Mr. South Whidbey is crowned once again

Another handsome bloke made his kingly walk down the royal runway with crown, scepter and big heart intact. Friends of Friends Medical Support Fund crowned the second Mr. South Whidbey recently, much to the delight of a sold-out crowd at Freeland Hall.

Festival celebrates all things Scandinavian

Salmon chowder, Swedish meatballs with lingonberries, lefse, heart waffles with strawberries and whipped cream and a Scandinavian dreamof baked treats. Sound good? They are all ready and waiting for hungry appetites at the eighth annual Nordic Fest.

Festive fun for family and friends

“Come Home for the Holidays” is the theme for this year’s holiday festivities in Langley. And that means plenty of downtown jollification to get the whole family in a joyful spirit.

Living a life to help others is true class

You’re at a fancy celebration; black tie, evening gowns, crystal and white table linens. You notice a humble man dressed in a blue work shirt and pants walking in. His eyes dart around the large room looking for an available seat.

  • Jun 25, 2008

Benevolent repercussions of a simple gift

“The Giving of Art — The Art of Giving” is an art sale organized by 11 Whidbey Island artists who wish to emphasize the ability to make a difference both locally and globally with the giving of art. The sale opens Friday, Dec. 14 and runs through Sunday, Dec. 16 in the Front Room gallery in the Bayview Cash Store. The artists are making one-of-a-kind pieces specifically for holiday gift giving while also raising funds for two carefully selected charities, Operation: Sack Lunch and Children’s House International. A percentage of all the artists’ proceeds will go to the organizations. Artists and artisans participating in the sale include Tohnia Alexander, handmade soaps in lovely Scott Alexander wooden boxes; Maryon Attwood, functional ceramics, sunflower-tiles and platters; Adriana Gallagher, comment-worthy felted wool scarves; Elizabeth Haughton, mixed-metal jewelry; Robbie Lobell, soda/wood-fired and award-winning pottery; Sarena Mann, figurative papier maché mobiles; Barbara Stout, Taoist inspired works on paper; Tree Top Bakers, delicious holiday baked-goods; Michel Tsouris, small encaustic paintings and “ridiculous chicken paintings” and Jane Winslow, visual photographic poems. Beverly Graham is a recording artist who started Operation: Sack Lunch to feed the working poor and homeless on the streets of Seattle. The program has served more than 1.3 million meals since 1989 and currently serves 18,000 meals each month in the Seattle area.

Hometown Hero: Good intentions followed by actions

What do you intend to do today? Not your itinerary; go to work, spend time with family. But your specific intentions: How will you affect the people in your home before you head out the door? How many people will you smile at today at work? How will you rejuvenate yourself before coming back home and how will you end your day?

  • Jun 25, 2008

Unflinching community, helping hands and hearts breed healing

Four years ago you were diagnosed. You, happy island woman, wife, mother of small children. Words you previously heard little of began the constant refrain that hovered near your unwelcoming ears. Words like PET scan, white blood cells, non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, lymphangiogram, x-ray, stages, malignancy, indolent or aggressive, contiguous or noncontiguous.

Hometown Hero: An open mind and welcoming smile

Fred Bixby, this month’s Hometown Hero, lives his life with his glass three-quarters full. Says paratransit service driver Phyllis Brett, “He could probably complain about a lot of things I would imagine — but he never does.

  • Jun 25, 2008

Doctoring with heart

Imagine yourself in your sickbed. You need medication but that means overcoming the monumental task of getting your doctor to see you right away in order to get a prescription and then dragging your sick self to his office and then to the pharmacy before getting back to the relief of your bed.

Hometown Hero: Zen and the art of loving animals

Curled up on a soft bed in the living room, he raises his head and looks up with eyes that emit pure unqualified love and forgiveness. Yet, his own life has been one of abandonment. His body is full of the physical scars of abuse and neglect, his eyes hold the emotional scars.

  • Jun 25, 2008

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The first time I ever remember missing my mother was about a week after she had deposited me and my paraphernalia in a dorm room, said goodbye, and left me to begin my first year at college.

WHIDBEY RECIPES: Something smells a bit fishy with our salmon

“Oh, nuts; salmon again? Why can’t we have something else once in awhile, maybe hot dogs or a hamburger.”

Animal communication expert to share tips

It is not only people who experience trying times; animals have their struggles as well.

Extravaganza of dance and music at WICA

Motion in itself is compelling.

Novello Quartet plays period music with audacity

Moody, ebullient and exotic is what they challenge themselves to be.

WHIDBEY RECIPES: Nature at its worst, and best

It's last Friday morning as I’m writing this; you remember last Friday morning, don’t you?