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Every creature on earth is driven forth by the energy it generates by consuming all of the nutrients it can. Tesla Energy interacts with the living body daily, but not in a concentrated form. This is just as natural as consuming the appropriate amount of vitamin C. However, it is well established that when the body is infected with a cold virus, you should increase your vitamin C consumption to shorten the length of the cold’s symptoms. However, what if there are underlying problems in the body that grow more severe as cells age, producing less energy and becoming less efficient at fighting back?

What are Tesla BioHealing Products?

Tesla BioHealing Products are FDA Registered OTC Medical Devices that produce a pure Life Force Energy field. These devices provide a practical and robust health solution for people in need.

Tesla BioHealers are prescribed for individuals with mild to moderate illnesses and disorders. Still, they may be combined to treat more severe conditions. Using several Tesla BioHealers in combination amplifies the Life Force Energy field, providing a more robust option for individuals who might benefit from even more cellular support.

The team at TeslaBioHealing, Inc. has discovered a method to boost the human body’s cellular repair and healing capacity at the most favorable time of the day when we sleep. When the body rests, it recharges and heals after a hard day’s labor. Tesla BioHealing Beds and Tesla BioHealer products boost the body with energy during this time.

About BioHealing Products

There are two broad categories of Tesla BioHealing Products. They are:

Tesla Biohealers

Tesla BioHealers are portable devices that create a pure Life Force Energy field, providing a highly effective and cost-effective health solution for people in need. Tesla BioHealers are made for mild to moderate illnesses and diseases. Still, they may be combined to treat more severe symptoms and conditions. Combining several Tesla BioHealers, the Life Force Energy field is amplified, providing a more potent option for those who need more cellular assistance.

Tesla MedBed Generators

Tesla MedBed Generators generate a pure Life Force Energy field that is more than 100 times stronger than Tesla BioHealers. Tesla MedBed Generators provide an unmatched health solution for individuals seeking even faster and more effective results. Tesla MedBed Generators are suggested for life-threatening illnesses or diseases that need rapid and substantial therapeutic improvement. In terms of Life Force Energy production, 2 Tesla MedBed Generators equal 200 Tesla BioHealers. 4 Tesla MedBed Generators are equivalent to 400 Tesla BioHealers, and so on.

Tesla BioHealers and Tesla MedBed Generators are both OTC Medical Devices registered with the FDA.

How Tesla BioHealing Products Work

Like Scalar Waves or Scalar Energy, Tesla Waves have been studied for decades on a variety of living creatures ranging from plants to animals and now people. It has repeatedly been shown to have a beneficial effect on live cells by boosting their capacity to generate energy for the rest of the organism’s body. In plants, it has been shown that it significantly increases ATP levels (Adenosine Triphosphate, the life’s energy molecule), renewing and prolonging the aging process.

Tesla Wave energy has been shown in studies on the human body to strengthen chemical connections inside DNA, making it more resistant to harm. The blood is cleaned, and the blood’s cellular components usually operate. It may help eliminate and cancel disruptive frequency effects in the body while improving cellular energy levels. Tesla energy can reduce the energy level to an optimal -70 millivolts. Cancer cells have a poor metabolic rate. This implies that by increasing the cell’s voltage using Tesla energy, the cell will no longer replicate uncontrolled, thus slowing the spread of cancer cells. This results in tremendous energy, mental clarity, less stress, improved health, and general well-being.

Benefits of Tesla Waves

There are several benefits of Tesla Waves. They include:

  • Increasing the energy level of each cell in the body to the optimal range of 70-90 millivolts
  • Increasing the amount of cellular ATP, increasing the rate of cellular repair, and lowering the rate of cellular destruction
  • Increasing the permeability of the cell wall facilitates the uptake of nutrients into each cell and the effective elimination of waste from the cells.
  • Improving circulation, reducing inflammation, and significantly relieving pain
  • Improving sleep quality, mood regulation, and brain clarity
  • An increase of 149% in the strength of the immune system

How to Use Tesla Biohealing Products

Telsa BioHealer requires no external power source and may be near you to get the desired therapeutic impact. Tesla BioHealing creates a field of pure Life Force Energy continually. Simply being within three feet of a Tesla BioHealer, your cells will be able to absorb this healing energy entirely naturally, as necessary. It is suggested that a minimum of 8 hours of usage each day be adhered to. Sleep is often the most convenient time to use this technology. The distance between the device and the amount of time spent with it may be customized to meet your particular requirements.

How Much Are The Tesla Life Force Energy Devices?

Tesla Life Force Devices can only be purchased directly from the official website for the best prices:

  • 1 Unit $599
  • 2 Units $1198
  • 3 Units $1797
  • 4 Units $2396 upgrade program eligible
  • 5 Units $2995

To avoid scams, avoid buying the Life Force Energy devices from third-party websites, such as Amazon or eBay.

Tesla BioHealer FAQs

Q: How is Life Force Energy defined?

A: Life Force Energy is the fundamental vital force of nature that is considered the source of all life’s healing energy. Our cellular structures interact with Life Force Energy throughout the day. Still, most individuals do not get enough exposure to this highly therapeutic energy required for optimum cellular function. Tesla BioHealing has combined Nikola Tesla’s ideas for harnessing this healing energy with modern-day medical uses.

Q: Is there a danger of being too exposed to Life Force Energy? Is it possible to “over-charge” my body?

A: No. Natural Life Force Energy occurs in the environment and continuously interacts with your body’s inherent intelligence. The gadgets create an atmosphere rich in Life Force Energy. Your cellular structures may naturally absorb whatever is necessary to operate optimally.

Q: What are the early indicators of effectiveness, and how soon will I see results?

A: The early signs of efficacy following the use of Tesla BioHealing products include but are not limited to the following: (1) improved sleep; (2) vivid dreams (indicating increased brain activity); (3) increased energy; (4) increased libido; (5) easy bowel movement; (6) clear mind; (7) pain reduction; (8) normalizing blood glucose; (9) normalizing blood pressure, and more!


According to the official website, Tesla BioHealing products are devices made based on established scientific medical research with ground-breaking bioenergetic technology to enrich, improve, and prolong your life. To learn more about these products and how they work, visit the official company website for more information.

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