PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Review: Honest Results or Scam?

If you’re looking for the best way to get all your nutrients in one meal, then your search ends here. PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is an alternative for your everyday meals. In other words, it is a meal replacement shake that doubles as a weight-loss shake.

This supplement is brought to you by the PhenQ team. The company launched the keto-friendly meal replacement shake in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. The best part about this meal replacement shake is that, apart from tasting good, it delivers plant nutrients your body needs to be at its best and ends food cravings.

To learn more about the science-backed PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, keep on reading.

What Is a PhenQ Complete Meal Shake?

As explained above, the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is a meal replacement shake that you can consume in place of a full meal and still get all the required nutrients and more. This cost-effective meal alternative has become popular with consumers, and for a good reason.

This plant-based meal alternative is science-backed and uses a patented ingredient named InnoSlim® and will give you the following health benefits with each meal:

  • 24 Minerals and vitamins
  • Protein (16g)
  • Essential Fats (13g)
  • Other vital nutrients

Many individuals use PhenQ Complete Meal Shake as an alternative for their breakfast/lunch as it helps them save time and gives them everything their body needs. Several other individuals consume this meal replacement shake after/before their workouts or just as a snack that is also keto-friendly.

If you’re extremely health conscious or refrain from eating meat/dairy products, don’t worry. PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is free of dairy, gluten, and nuts. Furthermore, it is keto-friendly as well as vegan-friendly.

Apart from serving as a meal alternative and providing your body with nutrients, the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake also increases your energy levels, helps in suppressing your appetite, aids you with weight loss, and much more.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake: Advantages and Features

A meal replacement supplement like this undoubtedly comes with a slew of benefits and characteristics that make it a unique meal alternative.

Here are some of those advantages and features:

  • Aids your body with weight loss
  • It’s completely organic and entirely plant-based
  • It helps in suppressing your appetite
  • Increases your body’s energy levels
  • It offers your body several minerals and nutrients

Meal Replacement Shake and Traditional Dieting: A Comparison

There are several reasons as to why people don’t lose weight through dieting the traditional ways, here are two of them

Several Diets Lack Nutrition and Taste

Several weight-loss diets do not contain many of the nutrients required by the human body. They may help you lose weight, but they will also end up making your body weak. These diets only work for a short period and do not give long-lasting results. Apart from that, they lack taste; most diet foods are bland in flavor, further adding to the list of reasons why diets fail.


Making nutritious and tasty food is a time-consuming process. Most people now don’t have the time to shop for foods some diets require or prepare. But with the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, it is possible to consume tasty and nutritious food within a few minutes.

This meal alternative has several brilliant minds behind it. The nutrition experts have designed this to be healthy and yet uncompromising when it comes to taste.


PhenQ Complete Meal Shake: Flip Your Metabolic Switch

As mentioned earlier, PhenQ Complete Meal Shake has several brilliant people behind its formulation and have all made sure that this supplement helps optimize your metabolic switch.

AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase) is an enzyme that helps your body eliminate excess fat cells. It’s the body’s way to natural fat-burning, and it helps in increasing energy levels as well.

The APMK has been known to slow down in people after a certain age. That makes it harder for people to get rid of the excess fat. But this will no longer be an issue because this meal replacement shake can help reverse a slow APMK and promote healthy weight loss.

How Does This Supplement Work?

Over time, we’ve all seen several weight loss supplements come and go in the market. Almost every supplement claims to be the best one, and yet they end up underperforming.

With that in mind, how can we consider the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake to be any different?

To find out, continue reading.

Here are some of the critical factors that differentiate this supplement from other weight-loss supplements:

PhenQ Is Not Your Regular Protein Shake or a Diet Shake

Although it is a meal replacement shake, it is not a protein shake as it has much more to offer. It is not a diet shake, as it does not give your body nutrients or curb your cravings. PhenQ Complete Meal Shake provides your body with 24 minerals, proteins, essential fats, vitamins, and other nutrients.

This feat cannot be achieved by your regular protein shakes or diet shakes.

It Has Several Nutrients

Unlike other diet drinks, the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Supplement has 24 nutrients to offer and only 269 calories per shake. Here are just a few of them:

  • 16g of protein from antioxidants, polyphenols, and adaptogens
  • 24 beneficial vitamins and minerals
  • Low carb content
  • 13g of essential fats from MCT oil
  • 269 calories per serving
  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha and several other natural ingredients

All of these ingredients work with one another to provide your body with healthy benefits.

Tastes Great

Bad taste puts people off, no matter how nutritious the food or supplement may be. But this meal replacement supplement has a great taste, full of all your body needs to stay healthy and lose weight at the same time. Although it is available only in 2 flavors (chocolate and vanilla), it plans to release this supplement in more flavors.

Benefits Of Consuming PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

Here are some of the benefits of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake in detail:

A Great Meal Alternative

The PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is a great meal alternative. It is not like your regular protein shake or diet shake, as it contains a wide range of nutrients that your body needs. From essential fats to adaptogens, this supplement has 24 essential nutrients found in any other accessories.

Helps With Weight-Loss

Consuming this meal replacement shake has just 269 calories and is the best way to provide your body with all the nutrients without overburdening your body with calories. The formula used is backed by science and has been tested thoroughly. And as previously stated, this meal alternative will optimize your AMPK enzyme to help you lose weight.

Increase Energy Levels

When the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake optimizes your AMPK, it not only helps you lose weight but also helps in boosting your energy without including caffeine in the formula. Apart from that, the presence of MCT oil also helps in increasing the energy levels in your body.

There are several studies conducted on the effects of MCT oil on human energy levels, and results have had positive outcomes. This means that MCT oil effectively increases energy levels and is also used by people for the very same purpose.

Appetite Suppressant

One of the main reasons people fail to lose weight is that they cannot control their craving for unhealthy food. But when you consume PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, your craving for junk food will be suppressed. This happens because this meal replacement shake is nutrient-dense, and it helps make you feel full, thus suppressing your appetite.

Best If You’re Always On-The-Go

Suppose you’re someone who travels regularly. Then it would be best if you considered using this meal alternative. It helps you save time and gives you all the nutrients required by your body. Moreover, it is simple to make. All you have to do is add one scoop of PhenQ complete Meal Shake with a beverage of your choice, mix it, and consume.

Increase Strength

We’ve already mentioned that this meal replacement shake contains 16g protein (vegan-friendly). Apart from just helping you put on muscle mass, it also helps your muscles recover from intense workout sessions and helps them build more endurance. Furthermore, the KSM-66 ashwagandha used also helps in boosting your muscle strength effectively.

Ingredients Used

Here are some of the key ingredients used in the making of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

KSM-66 Ashwagandha

This supplement contains 300mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha. This is an ingredient that has been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine. It is known to help increase muscle mass/strength, help you get relief from stress, and aid you with weight loss. This ingredient is truly one of a kind, and the best part is that several types of research stand as proof that this ingredient works.

Pea Protein

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake contains vegan-friendly protein, and that protein is derived from peas. It contains 12g of pea protein in every serving. The good thing about pea protein is that it also has several other nutrients, such as:

  • Valine
  • Amino acids
  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Arginine

Pea proteins have better protein content than whey protein and are easily digestible by the stomach. Due to better absorption properties, your body gets more protein.


This is a patented ingredient used in a blend of herbal extracts that are meant for losing weight. This blend of herbs contains 250mg of astragalus and ginseng specifically to help people lose weight. Moreover, it also helps act as a suppressant to curb hunger pangs, and it also helps regulate the AMPK enzyme to promote healthy weight loss.

Reishi Mushroom Extract

Using 100mg of this plant has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for several thousand years, and rightly so. This mushroom contains several adaptogens that help reduce tiredness in the body; they help increase energy levels. The Reishi mushroom also helps regulate blood sugar levels and helps boost your mental state.

Linseed Flour

Eleven grams of Linseed flour was included in PhenQ shakes to improve digestive health, reduce inflammation, maintain cardiovascular health, and curb hunger pangs. Furthermore, linseed flour is rich in minerals, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and many more.

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You will find 13g of MCT oil in the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake. This MCT oil has been derived from coconuts, and it has several health benefits to offer. It helps you lose weight, and it also boosts endurance levels in your body. Additionally, it acts as an appetite suppressant as well.

Brown Rice Protein

1.5 gm of brown rice was included in the formula and is among the more popular vegan-friendly protein choices today. This protein extract works with the pea protein and improves the muscle-strengthening capabilities of this supplement.

Hemp Protein

This supplement also contains 1.5g of hemp protein. Hemp protein is also rich in the following nutrients:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals and many more

Vitamins and Minerals

As previously mentioned, this meal replacement shake contains 24 vitamins and minerals that help your body in several different ways.

  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6)
  • Riboflavin
  • Vita-algae D vegan vitamin D3 preparation
  • Folic acid
  • Thiamin hydrochloride
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Zinc aspartate
  • Sodium selenite anhydrous
  • Potassium iodide
  • DL-alpha tocopherol acetate powder preparation
  • Nicotinic acid
  • Manganese citrate
  • Calcium D-pantothenate
  • Retinol acetate
  • Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12)
  • Di-biotin preparation
  • Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12)
  • Magnesium phosphate
  • Copper sulfate
  • Potassium chloride
  • Di-calcium phosphate anhydrous
  • Ferrous fumarate
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

Other Ingredients

Here are other ingredients used in the making of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

  • Sucralose
  • Choline Bitartrate
  • Flavoring
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Cocoa Powder

Using PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

Ensuring you use this meal replacement shake in the right way is essential. But the process is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is mix one/two scoops of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake with any beverage and then consume it.

If you’ve any doubt, follow these steps:

  • Take one scoop of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake and mix it with your preferred beverage. One scoop (50.7g) should be combined with a liquid (300ml – 400ml)
  • Mix it well with the beverage and enjoy the drink. Once you drink it, you’ll start to feel the benefits like increased energy levels and suppressed cravings.
  • Use this supplement regularly to see the best results. Also, make sure you use only up to 3 servings per day.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake: The Complete Ingredient List

Here is the complete ingredient list of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

  • Pea protein – 12g
  • Vitamin B12 – 0.75mcg (30% DV)
  • Linseed flour – 11g
  • Coconut oil MCT – 13g
  • Brown rice protein – 1.50g
  • Hemp protein – 1.50g
  • Reishi mushroom extract (with 30% polysaccharides) – 100mg
  • KSM-66 ashwagandha – 300mg
  • InnoSlim – 250mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 420mcg (30% DV)
  • Copper – 300mcg (30% DV)
  • Vitamin B3 – 4.80mg (30% DV)
  • Folic acid – 60mcg (30% DV)
  • Iodine – 45mcg (30% DV)
  • Vitamin A – 240mcg (30% DV)
  • Vitamin K2 – 22.5mcg (30% DV)
  • Vitamin D3 – 1.5mcg (30% DV)
  • Biotin – 15mcg (30% DV)
  • Selenomethionine – 16.5mcg (30% DV)
  • Zinc – 3.00mg (30% DV)
  • Chromium – 12mcg (30% DV)
  • Iron – 4.20mg (30% DV)
  • Vitamin E – 3.60mg (30% DV)
  • Vitamin B5 – 1.80mg (30% DV)
  • Manganese – 600mcg (30% DV)
  • Vitamin B1 – 330mcg (30% DV)
  • Magnesium – 112.50mg (30% DV)
  • Vitamin B2 – 420mcg (30% DV)
  • Calcium – 240mg (30% DV)
  • Potassium – 500mg (25% DV)
  • Phosphorus – 210mg (30% DV)
  • Vitamin C – 24mg (30% DV)

With that being said, in every serving of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, you’ll get:

  • Protein – 15.5g
  • Essential Fats – 15.96g
  • 269 Calories
  • Sugar – 2.4g
  • Carbohydrates – 4.98g

How Much Does It Cost?

Much to everyone’s surprise, the cost of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake isn’t too high. It is priced at a relatively affordable rate. For two bags of this meal replacement shake, you’ll be charged $83.34, and with each purchase are free e-guides and newsletters.

On the other hand, if you opt for a subscription-based plan, you will save a whopping 10% on your purchase. You get up to 9 – 10 servings in every bag of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake. To get the best results, ensure you use this meal alternative for a span of three to six months.

60-Days Cashback Policy

Customers are offered a 60-day cash-back policy. In this case, customers are liable to get a complete refund if they’re unhappy with the product and the results it provided. But to claim the refund, customers must make sure they contact customer care within 60 days of making the purchase.


More About The Manufacturers

PhenQ is a leading nutritional supplement brand under the Wolfson Brand Limited Family.

They’ve released several different nutritional supplements over the past few years, and the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake being the most recent one. Moreover, people generally love this brand and the products it provides.

For further information, customer service can be reached via:

  • Phone: +1 (646) 513 2632
  • Headquarters: 12 Payne Street, Glasgow, UK G4 0LF

Final Word

It comes as no surprise that this vegan and keto-friendly meal alternative is unique. You can get an entire meal’s nutrients in just one shake, and it also has several health benefits to offer. If you’re into fitness or just a busy person who doesn’t have time to cook healthy meals, this meal replacement shake is a great option.

So make sure you place your order as soon as possible and get your supply of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake now.

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