VIDEO: Everybody’s Welcome Parade sails into Langley

Several Puget Sound area boats sailed into Langley Marina last week with the Aqua Chautauqua performers aboard. The circus performers burst into downtown langley with the Everybody's Welcome Parade to kick-off the Aqua Chautauqua Festival at the Island County Fairgrounds. Visit to see it.

  • Aug 7, 2008

VIDEO: Governor Gregoire visits Langley

Gov. Christine Gregoire made a campaign stop in Langley this week to stump for Democrats on the ballot. She also visited with merchants along First Street.

  • Aug 7, 2008

ALL ABOARD: Maple Ridge Rag: News that’s overheard and fit to print

With this column I am pleased to announce the addition of several new co-columnists who, without their knowledge or permission, have successfully contributed to the comedic content of today’s offering.

WHIDBEY RECIPES: Finicky eaters become boring

One of our neighbors was chatting over the back fence about friends who were coming for dinner. She was trying to come up with a menu, which surprised me because she’s an excellent cook and I figured she’d have dozens of possibilities. Not so, because, as she went on to explain, the husband of the couple who were coming that evening was one of those tiresome folk who have a list longer than your arm of “I don’t eat that; I don’t like that; I never touch things like that.”

Whidbey Island Music Festival returns with cantatas, quintets and virtuosos

The early music gods are smiling on Whidbey Island again as the Whidbey Island Music Festival returns.

Whidbey Island Theatre Festival is a collaboration for art, education and fun

In a marriage of education and entertainment, two local theater companies strive for happy endings. Luckily, the Whidbey Island Theatre Festival is a match made in heaven.

TIDAL LIFE: The edible color purple

When my shovel started turning up unusual purplish clams, I tossed them back in the hole with hardly a thought. But as the number increased and invasive species became news,

Langley woman reaches finals in quilt competition

Janet Steadman’s busy hands have once again sewn up her place in the finals of the Pacific Northwest Quiltfest.

Whidbey’s MacLeod, Lopez’s Miltenberger bring glass art to MUSEO

The art of glass is often elusive and always luminous. Elusive because it can break easily, and luminous because of the sheer beauty it creates when it mixes with light. But even with its fragility, the irresistible incandescence of glass art makes it worth the risk, a fact discovered by Whidbey artist Meredith MacLeod and Lopez Island artist Janis Miltenberger years ago when they were learning the art of glass.

ALL ABOARD: A mid-week summary of weekend observations

One of the many joys of living on Whidbey is being able to work on Whidbey.

ISLAND BIRDING: Killing insects with pesticides can also kill our birds

Keep a green bough in your heart and the singing bird will come.

  • Jul 29, 2008

WHIDBEY RECIPES: My bucket list has a hole in it

What’s in your bucket ?

A sunny circus floats into town

Step right up and experience the fun of “The New Old Time Chautauqua,” a traveling community of performers, friends and families who see live performance as a way to strengthen the community of the wider world by sharing laughter, friendship and the arts.

Clinton resident is a finalist in regional quilt competition

Laurie A. Weiner of Clinton is a finalist in the eighth biennial Pacific Northwest Quiltfest. Her quilt “Rood Awakening” will compete with 290 quilts and wearable art entries from the five northwestern United States and the four western provinces of Canada

  • Jul 26, 2008

WHIDBEY RECIPES: Fresh berries are worth the wait

“Everything is late this year.”

Loganberry Festival art installation back on

The high cost of gas threatened to slam the door on the return of an interactive art installation called “Doorgan.”

ALL ABOARD: The real reason I’ve not auditioned for ‘American Idol’

My earliest recollection of being on stage is fourth grade, singing with my fellow classmates at Wickliffe Elementary in Columbus, Ohio.

Animé Fest bounds into Bayview Cash Store

Who knew Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy and Happy would have an influence on modern Japanese animation?

‘Fingal’ plays Irish music for the modern listener

Fingal doesn’t fiddle around when it comes to music.