Got weeds? The easy, eco-friendly solution to invasive plants and underbrush

Got weeds? The easy, eco-friendly solution to invasive plants and underbrush

Mulching makes short work of unwanted material and improves soil for what’s planned next

Faced with a property choked with invasive blackberries or Scotch broom, the prospect of clearing the invasive species and underbrush can be daunting. You want an environmentally responsible solution to create a safe, inviting yard, but hand-pulling the weeds is impossible.

The solution is right here on Whidbey Island.

Supporting Whidbey Island residents and landowners since 1993 in the battle against noxious weeds and unwanted undergrowth, Bruce Bell Forestry Mulching specializes in eco-friendly brush clearing and site preparation.

For Bell, who’s lived on the island since 1964, the key was finding the best way to eliminate unwanted shrubbery, invasive species and small trees to clear land without negatively impacting the environment.

Why mulch?

“Forestry mulching provides an effective alternative to burning brush and trees, and brings with it a wide range of advantages to the environment and consumer,” Bell explains.

  1. Fire prevention: As Northwest summers grow increasingly warm and dry, removing dead material and debris from around the home and beneath trees will also help reduce potential fuel for any wildfires, Bell notes.
  2. Added value: Removing scrub bush and undesirable trees can transform your unusable property into a beautifully landscaped vista, creating added functionality – and value – in the process.
  3. Right tools for a better job: Blackberries and Scotch broom are no match for the TEREX Mulching Machine, an environmentally friendly alternative to burning weeds, underbrush and other yard waste, explains Bell.

    Tough spots? No problem! Slopes, ditches and other tricky areas are tackled with Bell’s mini-excavator/flail combination, with the maneuverability to climb hillsides where other machines can’t, and trim trees and bushes along driveways and difficult slopes. An environmentally friendly alternative to “ripping and pulling” vegetation, it’s useful in areas where keeping root systems in place is important.

  4. Improve soil: More than a tool to remove underbrush, the state-of-the-art TEREX R350T is also a mulcher and soil conditioner. Instantly shredding dense overgrowth, shrubs, bushes and small trees in place, ground-up vegetation is composted into the soil, preparing it for what will come next, whether a patio, garden or lawn. Mulching promotes valuable re-fertilization of the soil, helps control weeds and brush growth, and improves insect control.
  5. Cost-effective: The TEREX can mulch existing debris piles containing tree trunks up to 8 inches in diameter. This innovative technique significantly reduces time needed on clearing projects and eliminates the haul away of debris or creating burn piles that impact the island’s air quality.

As one client reported, Bell “cleared and leveled the site (and) mulched and spread the resulting material in a very careful and professional way. The end result was the transformation of a tree- and brush-choked site into a beautiful park-like setting.”

To discover the possibilities for your property, visit, email or call 360-331-6254.

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