Local treatment for hip or knee pain is possible

Joint replacement surgery available to Island residents at WhidbeyHealth

Portrait of Dr. Miller by Laura Houck of Laura Houck Photography

When you are nursing hip or knee pain, something as easy as standing or climbing a flight of stairs can be a challenge. As pain worsens over time, it can affect the way you enjoy your favorite hobbies or daily activities, making cooking, shopping or even enjoying time with family difficult.

When taking anti-inflammatory medication or physical therapy aren’t enough, it might be time to consider joint replacement surgery, suggest the professionals at WhidbeyHealth.

WhidbeyHealth offers the same high-quality service you’d find in big-city medical centers, close to home.

WhidbeyHealth offers the same high-quality service you’d find in big-city medical centers, close to home.

What is joint replacement?

Surgery to remove the damaged joint and replace it with a metal, plastic or ceramic device that will return easy movement to the affected area. Hips and knees are the most common joint replacements, and this surgery can drastically improve the quality of life for patients.

What causes joint pain?

Joint pain often results from damage to the cartilage that lines the end of your bones, commonly caused by arthritis, a fracture or other condition. At this point, your doctor will typically refer you to an orthopedic surgeon for evaluation.

“We believe every patient has unique needs, and every patient has a team to meet those needs including the orthopedic surgical team, anesthesia, pharmacy, physical and occupational therapy team, home health, nutrition, primary care, diabetic management care and other services,” explains Dr. Garth Miller, MD, Medical Director of Quality, Surgical Services and Wound Care at WhidbeyHealth.

Trust the professionals at WhidbeyHealth!

The team at WhidbeyHealth has adopted a groundbreaking international protocol called Enhanced Recovery After Surgery – or ERAS. Using ERAS, the patient and their team create a plan for the entire process, including:

  • Attendance at Total Joint Education Classes prior to surgery
  • Individual consultations with your team of specialists
  • Physical preparation for surgery and your hospital stay
  • Preparing your family and home for a safe recovery
  • Around-the-clock access to your care team after discharge

By choosing WhidbeyHealth, you can expect the same high-quality level of service that you find in big-city medical centers, while staying close to home and eliminating time-consuming travel for pre-and post-surgery visits.

To learn more, call 360-679-5590 to arrange an informal conversation with the Total Joint Replacement team, or visit whidbeyhealth.org/jointreplacement.

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