Best Mushroom Supplements (2022) Most Effective Medicinal Mushroom Formulas

Mushroom supplements are everywhere in 2022. Gaining popularity with all people, they offer many health benefits. Even psychedelic mushrooms like psilocybin are being studied for their usefulness for mental health issues. Mushrooms are now available for purchase over the internet and in supplement stores. Most supplements avoid the inclusion of psychoactive substances like psilocybin.

Psilocybin is a controlled substance listed by the DEA as an illicit substance making it illegal to sell. There are still plenty of other types of mushrooms you can purchase that offer plenty of benefits for health.

We compiled this list of the best mushroom supplements in 2022 to help you select the best option for you. The list contains 29 different mushroom types for you to choose from.

The Top 29 Best Mushroom Products of 2022

To create the list, we got in touch with several different companies. We spoke with their science lab, quality control department, customer service, and the manufacturing division for helpful, valid information about the companies. Below is the list of the 29 best mushroom supplements in 2022:

  • Onnit Shroom Tech Support
  • Four Sigmatic
  • Real Mushrooms
  • Mud/WTR
  • Mushroom Defense
  • Organixx 7M+
  • Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane
  • Genius Mushrooms
  • Mushroom Revival
  • Earth Nutri Performance Energy + Focus
  • FreshCap
  • VidaCap
  • Shroomy
  • Ceremony Mushrooms
  • GundryMD Mushroom Vitality
  • Circadian Wellness
  • VitaPost Immune Support
  • MycoPhyto Complex
  • Brain Forza Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  • Goldmine Supershroom Powder
  • YourSuper Magic Mushroom
  • Spore
  • Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery
  • TheDrug.Store Adaptogenic Mushrooms
  • Botany Cordyceps Militaris Extract
  • Plant People WonderDay
  • 5 Mushrooms Reserve Blend
  • MindHoney Dose
  • Vital Plan Brain Boost

Onnit Shroom Tech Support


Supported by famous podcast host Joe Rogan, Tech Support by Onnit is one of the more popular mushroom supplements. Used daily, Onnit designed their product to be taken to boost energy. Only one capsule of Tech Support is needed to give numerous health benefits, including heightened energy levels.

Backed by science, the clinical trials performed by a third-party team prove the claims by Onnit are factual. We appreciate Onnit’s honest transparency with their products, including information on clinical trials for every product. One benefit we like is the boost of power given to athletes who take The Support. Weightlifters saw a 12% increase in their bench, roughly 9% increase in their cardiac output, and a 7% increase in the number of squats they could perform.

Ingredients in Onnit Tech Support are a strictly plant-based mushroom compound mixed with other substances. The complex includes a healthy dose of Vitamin B-12, Ashwagandha, Green Tea Leaf, Rhodiola, Astragalus, and Cordyceps Mushroom. The complex is one of the strongest of any on the list, making it one of our top choices for anyone looking to benefit from medicinal mushrooms.

Four Sigmatic


Time Magazine, Women’s Health, and Goop all did an expose on Four Sigmatic products. A full spectrum range of different products is available through the supplement company. Each product is made of healthy, medicinal mushrooms and other plant-based, health-boosting compounds.

Located in Finland, where mushrooms are an essential part of the culture, Four Sigmatic breaks down mushrooms into three categories, depending on the health benefits they provide. Chill, Think, and Defend are the three types of products they offer. Think is designed to promote healthy energy levels, focus, and productivity throughout the day. Defend is meant to be taken daily for immune support and to increase nutrient levels. And chill will help you relax at the end of the day or when anxiety levels are high. Products are available in many different forms, including teas, coffee, and protein powders.

Ingredients in the supplement are USDA certified organic, come in multiple flavors, and include mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and Chaga. Four Sigmatic is one of our favorite companies on the list because of the purity of the ingredients they use.

Real Mushrooms


A multitude of different mushroom types is available in Real Mushroom products. They also come in a variety of forms, like powders and capsules. Mushroom types include Chaga, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Tremella, and Reishi. You can buy them in various products or, if you prefer, in blends containing healthy doses of any combination you desire.

The Canadian-based company makes coffees, teas, hot chocolates, and more. They are some of the highest-quality mushroom products available online, making them one of the top choices. Whether you want capsules or powders, Real Mushrooms offers you some of the best choices.



Only organic compounds are used in MUD/WTR, a mushroom-based drink to replace your coffee. The energy lifting effects of the supplement are long-lasting and designed to work without giving you the jittery feelings often associated with other caffeine-containing beverages. The drink is also much easier on the stomach than on many other substances. Mud/WTR is one of the highest-rated products, certified organic by the USDA.

Ingredients in the supplement include various mushrooms like Cordyceps, Reishi, Chaga, and Lion’s Mane. Other components include Turmeric, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Cacao, and Chai, making it an extremely pure product. A ritual starter kit is perfect for anyone not sure what to purchase.

Mushroom Defense


The energy-boosting effects of Mushroom Defense are ideal for people who work long hours without much sleep. Fatigue causes a rapid decrease in our mental state, including cognitive function, mood, and problem-solving capabilities. It will boost your energy levels but also help build your immune system. The immune-boosting mushrooms fight all types of infections, including bacterial and viral. Along with helping you stay healthy, you will also benefit from a more precise mental state.

Mushroom Defense also carries a quality money-back guarantee. Ingredients include commonly used mushrooms like Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane. The potent combination of various mushrooms provides you with some of the most effective health benefits of any supplement on the list. The dosage, types of mushrooms, and transparency make this one of the most widely used mushroom substances available.

Organixx 7M+


Organixx 7M+ comprises a powerful combo of highly beneficial mushrooms. The difference between these mushrooms vs. other mushrooms on the list is that they are all fermented. Mushroom ingredients in the supplement include Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Shiitake, Chaga, and Turkey Tail. The fermented aspect makes the mushrooms much more manageable to absorb by the body than most other mushrooms.

One other factor in making 7M+ a potent product is kelp. The extract isn’t something often found in mushroom supplements and is a benefit to live health. The supplement also helps by removing free radicals from the body and offering other substances beneficial to health. ,

Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane


Straight and to the point, Pure Essence is devoted to Lion’s Mane Mushrooms. Since they are one of the more versatile, health-benefiting mushrooms on the planet and have been studied – it makes sense. The high dose of the healthy mushroom is excellent for its mental health-boosting effects. Everything from mood to cognitive function to a healthy immune system happens when you take MyPure Lion’s Mane.

All organic, each dose in capsulated form is made with extract of Lion’s Mane. The ingredients include all parts of the mushroom, including pieces from mushrooms in different stages of growth. Beta Glucans, fruiting bodies, and more are found in the mushroom product. Being all organic, you can count on receiving the highest amount of nutrients in the best form from each pill.

Genius Mushrooms


Holding a multitude of mushrooms in each capsule makes Genius Mushrooms supplement an excellent pick for anyone not sure where to start with supplements of this type. Mushrooms include Cordyceps, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane. Anyone taking these pills will benefit from some profound health benefits. The benefits include stress reduction, heightened focus, more energy, and better cognitive functions. Another important health bonus is whole liver and kidney support.

Genius Mushrooms are likely desirable for many people because the price is so reasonable. At under $25 a bottle, the mushroom supplement is relatively cheap compared to others. Not only that, but Genius Mushrooms is also one of the highest-rated sellers on Amazon Marketplace. The supplement is simple, easy on the body, and gives you plenty of benefits for taking it.

Mushroom Revival


Mushrooms are easily one of the most popular substances for health supplements globally. Gaining popularity has made Mushroom Revival focus on the fungus-like nothing else. By using their product, anyone can benefit from the health benefits provided by medicinal mushrooms.

Mushroom Revival offers several products, including tinctures, powders, pills, and capsules. They offer several different types of products for all needs. Mushroom Revival is an excellent product to start using if you don’t know anything about these types of products.

Earth Nutri Performance Energy + Focus


As the name states, energy and performance levels are improved when taking Earth Nutri Performance + Energy. The ingredients in the supplement are promised to pump you up when you need an extra boost focused on both body and mind. Performance Energy + Focus is only available as a drink mix.

Several other ingredients in the product, such as citicoline, theacrine, and Alpha-GPC, are mixed with several types of mushrooms. The blend will boost energy levels, help with fatigue, and focus. Most of the mushrooms in the compound are also available in other complexes. Mushrooms include Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, and one not often found, King Trumpet. The supplement hits hard and fast, giving the energy boost you’re looking for at a rapid speed.



The company FreshCap has one of the largest selections of mushroom-based supplements. Some people don’t like mushrooms, so they also have plenty of supplements for people who would rather have the flavor masked. Different products offer different benefits, some give energy, and some cause relaxation, so you can pick up multiple products to suit your personal needs.

Like other mushroom supplements on the list, the products by FreshCap also give many benefits like improved cognitive functions, higher energy levels, or more sound sleep. Mushrooms in the supplement include Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, and more. Whether you want a cup of Mushroom Coffee or simply take a pill, you can likely find it at FreshCap.



Various benefits are available from taking VidaCap, including improved relaxation and sleep. Others include more focused, sustained levels of energy and cognitive function. Typical mushrooms in VidaCap include Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane. It is also one of the better-priced mushroom compounds on the list, making it ideal for those on a budget who want the benefits of mushrooms.

The mushrooms in the supplement are high-quality, grown in organic greenhouses overseas in Russia and China. Mushrooms by VidaCap are dried in sunlight, containing no harmful substances. Again, VidaCap mushrooms are one of the most affordable supplements.



A nearly unique mushroom product, only one other supplement on the list is made into gummy form. The mushroom gummies are a self-proclaimed nootropic – providing the user with the ultimate mental boost. Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps are the primary ingredients in each gummy.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your focus for school or work, this may be the ultimate mushroom supplement. Other health benefits include healthy liver function, high levels of balanced energy, and better resistance to viruses and bacteria. This could be the mushroom product you’ve been looking for.

Ceremony Mushrooms


Multiple mushroom types are available with Ceremony Mushrooms. The blends are primarily designed for health and wellness. The tinctures from the company are ideal for all kinds of health issues, such as anxiety, focus, and digestion. Different herbs and other adaptogens are also available in Ceremony Mushroom blends.

Like other mushroom blends, Ceremony Mushrooms has several powders and the previously mentioned tinctures. They are a little higher priced than other supplements on the list.

GundryMD Mushroom Vitality


The first thing we noticed about GundryMD was the hefty price it carried. Mushroom Vitality provides high energy levels and better focus and memory. Your body will also help your body fight off viruses and bacteria and help you wake up in the morning. Mushroom Vitality is also available in liquid form. The tincture is easy to use; place five drops in a glass of water, then drink it down to gain many health benefits.

Chaga, reishi, and more are included in the list of ingredients in GundryMD. Even though the supplement is expensive, there is a reason we had it on the list. A doctor developed the formula making up Mushroom Vitality. The scientific backing makes the high price tag more acceptable than others on the list.

Circadian Wellness


Using a proprietary blend isn’t necessarily a good thing, but with the quality reviews, we can’t argue with their methods. The benefits of taking Circadian are widely varied, including libido, something not commonly seen in other mushroom supplements. Sleep, pain, and energy levels will also benefit anyone taking Circadian.

The name isn’t just clever; the mushroom supplement directly affects your circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is directly responsible for your sleep schedule if you don’t know. If you can reset your circadian rhythm, your health will greatly benefit. Another benefit of taking the supplement is gaining the same health benefits as other mushrooms without taking such heavy doses. They also offer a wide range of products for all needs.

VitaPost Immune Support


Strengthening your immune system is the primary benefit of VitaPost. The supplement is full of plant-based extracts, each one made to make you more resilient to disease. By taking the supplement, you will also get the benefits of Green Tea, among other supplements.

The beta-glucans in VitaPost are known to provide other health benefits as well, and since they are all-natural and plant-based, it’s perfect for vegetarians. The mushrooms in the supplement are Shiitake, Maitake, and Reishi. Extracts have been developed to provide you with the best immune system boosts you can find. It is also one of the cheapest products on the list and ideal for anyone on a budget.

MycoPhyto Complex


Another one of our favorites on the list, MycoPhyto, consists of a combination of a half-dozen or so mushrooms. The six different mushrooms in MycoPhyto are Turkey Tail, Reishi, Cordyceps, Polyporus, Maitake, and Royal Agaricus. Like others we are featuring, Beta-Glucan is also included to provide even more significant health benefits than mushrooms alone.

A Dr. formulated it at Advanced Bionutritionals; the supplement is mid-price range. There is a price break for anyone who purchases multiple bottles. Scientific studies have also been made on the six different mushroom types, making it a viable product with plenty of backing.

Brain Forza Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom


Brain Forza has worked hard to name itself in the mushroom supplement field with all organic, backed by the USDA products. The organic Lion’s Manes used in the supplement are grown scientifically in a lab by professional growers. The specially grown mushrooms tend to pack more punch than those found in the wild. To ensure there are no parasites and the mushrooms are safe, plus to enhance the bioavailability, they are cooked to a core temp of 125 degrees.

The healthy mushroom supplement will benefit focus, memory, cognitive function, and mood. It is a much more potent form of Lion’s Mane than most others on the list. Brain Forza’s claims of being the strongest on the list are backed by science. The polysaccharides in each serving are more concentrated than anything else.

Goldmine Supershroom Powder


Here we have one of the most popular supplements on the list. Goldmine is a familiar name in the shroom supplement field. The Supershroom compound is like others we find on the list. However, the anti-inflammatory component of the product makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The main ingredients are Lucuma, ginger, astragalus, reishi, and turkey tail. The compound is perfect for helping the body remove free radicals from the bloodstream and body. Take it up to three times a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to gain the maximum benefits from the supplement.

YourSuper Magic Mushroom


Let us make something clear, even though they are called ‘Magic Mushroom,’ they contain no psilocybin whatsoever. Even so, they are considered to hold magical properties. The benefits of the supplements are like other supplements, including focus, memory, energy, and more. Considered a superfood, we appreciate the other ingredients in the YourSuper Magic Mushroom compound.

Third-party lab results prove the power of the products’ ingredients. They include other substances than mushrooms, including Reishi, Lucuma, Chaga, Cacao, and Cinnamon. Each element in the supplement is 100% certified organic, backed by the USDA. Also, they make products of all types, including foods, drinks, and more.



Used for daily health benefits related to the mind, Spore offers the user a boost to cognitive function. You will get more focus from the supplement and better thought processing, problem-solving, etc. The supplement is mainly made for anyone who wants to benefit from nootropics while benefiting from mushrooms.

Mushrooms in the supplement include commonly used ones like Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps. Other ingredients are Gingko Biloba, Ashwagandha, and more. The adaptogens in Spore are proven to provide the user with the best possible health benefits, mainly energy and, just as significant, libido.

Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery


Formulated by Dr. Bill Rawls, the immunity-boosting mushroom formula comprises several different ingredients. Using Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery containing mushrooms and herbs, your immune system will gain massive health benefits. By strengthening the immune system, your sleep will improve, digestion and mental clarity.

Other ingredients found in the supplement include cordyceps, Reishi mushrooms, Skullcap extract, and Rehmannia Extract. Skullcap and Rehmannia are not commonly found in other mushroom supplements, so we thought Vital Plan deserved a spot on the list. The only downside is that its benefits carry a high price tag.

TheDrug.Store Adaptogenic Mushroom


This is one more supplement on the list to boost your immune system. Medicinal Mushrooms are perfect for a wide variety of different health benefits, including immunity to disease. We particularly like the not commonly used mushroom ingredients, like Wunder Workshop, Glow Bar, and Anatome. Again, not only will your immune system benefit from the supplement, but so will your health in general.

Unlike other companies on the list, this supplement is formulated in London, England. They also make other health-related supplements like CBD-focused products and powerful nootropics. They are reasonably priced and have a long list of different mushroom supplements. Regardless of if you want a tincture or a powder, you can find it at TheDrug.Store.

Botany Cordyceps Militaris Extract


Cordyceps, one of the more popular mushroom components on the list, is the main ingredient in Militaris Extract. The powerful mushroom compound contains precisely 30 grams of mushroom in each bottle. Cordyceps provides the user with the same health benefits as other mushrooms on the list, namely improved focus, mental clarity, more energy, and a more robust immune system.

Scientific laboratory results are available for viewing, proving the supplement’s potency is real. The UV-protected containers are ideal for shipping, helping ensure your product delivers to you as promised. Third-party labs also help create each product, so there is solid scientific backing in more than just lab results. The quality of the product starts from the ground up. We like the fact that there is so much science involved in making the product, which is one reason we placed it on the list.

Plant People WonderDay


As we said prior in the article, there are only two mushroom products on the list made into gummies. Plant People WonderDay is the second of the two and is reportedly delicious – or that is at least what other people reviewing the product are saying. With ten distinct types of mushrooms on the list, it is safe to say they’ve covered all bases. Gummies are flavored with wildly grown raspberries, giving them even more health benefits.

Mushrooms found in the product include Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and more. Healthy energy levels, lower stress and anxiety, strengthened immune systems, and a better mood are all promised to anyone who eats the tasty gummies. Perfect for everyday consumption, how could we not put the only other quality gummy we found on the list?

5 Mushrooms Reserve Blend


As you may have guessed, five types of mushrooms make up Reserve Blend. Not organic but all-natural, mushrooms include Chaga, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi. The supplement benefits are much like others on the list, including more precise cognitive function and memory. Brain activity is improved by all mushrooms, specifically when combined in the proper ratio at the correct dose.

Self-titled as the World’s Grooviest Mushroom Blend, the nootropic, mood-enhancing mushrooms are perfect for those seeking to uplift their creative genius. 5 Mushrooms Reserve Blend contains one of the highest concentrations of any on the list and is reasonably priced considering the multiple health improvements offered by the supplement.

MindHoney Dose


Another supplement falling in the nootropic section is MindHoney Dose. It is also improving mental capabilities; like many other supplements on the list, Dose Nomadic Nutrition, manufacturers of the supplement report higher levels of brain activity for anyone using the supplement. Overall, health & wellness seems to be the primary focus of the mushroom supplement, something that helped it show up on this list.

MindHoney Dose is made up of many different mushroom types and other herbal ingredients and is free of fillers. Nootropics in the complex include Neurofactor, Coffeeberry, Nalt, DMAE, L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, and Ginseng – all considered powerful nootropic ingredients. The listed mind-enhancing ingredients include Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, and Chaga Mushroom. To benefit from the mushroom supplement, just take the recommended dose each day.

Vital Plan Brain Boost


First, this isn’t a mistype; we’ve included two separate Vital Plan complexes on the list. Like their other supplement, Brain Boost improves mental clarity and cognitive function. It also helps lift your spirits when you’re feeling down; in other words, it enhances the mood. Like Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery, Brain Boost is made by Dr. Rawls, certified, and backed by science.

Although both companies’ supplements will help improve mental clarity and strengthen the immune system – each is focused more on one or the other. Brain Boost naturally improves cognitive function over immune system health, and Adaptogen Recovery does vice-versa. Depending on what is more important to you should make it easy to decide which supplement is right for you.

How The Best Mushroom Supplements Were Ranked

Everything from ingredients to quality control was considered when compiling this list. Naturally, elements in a supplement had to be backed by science. Any components promising miracles, not proven, were immediately removed as a candidate. Only supplements containing the best possible ingredients were allowed at the highest quality.

Second, the doses of each ingredient had to be in the right amount. That doesn’t only mean they had to have enough, but they couldn’t have too much, and they had to be in the correct ratio with other ingredients found on the list. Ratios and doses couldn’t just be on a whim either; those doses also had to be backed by scientific, clinical trials.

Companies also must have good track history with customers. Poorly reviewed companies stood no chance of making it on the list, and transparency about ingredients was also a must. Everything from doses to sources must be disclosed on the list. Even the method of manufacturing the supplement had to have full disclosure and needed to be proven to get a spot.

Manufacturers who had their advisory board of medical professionals had a better chance of getting recommended by us. We naturally felt that any company with doctors backing them would produce a better product.

Customer service and a money-back guarantee were also much appreciated, especially since everyone has different chemistry – meaning one product may not work the same for two people. We figured companies who didn’t offer solid money-back guarantees didn’t have faith in their product.

Side Effects of Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms should have no real side effects; they are in no way like hallucinogenic mushrooms. No psychoactive properties are found with any mushroom on this list. Some people may experience mild discomfort related to digestive issues or nausea. This only happens with people who take more than the recommended dose or are sensitive to them. Although unlikely, some people may have allergies to mushrooms, so it is wise to speak with a doctor before you take them – we must recommend you do this because of legal issues. We want the mushrooms we listed to help you, not hurt you.

A Brief History of Medicinal Mushrooms

For thousands of years, people across the globe have used mushrooms because of their wide range of health benefits. Whether you look at the Egyptians, Incas, or the Celts, it doesn’t matter – mushrooms have been eaten or consumed in one way or another for food and as medicines. Even the ancient Greeks used mushrooms because of their health benefits.

Back to 100 BCE, the Chinese used mushrooms to battle cancer, respiratory infections, diabetes, and more. Even the powerful drug penicillin was created from the mold of a particular type of fungus. More than 200 million lives are presumed to have been saved because of the medical foundation. It is likely why mushrooms are used to combat viruses and bacteria.

What Does Science Say About Medicinal Mushroom Products?

More than one and a half million mushrooms are likely to exist globally. According to science, they make up about 25% of the entire biomass on planet earth. Not all are beneficial to your health, many are harmless, but some are highly poisonous, even lethal. Of the 1.5 million different mushrooms on the planet, at least a handful has proven beneficial to your health. Many of them are found in the supplements on the list.

Cordyceps is ideal for athletic prowess and people who play sports. Endurance, stamina, and agility are all proven to gain enhancement from Cordyceps. Reishi mushrooms are also traceable back to the Far East. Chinese doctors used them to help strengthen the immune system, relieve stress, and improve thinking and sleep. Some are even said to help with allergies, like the Reishi mushroom. Some people have shown so much improvement that they’ve completely stopped taking over-the-counter allergy medications.

Maitake, another popular mushroom, is perfect for the digestive system. They contain beta-glucans, and polysaccharides, which help with diabetes, inflammation, and weight management. Everything from blood pressure to cholesterol has improved in people ingesting maitake.

Shiitake mushrooms, often found in cooking recipes, are gaining popularity as medicinal mushrooms. They are the second most widely used mushroom, following the button mushroom, and help with skin, bone, and organ health. Turkey Tail is another mushroom you read about on our list and is a powerful medicinal mushroom used primarily for immune system health.

Chaga mushroom, one of the less appealing mushrooms as far as looks go, has been used worldwide for health benefits for years. The powerful mushroom is a powerful antioxidant, helping to remove free radicals from the body, and is proven against viruses and bacteria.

Lion’s Mane is said to be the best, even helping restore cognitive function and nerve damage to the brain. When neuro functionality improves, so does a wide range of other factors, like immune strength and your overall health.

Lastly, there is much evidence linking athletic ability to mushroom ingestion. For example, Shroom Tech SPORT provided athletes with a significant increase in strength and endurance. Some athletes showed an increase of 12% in bench, 7% in their squat reps, and 9% in their cardio performance. The more science studies mushrooms, the more health benefits they discover.

FAQs About Medicinal Mushrooms and Supplementation

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about medicinal mushrooms. More and more mushroom health supplements are being sought out with growing popularity. And with popularity comes more questions.

Q: How do these supplements work?

A: All-natural plant-based fungi contain different ingredients beneficial to health. These include but are not limited to beta-glucans, sterols, and terpenoids. Thousands of medical studies have proven the health benefits of substances found in mushrooms.

Q: How are mushroom supplements taken?

A: Mushroom supplements can be taken as a liquid, powder, drink mix, pill form, capsule, or directly as food.

Q: Are the supplements on the list legal?

A: Yes, all supplements on the list are legal. Only psychedelic mushrooms are considered illegal.

Q: Am I allowed to purchase mushroom supplements?

A: Yes, they are all legal.

Q: When should it take mushroom supplements?

A: Anytime is ok if we are speaking of medicinal mushrooms. Psychedelic mushrooms can take hours to wear off, so they should only be ingested according to your schedule.

Q: Are there side effects from taking mushroom supplements?

A: No, other than mild indigestion in certain people.

Q: What makes a mushroom medicinal?

A: The health benefits they provide to your body and mind.

Q: Is psilocybin medicinal?

A: Although it has been used for ceremonial purposes in many cultures, it is not considered medicinal. It is now widely studied as it is likely to help treat addiction and mental illness.

Q: What is psilocybin?

A: Psilocybin is the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms.

Q: Is psilocybin legal?

A: No, psilocybin is a scheduled drug and therefore illegal.

Q: How does psilocybin work?

A: Doctors are uncertain as to how psilocybin works. It has something to do with internal neuron communication and how the brain functions.

Q: Can I get addicted to mushrooms?

A: No, mushroom supplements are not addictive.

Q: Are mushrooms a vegetable or fruit?

A: Mushrooms are a fungus, neither a fruit nor vegetable.

Q: Where do mushrooms come from?

A: Depending on the type, they are found in the wild or grown in a lab in the Far East and the USA. Mushrooms really can be found anywhere, although not all are safe.

Q: What health benefits come from ingesting mushrooms?

A: Again, this depends on the type. According to science, in the above description of mushrooms, they each have different health-benefiting properties.

Q: Are mushrooms considered a superfood?

A: Many people do consider mushrooms a superfood. This is mainly because they are low-calorie, high-nutrient-rich foods. They also contain a substance that provides a wide range of health benefits.

Q: What is Psilocybe?

A: Mushrooms that are psychedelic and contain psilocybin.

Q: Do all mushrooms give health benefits?

A: No, not all mushrooms provide you with health benefits. Some are even lethal when ingested.

Q: What mushrooms give the most health benefits?

A: Mushrooms on the list contain the highest level of medicinal value. These mushrooms typically include chaga, reishi, turkey tail, Lion’s Mane, maitake, shiitake, cordyceps, and oysters. Even button mushrooms and portobellos provide you with health benefits.

The Top 29 Best Mushroom Products of 2022 Conclusion

Mushroom supplements are becoming more widely available, more used, and gaining more attention. It is because of the growing popularity we decided to create this list. Whether you want to eat gummies or take a pill, you will find what you are looking for in the top mushroom supplements above!


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