High quality healthcare becomes more accessible on Whidbey Island

New Walk-In Clinic Oak Harbour opens!

Has an earache been keeping you up at night? Maybe you’re icing a sore ankle to no avail? Or you’re nursing a pesky headache that just doesn’t go away?

When symptoms do not seem to warrant a trip to the emergency department, another solution is now available on Whidbey Island. For residents and visitors alike, WhidbeyHealth’s new Walk-In Clinic Oak Harbor is making high-quality healthcare more accessible.

No appointment is necessary at the clinic located at the WhidbeyHealth Goldie Street building at 1300 NE Goldie Street, Oak Harbor. Services are available seven days per week: Monday – Friday 7:00am – 7:00pm, Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm, and Sundays Noon to 4:00 pm.

“When access to medical services is convenient, patients are less likely to delay treatment which can worsen a problem.” notes Ron Telles, CEO of WhidbeyHealth. “Often a quick trip to the clinic can prevent being in a lot of pain overnight.”

Backed by a team of highly trained, experienced doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and other healthcare professionals, clinic staff are prepared to address issues such as upset stomachs, allergies, back pains, cuts, earaches and other common ailments, often with short wait times.

Advanced x-ray equipment is on-site as is a clinical lab. Patients can visit the clinic for diagnostic imaging, screening mammography or lab services ordered by their doctor. Your records will also be shared with your primary care physician to assure seamless continuity of care.

Current safety protocols at the Walk-In Clinic include temperature checks before entry, frequently sanitizing surfaces and equipment, and mandatory mask for patients, staff, and family. Masks are available at the clinic if you forgot yours.

While we have contracts with most insurances, Walk-In Clinic services are billed to patients’ insurances as an office visit. In some cases, your insurer may require a call to them before coming in. We encourage everyone to check with their health insurance provider before coming to the clinic, and to bring your insurance card, photo ID and a list of medications.

For those unscheduled aches and pains, make a trip to Walk-In Clinic Oak Harbor and get exceptional care from exceptional healthcare providers. Visit the WhidbeyHealth website to learn more at: https://whidbeyhealth.org/clinics/walk-in-clinic-oak-harbor/.