iKeto Diet Reviews – Personalized Ketogenic Meal Plans That Work?

When you decide you want to lose weight, where do you typically start? You look into ways to change or adjust your behavior and eating habits to achieve the changes you desire. The average person doesn’t know a whole lot about diets unless they become a fad, in which case people talk about them and/or try them out briefly. Most of these diets don’t stick and end up forgotten.

The problem with losing weight is creating an action plan, developing a habit, and becoming one with that routine. Without discipline, there are no results, and changing habits can become a bigger obstacle than it already is for some. The keto diet is a great alternative itself, but it can become confusing and frustrating to give it a chance with no help or clarify information from the start.

With keto diets, the challenge is twofold because once you start and achieve the diet’s goal, you have to work consistently hard to continue reaping its benefits. Most of the time, the solution has a helping hand that will guide you. If you’re looking for a well-structured diet that is proven to deliver results almost immediately and motivates you to stay on track, take a closer look at the keto diet through iKeto. This weight loss company provides its users with a ketogenic meal plan tailored to everyone’s unique needs.

iKeto is a beneficial tool that can guide you through your keto diet journey and make it work for you from day one in the comfort of your home. Each diet plan has recipes and plates curated by a licensed nutritionist specifically for you. What and how much you eat during a keto diet will help you successfully achieve ketosis, the main catalyst in the keto diet.

What is a keto diet?

There’s much more to iKeto than just a meal plan, but let’s talk a little bit about the diet itself and all these keto terms before we carry on. What do keto diets do to your body? How do they work?

The keto diet was born between the 1920-1930s to treat epilepsy. While it was a widely used treatment method, it started losing its popularity with the introduction of anti-epileptic drug treatments. However, for the past 15 years, there has been an increment in the interest of the average user and the scientific community. The keto diet focuses on helping you eat fewer carbohydrates and eating more fats like protein. That way, your body uses fat as a form of energy instead of carbs.

Keto diets are recommended for everyone except those who take medications for diabetes, lactating mothers, and people who use blood pressure medication.

Keto asks you to cut out carbs, notably pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, chocolate, soda, and alcohol. In exchange, it helps you focus on high protein foods since that’s what the body will eventually end up using instead. Some other keto-friendly alternatives are seafood, cheese, low-carb veggies (like spinach or asparagus), meat and poultry including eggs, plain greek yogurt, olive oil, nuts and seeds, fruits (especially berries and non-starchy fruits), butter and creams, to name a few.

“Keto” is an abbreviation of “ketogenic,” which is a term you will hear a lot while on this diet and in your meal plans. Ketogenic refers to “ketosis,” which is a process that happens in your body when it has no more carbs to burn, and instead, it burns fat. When you reduce your carbohydrate intake to less than 50 grams daily, your body understands it’s missing source material to turn into energy, so it recurs to using the glycogen stores (glucose stored in your muscles and liver) to help you produce energy, which in turn eventually triggers the use of ketones.

Ketosis not only helps you burn fat quicker, but it also reduces hunger and tiredness. Most importantly, it’s been proven to start working and causing effects in your body within 3-4 days of eating a keto meal plan. Of course, please take into consideration that everybody is different, and metabolisms function differently for everyone.

What is iKeto? How does it work?

To get the best out of a keto diet plan, understanding what you’re eating and creating sustainable habits is a must. iKeto starts by creating a meal plan tailored to your needs with the help of a quiz.

In it, iKeto asks you how much time you have to cook a day, what meat and veggies you’d like to eat (a no-meat option is also available for vegetarians and vegans), and your lifestyle (whether it’s work from home or you’re moving around all day, height, age, and weight.) iKeto even suggests articles and information at some point during the quiz, so you can read and do your research before committing to this meal plan.

Once you input all the information, the page redirects you to an estimate of the time it would take you to reach your target goal if you proceeded with the plan, how compatible you are with the keto diet, an estimate of what your weight will be after 30 days, how much water you should be drinking, information on body mass index (better known as BMI), how many calories to ingest a day and body simulations of how you will look as you shed the weight.

Since the keto diet steers you away from starches in general, iKeto provides affordable and nutritionist-approved options to cook yourself and enjoy at home. The benefit of this plan is that it serves as a guide while you go through the motions of building a new healthy habit yourself. iKeto gives you the tools and instructions so you can build yourself the body of your dreams.

Beyond providing a meal plan, iKeto also has a licensed nutritionist available to consult regarding your plan and goals.

Give iKeto a try

If you choose to continue and access the plan, you will need to log in with your name and email. Once that’s done, you’ll reach a paywall, but fear not! The three plans that iKeto presents include the same perks, regardless of which one you pick. One plan is for a month, the other for three, and finally the six-month plan; all prices are very reasonable; however, you must create an action plan, prices are calculated based on the quiz. And can easily be canceled by contacting customer service. With each purchase, consumers will get a free “The Complete Keto Guide for Beginners.” Whichever you choose, you will have a lifetime supply of information at the tip of your fingers. If you’re not convinced, iKeto has a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can give the program a test run, no hassle by contacting the Switzerland based company customer support at:

  • hello@iketo.diet

The reviews are glowing. If you’re still skeptical and wondering how a day in the meal plan looks, here’s a sneak peek into one day’s plan:

  • Breakfast: Banana muffins
  • Snack: Keto eggs on the go
  • Lunch: Keto BLT wraps with egg and avocado
  • Dinner: keto chicken pesto zoodle salad.

Needless to say, regardless of how excited you are to start a new plan and see the results, talk to your primary doctor about starting any diet, and follow their advice. iKeto is a one-stop keto diet success program that isn’t telling you to put any pills or supplements in your body. Instead, this plan offers you guidance and the tools needed to make this change one of a lifetime. Give it a try at iketo.com.

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