Best Toenail Fungus Supplements Reviewed

Toenail Fungus infection is a common fungal condition that often begins as an infection on the foot and spreads to the toenails. It is caused by the growth of fungus on the nail bed. At the start of the infection, it appears as white and yellow spots growing beneath the nail beds. Nevertheless, if left untreated, the fungus will progress to a severe stage, hardening the nails and spreading to the other toes.

The athlete’s foot appears between the toes or on the soles of the feet. At this stage, treating the fungal infection with over-the-counter medications is much more straightforward than it was previously. However, according to Shari Lipner, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medicine, toenail fungus can be challenging to treat because of the slow growth of the nails. In addition, the thicker the nail and the greater the number of nails affected by toenail fungus make it much more difficult to treat even with effective therapies.

It is critical to diagnose the fungal infection for treatments to be effective as soon as possible. If the condition becomes too severe, Dr. Lipner recommends that you see a board-certified dermatologist for proper treatment.

This fungal infection is widespread among adults, affecting approximately 5.5% worldwide. It is more common as we get older, but it can also be found in children and young adults. Fungus infections of the toenails occur when the fungus comes into contact with the nails and invades them, causing the nails to become yellowed and thickened. A fungal infection of the fingernails is also possible, though this condition is rare.

Effective treatments for toenail fungus are available, which is a welcome relief. Please be patient, as they work slowly. Improved health will continue even if you discontinue taking the medication. In the upcoming sections, we will be sharing details of some prominent toenail fungus supplements and medicines that you can use to combat the condition.

Toenail Fungus Symptoms

Fungal infections are most commonly found beneath the nail and begin at the tip of the nail. They can also occur above the nail (where it gets trimmed). With toenail fungal infections, the following are the most common changes that occur.

  • Nail discoloration beneath the nail is typically brown to white or yellow.
  • The nail starts becoming thicker.
  • The presence of white debris beneath the nail, keratin, a protein that gives shape to the skin and nails, has increased.
  • It is characterized by the loosening or separation of the infected portion of the nail bed from the nail bed.
  • The nail has a crumbling appearance.
  • White, powdery discoloration on the top of the nail is a less common symptom of an infection.

What Causes Fungal Infections?

A fungal infection in the toenail is usually caused by the same type of fungus that causes the athlete’s foot, which may surprise you. Individuals prone to athlete’s foot may also be at risk of developing fungal infections in their toenails.

Toenail fungus can become more prevalent as one gets older. In addition to people with suppressed immune systems, people with diseases like diabetes and other conditions affecting limb circulation are more susceptible to fungal nail infections than the general population.

Other factors to consider are as follows:

  • A medical condition known as hyperhidrosis means the tendency to heavy sweating feet.
  • Skin infections are caused by fungi that occur frequently.
  • Any damage or physical injury to the nail
  • Shoes are worn while walking provide a moist, dark, and warm environment in which fungi can thrive and grow.

How We Ranked The Best Fungus Supplements

There are quite a few supplement manufacturers of Toenail Fungus, and all of them claim that their products will eliminate toenail fungus in a short period. Only a few supplements, on the other hand, are effective. Our editorial team used the following metrics to determine which toenail supplements were the best available on the market today:

Scientifically Proven Ingredients and Dosages

The first and most important metric was the use of ingredients and dosages that were supported by scientific evidence. You want your toenail fungus supplement to start working as soon as possible. The more scientifically proven ingredients and dosages a formula contains the higher the formula’s rating.

Transparently Advertised Benefits

Some toenail fungus supplement manufacturers make outrageous claims not supported by the evidence. They make claims such as clearing up toenail fungus overnight or quickly ridding your body of infection, among other things. Supplements for toenail fungus are not drugs or medications; they are dietary supplements. Manufacturers cannot claim their products’ ability to treat or prevent disease. In our opinion, toenail supplements that made realistic claims about their benefits were the best choice.

Qualified Doctors Have Created or Endorsed The Product

A medical advisory board consisting of MDs, PhDs, and other professionals should be present at a reputable supplement company. We have enlisted those supplements developed or endorsed by doctors who have real-world medical experience over those who do not have practical hands-on expertise.

Value for Money

Some toenail fungus supplements can cost up to $200 per bottle. Others will set you back $20. We included a variety of supplements to suit a variety of budgets while emphasizing the importance of good value at all price points. We wanted users to get the most bang for their buck, no matter their financial situation.

The Reputation of the Manufacturer

Some manufacturers have entered the toenail fungus supplement market to make a quick buck. Others have a long and well-established track record of producing high-quality products. Even though we prefer supplement companies with a reputation for producing high-quality products in FDA-registered, GMP-certified laboratories, we have taken care of not being prejudiced against more established companies.

Clinical Trials and Studies

Valid clinical trials, peer-reviewed research, and a wealth of scientific evidence support the effectiveness of the best fungus supplements on the market. Many homeopathic remedies were relegated to the bottom of our list due to a lack of scientific evidence demonstrating effectiveness. Even though anecdotal evidence can be found, we prefer hard scientific evidence.

Guaranteed Money-Back or 100% Satisfaction

Even the most effective toenail fungus supplements will not be 100% effective for every person who has the condition. That’s why we looked for toenail fungus supplements that came with a money-back guarantee that was as generous as possible. Companies that produce high-quality supplements stand behind their formulas. Bad supplement companies, on the other hand, do not.

Ease of Use and Convenience

Some toenail fungus treatments require you to attach strange lasers to your fingers or spend hours applying cream to your extremities, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. Others are as simple as popping a capsule once or twice a day, depending on the condition. Fungus supplements that were simple to use were our top choice.

Transparent Declaration of Ingredients

Some supplement companies are unusually vague about their ingredients, and some even fabricate fictitious clinical trials to promote their products. Some of them are outright frauds. Regarding ingredient transparency and product transparency, we preferred toenail fungus supplements that were transparent about their ingredients and manufacturing process the most.

The Best Fungus Supplements for 2022

Below is a list of the best toenail fungus supplements available:

  • Candifense
  • EmoniNail
  • Fungal Buster Wellness Oil
  • Funginix
  • Fungix
  • Fungus Fighter
  • Fungus Hack
  • Fungus Key Pro
  • Fungus Therapy Pro
  • H-Nail Fungus Formula
  • KeraGenis
  • Keravita Pro
  • Myco Nuker
  • Mycosyn Pro
  • Nail Fungus Control
  • Nail Fungus No More
  • Nonyx Nail Gel
  • Phytozine Ringworm Treatment
  • Probelle
  • PureHealth Research Fungus Eliminator
  • Puremedy Fungus Relief Ointment
  • Triple Fungus Blast
  • Urgent Fungus Destroyer



Yeast overgrowth in the gut is made difficult by using digestive enzymes, which Candifense uses to achieve this. Fungal infections and yeast issues often cause difficulties with digestion. The imbalance of your digestive enzymes or probiotics may allow harmful compounds to thrive in your system. Natural ingredients are used in Candifense to assist you in maintaining a healthy balance of microflora throughout your digestive tract.

All of the digestive enzymes in Candifense, found in every two-capsule serving, have been shown to help your body break down food, digest compounds, and process the things you eat more efficiently. These enzymes help your body break down and digest foods, digest compounds, and process what you eat. Certain foods may cause you to feel bloated if you do not have enough digestive enzymes in your system. In the case of amylase deficiency, you may experience bloating after eating a carbohydrate-heavy meal. To help you strengthen your immune system and body from the inside out, Candifense is a supplement you should consider using.



EmoniNail is an ointment that is used to treat nail fungus. It is available in several different sizes and colors to choose from. Applying the balm to your nails daily is easy with the included brush. Active ingredients, plant extracts, and essential oils are used in the formulation to penetrate your nails and treat topical nail fungus.

Ultimately, the goal of EmoniNail is to reach into the nail bed and destroy the fungus that is living within it. As one of the most comprehensive topical nail treatments available, EmoniNail comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Even though it is not as inexpensive as some of the other liquid formulas on this list, it has hundreds of positive online reviews to back it up. With the help of EmoniNail, many customers have reported that their nail fungus infection has been completely eradicated.

Fungal Buster Wellness Oil


It is made up of certified organic and vegan ingredients, and it is used to treat fungal infections in the body. It is available in a liquid tincture form. According to some sources, applying two to three pumps of wellness oil to the affected area can help fight a fungal infection.

Fungal Buster Wellness Oil produces the best results when used with a damp washcloth. Apply the oil to the affected area with a wet washcloth after adding two to three oil pumps. According to some sources, by repeating this treatment daily, you may reduce the time it takes for your fungal infection to clear up. Because of this, your skin and nails can begin to heal more quickly than they would with any other formulas on this page.

These benefits are achieved using organic jojoba oil, tea tree essential oil, and lavender essential oil in the Fungal Buster Wellness Oil formulation. It is one of the most affordable fungus supplements on our list, costing only $17 per bottle.



When it comes to treating nail fungus, Funginix is a topical solution that begins to work in two weeks. It is made up of natural ingredients and is intended to promote the health of the nails. Using antifungal agents, essential oils, fungus-fighting extracts, and traditional and herbal medicine, Funginix is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and is designed to help you achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy nails.

It absorbs your toenails and skin the same way as the other topical solutions listed here. Toenail fungus supplements work from the inside out to support your toenails and skin. Your health is supported from the outside by Funginix, a mushroom extract. The official website recommends applying the formula topically to your toenail and skin to experience rapid relief from nail fungus infections.

Another thing we appreciate about Funginix is that it is realistic in its claims. Unlike other products claiming to eliminate your fungal infection overnight, Funginix claims to work over 2 to 12 weeks, gradually eliminating your fungal infection in your toenails. Toenail fungus supplements like Funginix are highly recommended for various reasons, including those listed above. The cost of a one-month supply is less than $23, and the cost of a three-month supply can be as low as $12 per bottle.



Approved Science produces Fungix, a fungus supplement. The formulation includes tea tree oil, undecylenic acid, and other essential oils. According to the manufacturer, the formula can stop nail fungus from developing.

Because Fungix rehydrates your skin, you can reduce the severity of your toenail fungus infection by applying it to your infected toenail regularly. Manuka oil and bee propolis are also included in the formula, which the manufacturer claims will help restore healthy nails to the hands. Fungix is one of the few fungus supplements on this list that contains both manuka oil and bee propolis, two ingredients commonly found in many of the most popular skin creams on the market.

Fungus Fighter


Fresh (never dried) flowering herb and root of a unique plant grown in southern Oregon are used to make Fungus Fighter, a vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free herbal supplement. Spilanthes Acmella is the scientific name for this plant species. Using an organic version of that plant, Fungus Fighter provides you with a broad spectrum of plant compounds to aid in the fight against fungal infections. It is also one of the few fungus supplements available online that is sustainably wildcrafted, organically certified, and fresh (as opposed to dried), characteristics that are absent from the other formulas on this list.

Simply mix one squeeze of Fungus Fighter into a glass of water or juice and drink it two to four times a day, as needed. In contrast to the other liquid formulas listed here, Fungus Fighter works from the inside out to eliminate fungus. As a result, it provides your body with the ingredients it needs to fight fungal infections. Each vile consists of 609 mg of a proprietary extract blend that can aid in treating fungal infections, including toenail fungus, and is available in various strengths.

Despite having some of the most expensive manufacturing on this list, Fungus Fighter is available at a reasonable price of $42, making it one of the best value options available.

Fungus Hack


Fungus Hack, marketed as a toenail fungus “hack,” is a nutritional supplement that employs a proprietary blend of ingredients to combat toenail fungus problems. Oregano, basil leaf, black walnut hull, and even digestive enzymes are among the ingredients found in this formula that we haven’t seen in any other supplements on the market before. In contrast to other supplements that focus on inflammation and bacteria management, the Fungus Hack supplement floods your body with unique ingredients that help restore normal fungal and yeast balance to the environment.

In addition to the stated benefits of supporting normal fungal and yeast balance with maximum strength ingredients, you won’t find this anywhere else on the market in this combination. Fungus Hack is accompanied by a headline stating that it will “fix toenail fungus overnight” and “fix toenail fungus overnight” if used as directed.

A proprietary blend of oregano herb, basil leaf, lemongrass, black walnut hull, olive leaf, an enzyme blend of protease, amylase, and lipase, and a few other noteworthy antifungal extracts such as cinnamon bark, garlic bulb, the almighty turmeric root, wormwood, caprylic acid, and grapefruit juice are included in the potent Fungus Hack supplement for natural toenail fungus treatment and support. It is one of the most effective toenail fungus-killing formulas available on the market in the form of an oral supplement.

Nutrition Hacks, a supplement company based in Barbados, manufactures Fungus Hack for consumers. According to the company’s calculations, every two-capsule serving of Fungus Hack contains 960mg of formula. Fungus Hack is available for purchase for $69 per bottle and is most effective when taken twice daily. Also included is a 180-day money-back guarantee to ensure that you are delighted with the formula. If it doesn’t work for you, you can get a full refund within 180 days of purchasing the product. It is intended that the proprietary blend of ingredients in each of the 60 capsules in a bottle begin controlling bodily health so the fungus can no longer survive and reproduce.

Fungus Key Pro


Fungus Key Pro is the second most popular option in this list of fungus nail treatment guides. Fungus Key Pro, which is available as an eBook, instructs you on treating and preventing toenail and fingernail fungus using natural treatments, remedies, and solutions. To solve your problem using simple home remedies, all without doctors or medication, Fungus Key Pro claims to be able to assist you.

In this program, created by Wu Chang, you will learn actionable strategies that you can put into practice immediately to resolve your nail fungus problems. A person’s way of life and eating habits can contribute to the development of nail fungus. You may be able to experience rapid relief from your nail fungus problems if you make these lifestyle modifications. The toenail fungus eBook from Blue Heron Health News costs $37, less than the previous Blue Heron Health News eBook. A similar amount of information can be found in Fungus Key Pro, which offers a 60-day refund policy.

Fungus Therapy Pro


Fungus Therapy Pro is not a supplement; instead, it is a laser that kills fungus on the fingernails and toes. According to the instructions, you attach the device to a finger or toe and then turn it on to eliminate fungus from your body as quickly as possible. The use of lasers to treat toenail fungus infections is becoming increasingly popular among doctors today.

With a retail price of $90, the Fungus Therapy Pro is a small and compact device that runs on USB power. Fungus Therapy Pro kills fingernail and toenail fungus quickly and effectively using laser technology. The device can be left in standby mode while watching television or lounging on the couch. If you want to kill fingernail and toenail fungus as quickly as possible, you can have the device running for however long you want.

H-Nail Fungus Formula


Homeopathy is behind the H-Nail Fungus Formula to treat the toenail fungus. It is applied topically to the affected toenail. It is possible to support your body’s defense against fungus without using artificial ingredients by applying drops of formula directly to your infected toenail. Healing Natural Oils manufactures and sells the product available online at Amoils.

Per the manufacturer, H-Nail Fungus Formula is effective against fingernail fungus, toenail fungus, dermatophytes, onychomycosis, and yeast infections in the nail bed (candida). FDA-approved and natural, this formula is entirely risk-free. Like other homeopathic formulas, the liquid contains homeopathic ingredients and essential oils, which work together to combat the fungal infection from the inside out. Use the H-Nail Fungus formula daily to get immediate relief from toenail fungus problems.



When it comes to appearances, KeraGenis and Keravita Pro are nearly identical. In terms of ingredients and packaging, the two formulas are very similar. In addition, they are being marketed on the internet with similar assertions. KeraGenis is available for purchase for $69 per bottle and was developed by a researcher named Benjamin Jones, who was also responsible for the development of Keravita.

Fungi, bacteria, and infections are all prevented by taking KeraGenis, which is taken twice daily. The other ingredients in the formula are green tea extract, curcumin, olive leaf, pomegranate, and quercetin. Aside from different elements, it also contains mushroom extracts such as shiitake, maitake, and reishi mushroom extracts. Your body can be protected against toenail and foot fungus from within, taking advantage of the synergistic effects of these ingredients.

Keravita Pro


Toenail fungus supplements like Keravita Pro are well-known, and it is one of the most widely used. Given its extensive ingredient list and unique combination, it is one of the most expensive toenail fungus supplements on our list, costing $69 for a 30-day supply. It is also one of the most effective toenail fungus supplements. Even though it contains ingredients similar to those found in the other formulas listed on this page, it is one of the most respected natural products, with best-in-class quality from an FDA-approved facility that adheres to good manufacturing practices. Aside from that, all purchases are covered by a 60-day money-back policy.

Among the ingredients found in Keravita Pro are burdock, rhubarb, soursop leaves, sheep sorrel, and lycopene. Each capsule of Keravita Pro contains 100 mg of lycopene. Other ingredients in Keravita Pro are not found in other foot fungus supplements on this list, even though some of these ingredients are found in other supplements. You can purportedly clean up your foot by taking two capsules of Keravita Pro daily, establish a natural antifungal defense system, quickly eliminate fungus, and even purify your blood, among other things.

Myco Nuker


Myco Nuker is a toenail fungus supplement that is entirely natural and contains 25 superfoods that are immune-boosting, antifungal, and antioxidant. Vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, herbal extracts, and other ingredients are included in the formula. They all work together to strengthen your body’s natural defenses against toenail fungus infections and different types of infections. Per the manufacturer’s website, taking Myco Nuker daily can aid in the improvement of your energy levels, memory, joint pain, digestion, and other aspects of your health.

Myco Nuker is priced at $69 per bottle, comparable to the other toenail fungus supplements on this list. The Myco Nuker formula, on the other hand, is supported by the story of Ian Eddington, who claims to have reversed a near-fatal fungal infection by taking the supplement. Today, Ian is one of the most vocal proponents of the formula, claiming that it saved his life by preventing a potentially fatal toenail infection from developing in his foot.

There are anti-inflammatory ingredients such as garlic extract, arabinogalactan (a type of gel), mushroom extract, turmeric, green tea leaf, and other antioxidants, which you can find in Myco Nuker. Together, these ingredients help reduce inflammation throughout your body while also neutralizing free radicals and making it easier for your immune system to do its job correctly. You may be able to get rid of a fungal infection sooner than you anticipated.

Mycosyn Pro


It is made straightforwardly and simple to assist users in maintaining a fungus-free lifestyle, similar to the other top-ranked options on our list. Mycosyn Pro is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, like the other top-ranked options on our list. Naturally, derived ingredients work together to strengthen your body’s antifungal defenses from within, making it easier for your body to fight off fungus in places like your fingernails, toenails, and digestive tract.

Mycosyn Pro is a supplement that costs $69 per bottle and contains ingredients such as spirulina, vitamin C, biotin, alfalfa, barley grass, Fo-Ti, saw palmetto, and horsetail extract, among others. Even though some of these ingredients are known to support your immune system, they are all essential components that are effective and natural and sourced exclusively from natural sources. Others reduce inflammation, making it easier for your immune system to carry out its functions more effectively and efficiently.

Mycosyn Pro, developed by Michael Davis, a dermatology clinic employee in Chicago, claims to be able to provide anyone with a fungus-free life in as little as three weeks. The Mycosyn Pro fungus supplement support pills are manufactured in an FDA-approved GMP-certified facility using only sterile, strict, and precise standards. They are free of dangerous stimulants or toxins and are non-habit-forming.

With an incredible lineup of toenail fungus supplement ingredients such as PABA, L-Tyrosine HCL, horsetail extract, Fo-Ti, bamboo, nettle root, peony, spirulina, saw palmetto, plant sterols, alfalfa, barley grass, and a host of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, vitamin.

Nail Fungus Control


Nail Fungus Control is an FDA-approved OTC available medication. It can be used to treat nail fungus, in contrast to the supplements listed elsewhere on this page. Using concentrated, certified organic antifungal extracts, the formula safely heals your nails without harming your skin while also eliminating nail fungus in and under the name.

However, there are some significant drawbacks to Nail Fungus Control, including that it contains homeopathic ingredients rather than high concentrations of the active ingredient. Silicea 6X HPUS and Calendula Officinalis 6X HPUS are active ingredients, and they are said to work in different ways to combat fungus and promote skin healing. The use of Nail Fungus Control, while not practical for everyone, may aid in the recovery of those suffering from toenail fungus problems.

Nail Fungus No More


After looking at a handful of the best antifungal supplements for fungus infections from the inside out, the next item on our list is a slightly different type of product. Nail Fungus No More is an eBook written by Julissa Clay of Blue Heron Health News that teaches you how to get rid of onychomycosis (fungal infection of the nails). The book recommends using simple, natural remedies to eliminate toenail fungus as quickly and effectively as possible without resorting to expensive medical treatment.

Nail Fungus No More recommends an alternative strategy to conventional nail fungus treatments, which rely on expensive medication. The ebook recommends eating specific foods that strengthen your immune system, which will aid in the natural elimination of nail fungus by your body. Additionally, you can learn about the foods you’re consuming that contain harmful fungus and how to eliminate those foods from your diet by participating in this program.

If you regularly suffer from fungal infections on your nails, Nail Fungus No More may be the right choice for you to try. In many cases, simple dietary and lifestyle modifications can eliminate fungal infections from one’s existence. You can learn how to make those changes in Nail Fungus No More and change your life by reading the book. After reading it, if the book doesn’t work for you, you can still request a refund within 60 days of purchase. On a serious note, this book is a great companion to any of the best fungus supplements reviewed in this article.

Nonyx Nail Gel


It costs less than $19 for Nonyx, a fungal nail clarifying gel. Following treatment for toenail fungus, the formula has been clinically proven to improve toenail clarity by 90%, which could be particularly beneficial after the infection has been cleared up.

To achieve this, Nonyx Nail Gel breaks down and clears away any yellowing or dark keratin debris, which is the debris in which toenail fungus can thrive. In the case of toenail fungus, keratin debris is a food source. The removal of keratin debris by Nonyx also benefits the eradication of toenail fungus.

Nonyx Nail Gel may be the best option for you if you’ve been disappointed by the effectiveness of other nail fungus supplements listed here. If you compare it to competing products, the formula is one-of-a-kind. Nonyx works by removing the fungus’s food source, making it easier for your body to rid itself of the problem. This contrasts with other antifungal or antioxidant treatments that flood your body with chemicals.

Phytozine Ringworm Treatment


An antifungal cream, Phytozine Ringworm Treatment, is used to treat ringworm infections. It contains antifungal chemicals to do so. By applying the cream to your skin daily, you can effectively eliminate fungus. According to the manufacturer, the formula is primarily intended to treat ringworm infections, though it can also treat toenail fungus and other common fungal infections.

Camphor and menthol are the active ingredients in Phytozine Ringworm Treatment, and they work together to combat ringworm. In pain relief medications, these two cooling compounds are frequently found together. They reduce inflammation and make your skin feel cool due to their use. When using Phytozine, the manufacturers recommend massaging the product into your skin for three to four minutes, allowing it to absorb completely. Antifungal effects can be obtained by applying Phytozine Ringworm Treatment twice a day.



In addition to formulas, products, topical treatments, and other services, Probelle also provides information on foot fungus and other skin conditions. The 2-Step Fungal Nail Renewal System developed by the company is the company’s most well-known product.

The two-step system, which costs $50, consists of a nail gel treatment followed by a hardener formula. Following the treatment of a fungal infection, you should use Probelle daily to strengthen your nails and reduce the likelihood of future outbreaks.

Your nails become weak and brittle after contracting a fungal infection. It’s also possible that an infection has weakened your immune system. These factors can increase your chances of experiencing an outbreak in the future. Using Probelle’s nail treatment and renewal systems after receiving medical treatment for your fungal infection can help you restore the health of your feet and toenails to their pre-infected state. If you prefer, you can purchase the Probelle Fungal Nail Gel Treatment by itself for $20

PureHealth Research Fungus Eliminator


A variety of factors contribute to the popularity of PureHealth Research Fungus Eliminator, one of the best-known fungus supplements today. Using extracts with potent antifungal properties, such as oregano, apple cider vinegar, garlic bulb, wormwood, and olive leaf, Fungus Eliminator provides a one-of-a-kind combination of ingredients that support your body’s immune system and aid in the defense against fungal infections.

The Fungus Eliminator from PureHealth Research helps you get rid of fungal infections by utilizing inulin, turmeric, black pepper extract, and probiotics. Turmeric is one of the most common and widely used to treat toenail fungus ingredients on this list, and it is also one of the most effective. The active ingredient in Fungus Eliminator is turmeric, which helps to reduce inflammation throughout the body. It also contains BioPerine black pepper extract, which aids in absorbing turmeric.

Instead of the other options on this list, this product’s inclusion of digestive health supplement ingredients in the formula distinguishes it from the others. The formula contains a non-soluble fiber known as inulin, which acts as a prebiotic by providing food for probiotic bacteria in your digestive tract. Aside from that, the formula contains probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that help to keep your digestive tract healthy. The digestive tract has 80% of your immune system, and PureHealth Research wants to optimize your digestion by using Fungus Eliminator, which will assist you in eliminating fungus from your body – and keeping it away in the long run.

We appreciate that Fungus Eliminator is endorsed and supported by a medical professional: Dr. Holly Lucille of PureHealth Research enthusiastically supports the formula. Please note that this nail fungus supplement comes with an additional layer of legitimacy, which is something that is not always present with the other formulas shared in this review. The Fungus Eliminator is also one of the most cost-effective toenail fungus supplements, costing only $39 for a 30-day supply.

We also like Fungus Eliminator because it comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee, which is significantly longer than the guarantee period offered by any of the other supplements on this list. You have a whole year to see if Fungus Eliminator is effective before purchasing. If the product does not obliterate your toenail fungus, there is a money-back guarantee.

Doctor-formulated toenail fungus supplements include Fungus Eliminator, one of several top-ranked toenail fungus supplements on this list (Dr. Holly Lucille). This toenail fungus treatment has been formulated well enough to shield your body’s immunity from the ongoing war between the good and the bad fungi.

Based on everything that has been considered, the PureHealth Research Fungus Eliminator is the best fungus supplement to purchase. Incorporating it into a comparison with the rest of the top toenail fungus products available will provide a more accurate picture of which formulas and supplements will work best for the individual’s specific needs and situation.

Puremedy Fungus Relief Ointment


When applied topically, Puremedy Fungus Relief Ointment promotes wound healing, reduces swelling, relieves itching, and alleviates other symptoms associated with fungal infections. Its active ingredients include 1X HPUS marigold, 1X HPUS elderberry, 1X HPUS echinacea, and 1X HPUS arborvitae, all found in other homeopathic fungus relief formulations.

Meanwhile, organic beeswax, wild-harvested Canadian fir balsam, neem oil, and olive oil are included in the cream’s inactive ingredients, including olive oil and organic beeswax. Apply the cream directly to your skin and nails to get rapid relief from fungus, itchy skin, herpetic eruptions (cold sores), and other skin problems. Aside from being ineffective for some people, Fungus Relief Ointment is similar to other homeopathic remedies. It may help some people get rid of their fungus.

Triple Fungus Blast


Tri-Naturals Triple Fungus Blast is a nutritional supplement that targets fungal infections. The supplement is intended to help you maintain a healthy immune system, keep fungus-free nails, and support antifungal and antibacterial properties in your system. Like the other supplements on this list, Triple Fungus Blast works from the inside out, providing your body with the ingredients it needs to fight fungal infections from the inside.

Even though it is named after three ingredients, Triple Fungus Blast contains far more than just those three to protect your body from a fungus. The formula contains olive leaf, green tea leaf, turmeric powder, red raspberry fruit, and garlic bulb extract, among other ingredients. Graviola leaf, beta-glucan, pine bark extract, selenium, lycopene, and other nutrients are included.

It is less expensive than competing options on this list is another advantage of Triple Fungus Blast. While other leading fungus supplements are priced at $69 or higher per bottle, Triple Fungus Blast is priced at $49 per bottle while containing the same ingredients and dosages. The Triple Fungus Blast is one of the most highly regarded products on our list for these reasons and more.

Urgent Fungus Destroyer


The aptly named Urgent Fungus Destroyer from PhytAge Labs contains two capsules jam-packed with ingredients led by quercetin, a master flavonoid, and natural antihistamine, a critical component of the formula.

While other supplements concentrate on high doses of a small number of ingredients, Urgent Fungus Destroyer uses low amounts of more than a dozen ingredients to create one of the most advanced candida support complexes available today.

Unlike other supplements, Urgent Fungus Destroyer is a natural supplement that contains no artificial ingredients. Like the KeraGenis and Keravita Pro supplements listed below, Urgent Fungus Destroyer contains antioxidants such as garlic, Panax ginseng, pomegranate, quercetin, and green tea extract.

Aside from that, mushroom extracts, red raspberry juice extract, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients are all included in the formulations to help prevent the painful spread of toenail fungus or other similar conditions.

According to PhytAge Labs, the ingredients in Urgent Fungus Destroyer enter the body and target fungus, preventing the growth of the often irreversible or even repulsive nail fungus that affects the nails.

According to the official website, this formula purifies and oxygenates the blood before beginning to regenerate the skin, which is beneficial to the estimated 35 million-plus people who are looking for natural toenail fungus treatments. The formula can even help you restore the health of your nails, hands, and feet, allowing you to remain protected against future fungus outbreaks and infections.

Simple as taking two capsules of Urgent Fungus Destroyer today, you can help to support both immediate and long-term defense against fungus epidemics. It is priced similarly to the other options on this list. Still, it has a more diverse ingredient profile that uses effective extracts to naturally fight fungus infections by identifying and treating the condition’s underlying cause and providing the body with the necessary nutrients to destroy it.

Urgent Fungus Destroyer is priced similarly to the other options on this list. Still, it has a more diverse ingredient profile that uses effective extracts that target the root cause of the infection and supply the body with the proper nutrients to destroy the fungus.

What Does Science Have to Say About Toenail Fungus?

The most effective toenail fungus supplements are backed by scientific evidence, including clinical trials that demonstrate effectiveness. We’ll go over some of the evidence in more detail below.

Many of the antifungal supplements listed above work by strengthening your immune system with antioxidants. Antioxidants work by neutralizing free radicals, which helps to reduce inflammation. According to research, turmeric, vitamin C, and other natural ingredients are among the most widely used antioxidants today. They can also be found in a variety of toenail fungus treatments. According to research, eating a diet high in antioxidants can help to strengthen your immune system. According to research, getting plenty of fruits, vegetables, and other antioxidant-rich foods into your diet will increase a healthier immune system.

When it comes to toenail fungus infection, your immune system is critical to the process. While a healthy immune system will fight off the infection, a weak immune system will not be able to fight off the infection. Studies have shown that by boosting your immunity and maintaining a healthy immune system, you can significantly reduce your chances of contracting a toenail fungus infection in the first place.

Many fungus supplements also contain adaptogens and other immune-modulating ingredients, such as mushroom extract, which can help to improve overall health. Mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine for centuries because of their beneficial effects on health and well-being. Today’s research has discovered that mushrooms have immune-modulating effects on natural killer cells (NK cells), macrophages, and T cells, resulting in a protective effect that may aid your body’s defenses against fungal infections. As a result, mushroom extracts are found in many of the top-ranked fungus supplements listed above.

Lasers are used in the treatment of toenail fungus today. Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of lasers in treating onychomycosis – but only at specific wavelengths. In a research study conduce in 2018, researchers discovered that using a 1,064nm diode laser to treat toenail fungus resulted in significant clinical improvements in patients with the condition. The researchers concluded that this type of laser was a safe and effective treatment option for onychomycosis (toenail fungus).

Unfortunately, there is only limited evidence that homeopathic remedies effectively treat toenail fungus. There is no evidence suggesting that topical homeopathic liquids or oral homeopathic solutions can reduce the risk of infection, speed up recovery, or provide other benefits for nail fungus infections.

FAQs About Toenail Fungus and Supplementation

Q: Does the treatment of Toenail Fungus involve surgery?

A: Surgical treatment for nail fungal infections is sometimes recommended depending on the infection’s severity. To avoid surgery, you must treat your nail fungal infection promptly.

Q: How can one contract a Toenail fungal infection?

A: Toenail fungus can grow in any unventilated or wet area. Some people get toenail fungus from barefoot walking in public baths. Infections can also spread in public locker rooms, pools, and other regions. You develop nail fungus from bacteria, yeast, and fungi we are constantly bombarded with. Your immune system may battle an illness. The elderly or those with weakened immune systems may be more prone to sickness.

Q: How does the infection spread?

A: Toenail fungus spreads by water, sweat, and filth. Infections can occur when bacteria enter the nail bed.

Q: How to spot a Toenail fungal infection?

A: A fungal infection causes yellowish discoloration of the nails. The nail may be fragile and easy to shatter. A fungal infection can create thicker, more challenging to trim nails. Your nails may start to change color. Anomalies in nail thickness or thinning might turn yellow-brown or white. You may have brittle, crumbly, or ragged nails or nails that are deformed or deeper in color. You may notice a foul odor, growing pains, and other concerns.

Q: Is it advisable to apply nail paint on an infected toenail?

A: Experts advise allowing your nails to breathe and heal after a fungal infection. Nail polish may not slow fungal infection recovery. However, regular manicures can cause abrasion, leading to more cracks for fungi to grow.

Q: How to avoid recurring fungal infections?

A: The most suggested way to avoid reinfection is to clean the area. Wash your hands and feet often to prevent fungus. Save public places. Continue using your nail fungus supplement or product to avoid re-infection. An excellent fungus supplement can help your immune system fight fungi.

Q: What’s the best cure for toenail fungus?

A: These include medicinal nail paint, nail lotions, and fungus supplements. Consult a doctor for the best nail fungal infection treatment.

Q: Why is it so common?

A: Foot infections are more prevalent than fingernail infections because your feet are covered in shoes or socks, producing a damp environment with limited airflow – an ideal breeding ground for germs. You may also neglect daily foot and toenail cleaning. Your feet may contact fungi in public showers, pools, and other venues.

Q: What’s the most likely treatment recommended by the doctors?

A: In mild cases of toenail fungus, doctors usually prescribe topical and oral antifungal medications. Surgeons and other intrusive procedures may be prescribed for more severe infections. Some doctors are now using lasers to treat toenail fungus.

Q: Is laser treatment effective in curing toenail fungus?

A: Some lasers are FDA-approved for treating toenail fungus. The laser targets the diseased nail. The fungal pigment absorbs the laser light, generating heat. Heating the nail destroys the fungi without damaging the skin. When done correctly, laser treatment can effectively treat toenail fungus.

Q: Is toenail fungus contagious?

A: Most toenail fungus infections are highly contagious and can be spread by direct contact. Direct touch with a surface can also spread the virus.

Q: Is Toenail fungus contagious, and can it spread to other areas?

A: Yes, toenail fungus can spread to other body areas. It can infect other toenails or fingernails. The infection can spread between your toes (athlete’s foot), groin (jock itch), or scalp.

Q: Who is more prone to the disease?

A: Older persons get toenail fungal infections (those over 60). You are more likely to get toenail fungus when you have an athlete’s foot or diabetes, hyperhidrosis or nail injuries, poor circulation or psoriasis, or a compromised immune system.

Q: What best practices prevent contracting a Toenail fungal infection?

A: Fungi are ubiquitous, and it’s impossible to always avoid them. You can lower your risk of nail fungal infection by:

  • Use separate nail clippers or nail paint brushes.
  • Avoid stifling.
  • Keep your feet and toes well-ventilated.
  • Avoid Walking barefoot in public venues such as swimming pools, baths, and saunas.
  • Wash your hands and feet regularly, especially after sweating or sports.
  • Keep your feet dry.

The Best Fungus Supplements for 2022 Conclusion

Fungus supplements are available in various shapes, sizes, and formats. Some vitamins help support your immune system, allowing you to defend your body from the inside out better. Other supplements operate in multiple ways to combat certain aspects of onychomycosis (toenail fungus infections).

Following a thorough review of the top fungus supplements listed above, there is without a doubt an antifungal treatment that is worthy of serious consideration for purchase today. The toenail fungus products listed below are treatments that should be taken seriously to assist the body in defending and protecting itself against this fungus and its symptoms.

Try the best fungus supplements above to discover which one speaks the loudest to your requirements, but whatever you choose, make sure you stay on top of toenail fungus treatment with natural remedies before things get out of hand.


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