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Whole Keto Xtreme Reviews (Australia, Canada and UK Customers)

Are you wanting to try the ketogenic diet without fully committing to it? Before today, people had to be strict in what they ate, namely how much of each macronutrient they had for the day and having to cut back on all-time favorites. One can think of this diet as a reflection of “hard work pays off.” By hard work, we focus on the diet and fighting through symptoms that are known to push people towards failure. Wouldn’t it be nice to burn fat the smart way for a change? Well, we recently stumbled upon one solution that is founded on exactly that. The purpose of this review is to provide a careful analysis of Whole Keto Xtreme.

What is Whole Keto Xtreme?

Whole Keto Xtreme is an advanced detox and keto support formula that aims to support healthy weight loss, increase energy levels and burn fat for fuel instead of burning carbohydrates. This is one of many supplements that have recently hit the market to help individuals who feel close to defeating because of the hindrances tied to the ketogenic diet. The general idea is that Whole Keto Xtreme imitates the effects of the ketogenic diet. To better understand what the latter truly means, some knowledge of the diet basics is needed.

Basics of the Ketogenic Diet: How does Whole Keto Xtreme Burns Fat for Energy?

The ketogenic diet insists on consuming high-fat foods combined with moderate protein levels and little to no carbohydrates. For the longest time, carbohydrates have reigned the ultimate source of fuel for our energy demands. However, over the course of a couple of years now, an adequate contender has been identified, i.e., fat storage.

When cells within our bodily systems lack carbohydrates, they direct their attention towards fat. The same way glucose is a derivative or by-product of carbohydrates, ketone bodies are derivatives of burning fat. Our bodies are accustomed to three types of ketone bodies, which include acetoacetate (created when fat undergoes the first stage of metabolization), beta-hydroxybutyrate (created from acetoacetate), and acetone (side-product of acetoacetate). Once produced, the liver releases them into the bloodstream so that cells and organs can take in their rightful sources.

This entire process is referred to as the state of ketosis, which ultimately is a metabolic state. Regarding how Whole Keto Xtreme comes into play, the embedded capsules can help push the body into ketosis without relying on macro or micronutrient breakdown. The ketogenic diet’s main drawback is that a small change to one’s diet can either prevent or kick the body out of ketosis.

If on average, it can take anywhere between two and seven days to get into ketosis, once the body is pushed out of this process, it almost feels as if individuals are starting all over again. With Whole Keto Xtreme, such an issue can be avoided altogether, maintaining ketosis for long periods of time.

What constitutes the Whole Keto Xtreme formula?

The main ingredient found inside the Whole Keto Xtreme is 800mg of exogenous beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). By delivering the body with an external source of BHB, it is trusted to enter ketosis faster. Other supporting ingredients include green tea, caffeine, apple cider vinegar, and Garcinia Cambogia.

Green tea is a staple in Chinese culture and medicine, as it has been linked to increased digestion. Moreover, its rich source of an antioxidant called epigallocatechin has since been shown to promote healthy fat oxidation [1]. While it is unclear whether the source of caffeine found in this formula is processed or not, in general, it has been correlated with a boosted metabolism and reduced weight gain.

Up next, we have apple cider vinegar, a solution derived from subjecting apple juice to yeast. In recent times, drinking it first thing in the morning is said to elicit detoxification. Ingesting apple cider vinegar might be beneficial because it contains enzymes that digest different macronutrients.

Finally, there is garcinia Cambogia to consider. This Indian fruit rich in hydroxycitric acid (HCA) might promote fat-burning, increase serotonin production, and ensure that the brain is well aware of the signals sent by our leptin hormone (i.e., satiety hormone) [2].

How should Whole Keto Xtreme be taken?

By its looks, individuals will need to take two Whole Keto Xtreme capsules per day for 30 consecutive days. While a healthy diet is not needed, the best results often come with healthy habits. Hence, we highly encourage that individuals continue their journey with the ketogenic diet. The only difference now is that the diet does not have to be followed to the smallest details. To add to this, some form of physical activity should be considered and see how much of an effect a lack thereof can have on one’s quality of life.

When these recommendations are followed, benefits such as a way to boost one’s metabolism, suppressed appetite, hunger, healthy digestion, fat burning, increased energy levels, and desirable weight management can be anticipated. That said, this supplement is in no way appropriate for pregnant and/or nursing mothers and children under the age of 18. As for people who are currently on medications, consumers should gather a health professional’s input.

How much does Whole Keto Xtreme cost?

Whole Keto Xtreme is currently offered in bulk purchases. Knowing that each bottle is meant to last one month, the following savings opportunities should be taken into account:

  • Buy 1 Whole Keto Xtreme, Get 1 Free: $99.50 each
  • Buy 2 Whole Keto Xtremes, Get 1 Free: $79 each
  • Buy 3 Whole Keto Xtremes, Get 2 Free: $59 each

Besides, each purchase has been backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, all unopened products that are returned within 30 days from the original order date, along with an RMA number obtained from customer service, will get refunded. Unfortunately, all returned bottles will come with a $15 restocking fee. For more information on how refunds usually take place, contact customer service by:

  • Email: support@wholeketoxtreme.com.
  • Customer service phone: 1 (888) 515-3603.

Final Verdict

All-in-all, Whole Keto Xtreme is a fat-burning supplement based on the mechanisms of the ketogenic diet. The belief that carbohydrates are the only fuel source has long been destroyed now that burning fat for energy has been proven viable. Hence, the entirety of Whole Keto Xtreme is valid. However, it appears to fall well within the industry standards, as most, if not all, BHB supplements deliver 800mg of BHB per serving.

The only difference is that as we progress and familiarize ourselves with discoveries, supporting ingredients become significant, which this supplement carries. At the time of writing, we have no information on the type of BHB ketones found in this formula (i.e., esters versus salts), how much of each ingredient is available per serving, and clarity of company background (besides it being based somewhere in Canada).

For these reasons, we cannot evaluate the price as a factor just yet. Moving forward, individuals might want to contact customer service for maximum clarification, read over the Terms and Conditions, and make appropriate decisions based on one’s respective health before placing an order.

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