3 Terrific Websites with 100% Free Essays and Other Paper Samples

What do you do when having problems with writing? For instance, when you get tasked with composing a kind of paper you’ve never written before. Or when you don’t know how to structure and organize all the data you’ve researched. Or when you cannot decide which writing style to use in this particular piece. So, what do you do when obvious approaches like going through step-by-step instructions and how-to tips just don’t push things along?

One of the most effective tactics in each and all of the above-mentioned situations is finding example papers to read, draw ideas, use as a template. But where can one find a high-quality, free full essay sample worth reading and following? Well, we’ve left no stone unturned and no sample database unchecked and are now ready to present to you the 3 best websites with the finest and completely free essays online. You should bookmark them and visit them every time you need writing inspiration or a vivid example to emulate.

WowEssays.com – Thousands of Free Essay Examples for College

Typically, when students look for samples, they google the type or the topic and then just try to find a relevant piece among dozens and dozens of links in search results. Obviously, this approach is awfully time-consuming and utterly low-productive. The alternative? Going straight to an online sample papers database and searching there.

Currently, one of the best free essay websites to do so is WowEssays.com. It hosts almost 100.000 plagiarism-free essays and other academic papers, which makes this resource one of the largest free databases out there. That said, WowEssays is remarkably convenient to use, thanks to well-thought-through samples’ categorization. First off, there are almost 40 paper categories – from essays and reports to scholarship application letters and dissertations. Secondly, you can summon the list of samples on a specific topic – they are arranged either by popularity or by alphabet. Finally, you can use an on-site engine to search samples by keywords or phrases. Overall, with such features, finding a relevant and well-crafted free college essay shouldn’t be a problem. Yet, we cannot but mention several drawbacks, too. For instance, it’s hard to find the logic behind the fact that argumentative and admission essays are displayed as separate paper categories while persuasive, narrative, or others are not. Also, there are no additional filters for refining search results. When contacted for more details, the WowEssays’ representative stated that they are working on implementing such filters as well as increasing general search engine speed and accuracy.

Other key features we cannot omit in this WowEssays overview include:

  • wide range of free-to-use writing assistance tools – plagiarism and grammar checkers, topic and citation generators, essay editor, various converters, counters, calculators, meant to help you polish your piece or even craft it from scratch;
  • an on-demand writing service created as a last resort in case free pre-written essays don’t help or you don’t have time to browse them. Essentially, you can hire a professional essay writer who will compose an entirely original paper according to your instructions.

Summing it all up, it’s safe to tell that WowEssays.com is a great writing help platform that can serve multiple purposes. However, its strongest area is the sample database. You can spend hours and days browsing college websites and online writing centers looking for relevant paper examples. Or you can go to WowEssays.com and find thousands of high-quality samples in one place.

PaperHelp – One of the Best Websites to Find Free Essays Online Apart from Databases

As helpful and attractive as sample databases might be, sometimes you just don’t need such an abundance of options to choose from. Sometimes, you just need to look through a couple of expertly crafted examples and make sure you’re on the right track. Plus, on sites with a large number of papers, their quality level tends to vary significantly. So, where to find top-notch sample essays for free if you prioritize quality over quantity? Try PaperHelp.org.

Basically, this website is the exact opposite of the above-described resource: while WowEssays.com is a vast sample database with a writing service as a side project, PaperHelp.org is a full-scale online custom writing company with a small paper examples directory. It contains just a couple hundred entries (mainly free essay samples) in 11 categories, with the most notable being capstone projects, infographics, and speeches. When replying to our questions, the service’s press officer stressed that all published samples were created by staff writers specifically for the website’s sample section.

In general, don’t expect to find here free essays to copy or use as a template. The PaperHelp’s catalog is rather the selection of papers students might want to emulate in terms of outstanding writing style and exceptional content presentation techniques. Handily, if you don’t think you can craft a piece of such superior nature yourself, you can address the service’s experts and ask, “Write my essays.” In any case, this website is definitely a good thing for college and university students to have bookmarked in the browser. Apparently, having put so much effort into creating their small yet outstanding directory, PaperHelp uses samples for search engine optimization and marketing purposes. However, this doesn’t take anything away from their overall top quality and value for students.

Scribbr.com – Free Essay Database with Writing Instructions & Tips

Another kind of websites students may consider as a source of free academic essays and other papers is online writing centers and platforms that explain how this or that academic piece should be written and offer a vivid example along the way.

Scribbr.com is one of such resources. Its knowledge base includes annotated guides to crafting the most popular types of academic works (namely, essays and research papers) followed by respective samples. Not only does such an approach allow you to see what the target paper should look like, but also how to compose each of its sections and put together a decent piece of writing. However, there’s an obvious drawback of this method: each annotated guide features only one free essay sample, so don’t expect a wide variety of topics.

Additionally, on Scribbr students also can find citation generators, plagiarism checker, and paid editing services meant to improve papers written by users. Overall, this website makes a great free essay writing assistance tool in case simply reading an example is not enough, and you need to understand what content goes where and why.

How to Get the Most of Free Essay Websites

Now, when you know where to look for good free essays papers, let’s briefly summarize how you can use them to your advantage and up your writing game.

  • Draw new research ideas for your own paper or find overlooked angles on previously explored topics.
  • Use free essay templates of different types as models to follow when structuring your own piece.
  • Spot subject and paper type-specific content organization practices and implement them in your writing process. For instance, free argumentative essay examples will be quite helpful in dealing with the most popular kind of high school and college written assignments – argumentative papers.
  • Use a relevant sample to reverse-outline the plan for your paper and then build up original content over this frame.
  • Check out the lists of sources used in samples on the topic of your interest and exploit them to enhance your research and expand your bibliography.

Keep in mind that a good example is the best sermon, find great samples on the featured websites, and improve your writing without spending money on specialized online courses or papers from a professional essay writing service.

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