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STD testing is very important for any sexually active person to maintain a healthy sexual life. Even though you aren’t experiencing any symptoms, it is advisable to get regular STD testing. Many STIs are asymptomatic, so you will not experience any symptoms until it becomes severe. This can lead to potential future health complications such as infertility and kidney problems, among others, that can be prevented with a dose of antibiotics. So If you have recently indulged in sexual behavior without protection, getting an STD test might help you prevent unwanted circumstances in the future.

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The CDC has reported a drastic increase in STD rates in the US in 2018. Although STDs are quite common, people fail to get tested on time. After all, a person may be infected, but they may experience no symptoms to persuade them to get a test. So the lack of testing is contributing to the spike in the cases of STDs in the US. Certain groups of people are at a higher risk of contracting STDs. People who are sexually active, had unprotected sex with a new partner, have multiple sex partners, or gay, are at the highest risk of getting STDs according to the CDC. So if you are one of these people, consider getting an STD test by finding the best STD testing site.

Where To Find The Best STD Testing Site?

There are many places that offer confidential STD testing where you can get tested for STDs at affordable fees.

  • Planned Parenthood Sites

Planned Parenthood labs are usually cost-effective and offer different STD tests. You can find them online by entering your zip code or the name of your city to see the nearest location.

  • Local Health Departments

The local health departments generally offer low to no cost tests for STDs like HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. You can also find tests for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, trich, and herpes.

  • University and College Health Departments

Given the higher risk for contracting STDs by people between 18-24 years, many universities and colleges provide free or affordable STD tests for students.

  • Charity Organizations

Some nonprofit organizations are funded by the government and offer low-cost STD tests. Although the types of tests may differ from city to city, you might be able to find tests for HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhoea.

  • At-home STD Test Kits

There are several places where you can order an STD test kit online and test yourself at home. Although more convenient, they are relatively more expensive than the options above. If you feel uncomfortable visiting a lab for an STD test, this method is the best way to secure a confidential STD test.

  • Online STD Testing Sites

Another convenient way to find and book an appointment for an STD test in a lab near you is to order tests from an online STD testing site. This allows you to choose an STD test of your choice and book an appointment at a partner lab closest to where you live. You will receive a requisition form or code in your email. You can go for the same day confidential STD test once you receive the form. There is no waiting in line. The whole process does not take much time. After the test, you can go home and wait for the result that usually comes out in one or two days. Most online STD sites offer free doctors consultation if the result returns positive.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy online site to book an STD test, check out STD Testing Now. It is one of the best online STD testing sites that offer reliable STD testing services. All you have to do is choose from the different STD tests to book an appointment to visit a partner lab closest to you. Walk in with the form or code and immediately get a confidential STD test.

The site offers a complete 10-panel test, gonorrhea test, and chlamydia test. If you feel like you may have multiple STDs, the 10-panel test is a good choice as it tests for all the major STDs like herpes, HIV, Hepatitis, and more. You can also order an at-home STD test kit with free shipping and test for potential STDs like chlamydia, trich, and gonorrhea, among others at home.

Different Types of STD Tests

You will find many online sites that offer various STD tests. There are six primary STD tests that involve different testing procedures.

  • Anal Swab

This involves the collection of samples by setting a Q-tip in your anus. This test applies to gonorrhea, HPV, and anal chlamydia.

  • Oral Swab

Some STDs, such as herpes, can cause sores and rashes in the throat and in and around the mouth. So oral swab is used to collect samples on the infected areas to test for STDs such as chlamydia, HPV, herpes, and gonorrhea.

  • Genital Swab

The process involves rubbing the affected areas on the genitals with a swab to test for trich, gonorrhea, and chlamydia.

  • Distinct-site Swab

Some STDs like syphilis, HPV, and HSV, can cause rashes and sores in various parts of the body. This method is done by rubbing the infected spot for a swab test.

  • Urine Test

Some STDs require a sample of your urine. STDs like trichomoniasis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea are tested by taking a sample of urine.

  • Blood Test

Certain types of STDs require a sample of blood. This can be done either through a finger prick or by taking blood from the arm. STDs like herpes, syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C require blood tests.

If you are sexually active, you can prevent STDs by using protection such as condoms and dental barriers. Although they are not 100% effective, they significantly minimize the risk of getting STDs. Protect yourself and your partner by taking precaution measures while having sex. If you feel something isn’t right, don’t hesitate to book an appointment to get tested for STDs. A timely treatment always help prevent complicated health problems later in life. You may also like reading this article as well.

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