’t supposed to be up there. Time to clean the roof.

Pickers gather in Greenbank for bluegrass in the rhodie gardens

The late great mandolin picker Bill Monroe probably would have loved Whidbey Island. It’s easy to picture him with his band, The Blue Grass Boys, with their superior playing, harmonious multi-part singing and overall down-home, good-time, rootsy feel, pickin’ away in some beautiful clearing in the island woods.

Whidbey artist gives back the light Raven stole

Whidbey artist Jerry Hill has been connected to Native American art forms ever since he bought his first knife at age 7 and carved his first mask. The summers of his childhood were spent exploring the regions of the Puget Sound, British Columbia and Alaska, where he soaked up the art and culture of the First Nations People.

VIDEO: MoveOn Whidbey bakes for Obama

MoveOn Whidbey hosted a bake sale for presidential candidate and Illinois Senator Barack Obama recently.

  • Sep 3, 2008

Radio theater is alive and well in Kentucky

A South Whidbey contingent of actors were invited to attend the Discovering New Mysteries — International Mystery Writers Festival 2008 in Owensboro, Ky. in June.

ALL ABOARD: Cinnamon rolls, blue hair and the joys of backstage

I am writing this column by hand while sitting backstage at the Samsung Sound Lounge at Bumbershoot, Seattle’s premiere music and arts festival, now in its 38th year. That’s more than half my lifetime.

WHIDBEY RECIPES: Teachers help shape the people we become

If I were to ask you what you consider to be the most important job in the country, what would you answer? President? CEO of any of our huge major industries? Secretary of State, or Treasury? The general in charge of our everlasting war in Iraq?

Woodpalooza returns to Bayview Corner

The Whidbey Island Woodworkers Guild presents Woodpalooza, the fifth annual exhibition showcasing recent works by 21 of its artistic members.The free exhibition will be open… Continue reading

  • Sep 1, 2008

Whidbey playwright opens ‘Olive and Jack,’ a domestic comedy at WCT

Unhappiness seems to drag along behind them as the war looms ahead, and yet, it’s still a comedy. “Olive and Jack” is a domestic comedy set at the start of World War II about a couple living in Port Gamble. The company-owned village, where the married Olive and Jack live, is far from any teeming cosmopolitan action, and this makes Olive unhappy.

VIDEO: The Making of “Zorro!”

The Spanish language students of the Northwest Language Academy's summer program were captured on film making a Spanish version of "Zorro!" recently near Bayview Hall.… Continue reading

  • Aug 29, 2008

Michael Morales plays Rockhoppers for Missing Persons

No musician ever said music could save the world, but there are some who would like to try.

Orchestra needs young musicians

The Whidbey Island Youth Orchestra is putting the call out to young island string players. Auditions for all returning and prospective new members for the 2008-2009 season will be at 5 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 11 at the Whidbey Evangelical Free Church in Greenbank.

  • Aug 27, 2008

ALL ABOARD: John Cameron Swayze, camels and other childhood fixations

The other day I was thinking about breathing and the importance of it. In fact, the more I thought about breathing, the more I appreciated the concept and the performance thereof, not to mention the opportunity.

WHIDBEY RECIPES: Another bag lady in trouble

The first time I went to Vienna, more than 20 years ago, I went with my stepdaughter, who lives there, to a local market to do her daily shopping. At that time, there were no “supermarkets,” such as Safeway, Albertson’s, PayLess, etc., and most women, working or not, stopped in at local shops for foodstuffs on a daily basis.

Langley gets ready to swing at Djangofest Northwest

You would think being dead for 55 years would put a damper on his fame. But not the legendary gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

ALL ABOARD: What Michael Phelps, oscillating fans and gerunds have in common

It occurred to me this week while watching extremely fast Olympic Jamaicans run, incredibly fast Olympic Americans swim and exorbitantly expensive Olympic TV commercials linger… Continue reading

Eric Herman to play show in Clinton

Noted children's entertainer Eric Herman will play at Rockhoppers in Clinton on Saturday night. Herman's video for "The Elephant Song" is one of the most popular of all children's music videos online, with more than 2 million views on YouTube. His music has also been heard nationally on PBS Kids, XM Radio and Sirius.

  • Aug 21, 2008