The Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews – Know This Before Buy!

If you are concerned about your home security, whether you are at home or away, the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera is for you. It’s a great bulb if your home lacks an electrical source but has a power source for the porch light. Light bulb security cameras have grown wiser and smarter over the years, as seen in this new Smarty bulb. You can now control your light with just a tap on a tablet or smartphone. With this bulb, you won’t need a doorbell.

What is the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera?

The Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera is a new security light bulb camera that has disrupted the $14 billion security industry, making doorbells obsolete. Customers who’ve used it love it and recommend it to their friends and family.

This bulb will give you peace of mind even when you are away from home because it uses modern technology supported by a high-resolution camera. The most significant advantage of this bulb is that it fits into all standard light bulb plugs, and you can connect it with your home Wi-Fi. It’s also compatible with all A/C outlets. The bulb comes with an adapter. If your outlet needs an adapter, you need not worry.

The Light Bulb Security Camera doesn’t use batteries. It relies entirely on a wall adapter or light bulb socket for power. When you take good care of it, this camera can last up to 30 years.

Features of a bright light bulb security camera

The Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera has a resolution of 1080p. Compact, easy to install, and packs many high-end features. You can use it both outside and inside your home or office. Installing this bulb is nothing more than replacing your current light bulb, meaning it will take a few seconds. Other outstanding features of this bulb include:

Full-Color Night Vision

You’ll love this bulb because, at night, it will automatically turn into full-color night vision. This will make your home feel more comfortable and secure at night. Compared to infrared night visions, the quality of this light is superior and outstanding. The bulb has supercharged light emitting diodes (LEDs) that enable it to transmit high-quality video to your tablet or smartphone. This means you can observe what’s happening around your home, wherever you are. For this reason, this bulb will provide you with an enhanced sense of security.

Motion Tracking

One thing many users like about this Smarty bulb is that it can detect motion. Not only that, but it will also alert you via your mobile device in real time. The bulb will notify you until the object is out of range and can no longer detect motion. Motion tracking is an essential security feature that has made this bulb stand out among its competitors because it covers a more comprehensive detection range. The real-time alerts of this bulb mean you’ll know when an intruder gets into your home.

Alarm Function

The alarm function is another important feature of this bulb. You can set the alarm when an intruder enters your home. Doing so will scare away the intruder and alert anyone in the house that there’s an unwanted guest. The bulb operates via an app, where you’ll receive the alert and even sound the alarm.

Great Pet and Baby Camera

While away from home, you’ll no longer miss your kids and pets. This camera keeps you in touch with your loved ones from anywhere around the world. You can talk or listen to your kids through the camera, wherever you are. You’ll also be able to see your pets playing around.

Two-Way Audio

Apart from letting you see your loved ones, this camera has two-way audio that allows you to talk to each other just like you would using a phone. So even when traveling far away from home, you can keep talking and seeing each other.

Bright Light Feature

The Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera features four bright lights that will replace the single light bulb you had before. This makes it very bright and will effectively light up the area where it detects motion. And you can turn on the bright light via the app.

It fits almost all bulb outlets

When you buy this bulb, you’ll not have to worry about changing the bulb outlet because it will fit perfectly. As already mentioned, installing this bulb is like replacing your ordinary one. You won’t need to purchase any additional gadgets or adapters. However, the website states that it uses 110V only and does not currently support 220Volt outlets.


Buying the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera

Consumers can buy the Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera from the vendor’s official website. You can’t get it from other stores. Currently, there’s a 50% discount on this product. You can take advantage of this offer by ordering today before the bulbs run out.

  • 1 Light Bulb Camera $46.00
  • 2 Light Bulb Cameras $96.00
  • 3 Light Bulb Cameras $119.00
  • 4 Light Bulb Cameras $156.00
  • 5 Light Bulb Cameras $195.00
  • 10 Light Bulb Cameras $29.00 Each

Customers can choose to add additional items on the checkout page:

  • 64 GB SD Cards $19.00
  • 6 Inch Light Bulb Camera Extender Pole $12.95
  • 90° Wall Adapter $9.95

Customer service is available between 7:00 and 19:00 hrs (PST) from Monday to Friday for questions and refunds at:

  • Contact Customer Support: US 888-206-2102
  • Email: cs@beverlyhillsgadgetshop.com

Wrapping Up

The Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera is the best thing to happen to your home today. This bulb has revolutionized the security industry thanks to its top-notch features, an app that works with iPhone and Android phones. You can also find the app by searching “YL LoT.” Place your order today and enjoy the 50% discount.



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