The Very Best Creatine Monohydrate Powders for 2022

One of the most popular bodybuilding supplements you will find on the market is creatine. While there may be some other supplements with only a few studies supporting their use, creatine has been backed up by hundreds of studies. Since the body produces creatine naturally, it is already familiar with this compound. But with supplementation, people can increase muscle mass, enhance their endurance and boost recovery time after a workout session.

The majority of creatine supplements are made of amino acids and pure creatine. However, some manufacturers may introduce different variants like Creatine Hydrochloride (creatine HCL). Because of the many benefits of creatine, including mass muscle gain and energizing muscle cells, powdered creatine supplements have grown in popularity compared to bodybuilding supplements.

Still, there are several factors that contribute to a user finding the supplement that is right for them. As much as there are many types of creatine supplements, the quality that a user takes will determine the results. To make this easier for users, always look at the top-ranked supplement before buying. No matter how familiar you are with creatine supplements, narrowing down the list of the best creatine supplements can be tasking. There are micronized creatine supplements, creatine monohydrate supplements, and creatine HCL, among many others. All this can confuse a user.

If you are sure about taking creatine supplements, it is only right to consume the best on the market. As a guide, here is the list of the best creatine supplements you should consider.

The Best Creatine Supplements

The guide below has narrowed down the best supplement you can find on today’s market. They are as follows.

Xwerks LIFT Offers muscle-building benefits
Cellucor Creatine Monohydrate Retains lean muscle mass
Beast Sports Creature Creatine Ensures impressive muscle growth
CrazyBulk CRN-5 Creatine Combines five different types of creatine
Performance Lab Maintain The leading creatine formula for muscle maintenance
Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder Provides optimal workout energy
Onnit Creatine Enhances strength and performance.
NSP Nutrition Muscle Power Creatine Enhance energy levels naturally
Elm & Rye Creatine Prevents muscle fatigue
Ghost Size Incredible muscle gain
ATP Fusion Gain lean muscle mass
StrengthSeries Creatine HMB Enhance muscle anabolism and recovery

Xwerks LIFT


Xwerks Lift is an uncomplicated remedy giving users what they want, which is creatine. The product does not mask itself under fancy ingredients to appear more magical. Rather, it offers unflavored monohydrate that you can easily blend into pre-workout formulas, shakes or other drinks.

It contains micronized creatine monohydrate to help strengthen the muscles and build lean muscle mass. What makes this supplement ideal for general muscle building is that it contains pure micronized creatine.

Even though not all creatine supplements can enhance your athletic performance, the creatine group in this formula gives it an advantage over the rest of creatine powder.

This formula has been featured the first in the list because it offers significant strength support and power increase without any frivolous ingredients. One container has 80 servings, with each serving providing 5 grams of creatine.


Formulation Powder
Price $39
Ingredients Creatine monohydrate
Dosage One serving daily
Side effects No side effects

Cellucor Creatine Monohydrate


If you use any type of fitness supplement, then you probably know the Cellucor name. And even with all that hype surrounding this creatine formula, it is all worth it. Holding 72 servings, it is quite affordable and gives you the support you want.

Consuming this micronized creatine monohydrate every day will promote digestion and enhance how fast the body absorbs it. Currently, Cellucor formula is among the leading creatine supplements in the market. To achieve the desired results, users should take the required dosage.


Formulation Powder
Price $20
  • Betaine anhydrous
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Disodium phosphate
  • Dosage One serving daily
    Side effects No side effects

    Beast Sports Creature Creatine


    Besides the tasty packaging, this product can boost muscle mass. While other creatine supplements are unflavored, this one is different, boasting of various flavors like pink lemonade, citrus, cherry limeade, and many others for maximum enjoyability.

    Users can improve their bench press, enhance lean muscle mass, and promote better sprinting with ease with improved muscle performance. While it is the users’ responsibility to put in the work, creature creatine helps lay the foundation into these five types of creatine:

    • Creatine anhydrous
    • Creatine monohydrate
    • Creatine gluconate
    • Di-Creatine malate
    • Crea-Trona

    Besides the choice of flavors, users can also choose whether they want their supplement in powder or capsule form. You will only need one scoop and a glass of water for the desired effects of the powder. However, it is best to take it before and after your workout sessions to get the best results. With a high dosage of creatine monohydrate per serving, creatine can enhance your athletic performance.


    Formulation Powder
    Price $30
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Creatine gluconate
  • Di-Creatine malate
  • Crea-Trona
  • Creatine anhydrous
  • Dosage Two servings daily
    Side effects No side effects

    Crazy Nutrition CRN-5 Creatine


    Crazy Nutrition CRN-5 Creatine is a high-quality creatine supplement with a jar containing 30 scoops, each at 10.3 grams. The formula improves pumps and eases heavy lifting. It also improves a user’s workout session and recovery process. This creatine supplement is among the select few that have won the hearts of users. To ensure that their supplements stand out, CrazyBulk offers these five types of creatine:

    • Pure creatine monohydrate
    • Creatine ethyl ester
    • Tri-creatine malate
    • Creatine hydrochloride
    • Creatine citrate pyruvate

    The mixture of these five creatine sources contributes to this creatine supplementation being better than other supplements on the market. It also does not have any side effects that most users tend to experience after using creatine supplements.

    Crazy Nutrition CRN-5 Creatine is a premium creatine monohydrate supplement that provides the required benefits. If you want a micronized creatine monohydrate source, this is the product for you.


    Formulation Powder
    Price $49
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Creatine ethyl ester
  • Tri-creatine malate
  • Creatine hydrochloride
  • Creatine citrate pyruvate
  • Dosage One serving daily
    Side effects No side effects

    Performance Lab Maintain


    Performance Lab Sport Maintain offers a formula that helps boost muscle growth the entire day. It has been manufactured for everyday use to maintain strength, endurance, and power. While it may not be much compared to what other products offer, it also does not have to be mixed with anything. It is offered as a capsule. To get the muscle gains they desire, users will have to take several pills ( 6 to 10, to be exact). Still, those capsules hold about 3000 mg of creatine.


    Formulation Capsules
    Price $44
  • Creatine
  • Beta-alanine
  • Dosage Two capsules daily
    Side effects No side effects

    Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder


    Optimum Nutrition is another popular brand with a good reputation. The supplement boosts users’ bodies by pushing their muscle size, performance, and strength to new limits. To enhance ATP recycling, a user gains 5 grams of creatine monohydrate in every serving, ensuring that each movement is more powerful than the previous one.

    Users that are focused on muscle development will be happy to know that each serving has zero carbohydrates or calories. It is free of fillers, ensuring that one only gets creatine monohydrate.

    Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine is the standard creatine supplement. It serves the best form of creatine, making it the best product available. It also carries more creatine per dosage to provide the best results. If you are searching for a creatine supplement containing three amino acids, without a doubt, or a micronized creatine monohydrate source, this is the product for you.


    Formulation Powder
    Price $10.95
    Ingredients Creatine monohydrate
    Dosage One serving daily
    Side effects No side effects

    Onnit Creatine


    Onnit has also created a name for itself by producing quality supplements, including the creatine formula. The supplement uses creatine monohydrate to increase user performance and strength with incredible value.


    Formulation Powder
    Price $15
    Ingredients Micronized creatine monohydrate
    Dosage One serving daily
    Side effects No side effects

    NSP Nutrition Muscle Power Creatine


    The NSP Nutrition Muscle Power Creatine focuses on the need of users to get quick results from the product chosen. Consumers seem to experience quicker changes in strength, muscle mass, and fat loss with this supplement holding 5 grams of creatine per dose.

    The supplement is available for as little as $28, with creatine monohydrate being the source of creatine. Also, it has no fillers, meaning consumers can increase their strength and energy with better performance during workout sessions.


    Formulation Powder
    Price $28
    Ingredients Creatine monohydrate
    Dosage One serving daily
    Side effects No side effects

    Elm & Rye Creatine


    Although Elm & Rye Creatine is still new in the industry, it has made solid efforts in the world of supplements. Already, the company has a good reputation for helping consumers increase their physical performance and improve their muscle strength. In addition, the balance of nutrients eliminates muscle fatigue that one usually experiences after a workout session.

    Instead of the supplement being in powder form, it comes with capsules allowing users to simply swallow with water. Even though consumers do not get a similar creatine amount found in powder forms, each serving of this supplement has 1400 mg.


    Formulation Capsules
    Price $50
    Ingredients Creatine monohydrate
    Dosage Two capsules daily
    Side effects No side effects

    Ghost Size


    Ghost Size is vegan-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free. This supplement is available in various flavors, like lime, sour watermelon, mango, and natty, ensuring users have multiple options. With every container packing 30 servings, each serving holds 15 grams of creatine. The supplement helps users gain muscles at a quick rate.


    Formulation Powder
    Price $44.99
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Dosage One serving daily
    Side effects No side effects

    Steel Supplements ATP-Fusion


    This formula helps users gain lean muscles without any bloating or water retention. It has been made for everyday use to help increase energy, boost recovery time, enhance strength gain and promote cognitive brain function. For maximum results, users need to take two capsules daily, one capsule 30 minutes before a workout and another one after.


    Formulation Capsules
    Price $30
    Ingredients Buffered creatine monohydrate
    Dosage Two capsules daily
    Side effects No side effects

    Transparent Labs Creatine HMB


    Transparent Labs Creatine HMB contains zero-colored dyes, artificial sweeteners, harmful additives, or unnecessary fillers. When mixed, HMB and creatine monohydrate have been proved to increase endurance, enhance strength, reduce fat mass, prevent lean muscle loss and reduce fat mass. It is also available in seven refreshing fruit flavors: watermelon, orange, tropical punch, peach mango, and strawberry lemonade. An unflavored option is also available. Each jar contains 30 scoops, each at 7g.


    Formulation Powder
    Price $44.99
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB)
  • Bioperine
  • Dosage One serving daily
    Side effects No side effects

    These are the best creatine supplements that can enhance performance as they have higher amounts of creatine monohydrate per dose. They are ideal for gym-goers, athletes, and active individuals. Creatine monohydrate is among the best forms of creatine and delivers desired results.

    What Factors Determine How Top Creatine Monohydrate Supplements Are Ranked

    Creatine is a common ingredient among the many supplements you will find on the market today. This makes it hard for consumers and companies to pinpoint the differences in each product. In addition, some supplements do not give the desired results as promised. Therefore, the guide below has factored in the following criteria.

    Price And Value

    Generally, creatine supplements are available at relatively affordable prices. Buying good quality creatine will not dent users’ wallets. Even some supplements will only cost you as low as 50 cents per serving. Any supplement that is a bit costly was not included in the list. However, there are supplements for every budget, with some products going for as low as $10 and others going as high as $100 for a month’s supply.

    Types Of Creatine

    Even though there are various types of creatine on the market, the majority of formulas only have creatine monohydrate. This ingredient is extremely beneficial to consumers. But for a well-balanced approach, this guide focused on brands that offer different forms of creatine to users. While some types allow the user to absorb nutrients faster, others have an “extended-release” approach. The more creatine types ensure the user gets maximum benefits.

    Label Transparency

    Understanding the ingredients in a supplement is key to enhancing the user’s energy and performance. Some companies are not always open with the ingredients inside a formula. They will either try to hide their formulation by listing all ingredients in a proprietary blend or completely refuse to list the creatine dosage or other elements. The brands ranked are those that have shown total transparency to consumers.

    Before buying any pure creatine monohydrate supplement, check the product’s label first. This will help you know the dosage of creatine monohydrate that is in the creatine supplement.

    The Manufacturer’s Track Record

    Creatine supplements are not new. They have been in the market for several years, with some manufacturers being in the market from the start. Now is when other brands are just getting onto the market. While the period that a brand has been in the market did not influence these rankings, the brands mentioned have a good track record of producing high-quality supplements.

    Mixability And Texture

    Creatine supplements are available in capsules and powdered form. The capsules are not hard to swallow. However, some powdered remedies often present some challenges which can make it hard for one to enjoy. For instance, some powders are too clumpy, which makes it hard to mix correctly. Others have this chalky texture, making it almost impossible for one to swallow. The ranking focused on creatine supplements that were easy for users to mix and enjoy.

    Honest Advertised Benefits

    Just like it is important for a brand to be honest about the ingredients of a creatine supplement, it is also important to be transparent about the capabilities. Realistically, one cannot experience massive muscle gain overnight after only one dosage. Also, there is no way to enhance pumps without putting in some work. Brands that claimed their products could cause significant change without any effort from a user were not ranked on this list.

    The best creatine supplement will fulfill the desired benefits through creatine cycling. Fake creatine supplements do not have the correct forms of creatine.

    Effective Creatine Dosage

    For a creatine supplement to be effective, each serving needs to contain anything between 3 and 10 grams of creatine. You will find about 4 to 5g in most supplements to improve effectiveness. Generally, any amount lower or higher than this may not be effective.

    Absorbability And Micronized Creatine

    Micronizing helps consumers absorb the creatine better. Generally, smaller molecules make it easier for users to take in the nourishment, and this makes it easy for the muscles to utilize the supplements.

    Minimal Filler Ingredients

    The whole point of using a creatine supplement is for one to get the support and energy the muscles need. Most consumers who use these products are not looking for stimulants or protein. That is why most supplements ranked on this list are those that do not contain any other ingredients. Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium are the exception because they are necessary for hydration. When there are many elements in a formula, they dilute the effectiveness of creatine. In the end, it becomes pointless to consume the product.

    What Is Creatine

    You already know that the human body naturally produces creatine. But what is this compound, and why is it important? When you look at it from a chemical point of view, it is simply three amino acids (Glycine, arginine, and methionine). These amino acids are necessary for providing fuel to your muscles. If you lack them, your muscles will be weak, and you will not have the energy to do anything.

    At times, creatine can be introduced into the body to boost the muscles during quick movements. Studies show that taking creatine regularly will help with lifting strength and sprint speed.

    How Does It Work?

    Some products may be hard to understand, but fortunately, creatine is not one of them. By taking these supplements, consumers can positively influence their muscle contractions and other processes.

    The body contains a compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which carries energy. However, it only produces the right amount of energy to handle the day-to-day tasks. Consuming creatine phosphate supplements provides the body with more of this compound and drives up one’s energy. One increases the amount of creatine phosphate used in the body by enhancing performance. Higher levels of ATP mean users also get high energy efficiency levels.

    Studies show that by introducing creatine to the body, the intensity of training and recovery improves significantly.

    Who Should Take Creatine?

    There is a popular opinion that creatine supplements are mostly for bodybuilders and users that want to enhance their strength. But when you look at the many benefits that creatine offers, users that want to promote lean muscle development, better muscle recovery, brain health, and joint health can also benefit.

    If you fall under any of these groups, you may want to consider using creatine.

    • Individuals that want to enhance their workout
    • Anyone that wants to hasten their recovery process after physical activity or injury
    • Someone that wants to enhance their muscle mass and strength
    • Individuals that want to improve lean muscle mass
    • Anyone that wants to increase their cognition and boost their brain power

    Creatine is the right product to take for people interested in using a nutritional supplement to enhance their overall performance.

    Types Of Creatine

    One will first need to know the different types of creatine in the market before deciding on the right supplement. Often, consumers go for creatine monohydrate as it is the most common type of creatine. But, there are also others available on the market that still provide incredible health benefits. Even some formulas have as many as five types of creatine in a single product.

    Creatine Monohydrate

    This is the most common version of creatine and also considered the best form of creatine to take. It is also cost-effective and the original variation used in creating bodybuilding supplements.

    Creatine Ethyl Ester

    The role of this type of creatine is to initiate a bond with ester salts and promote bioavailability. Though it is much easier for your body to enjoy the benefits of a healthy digestive system, research suggests there is no real difference between the benefits reaped from creatine ethyl ester and creatine monohydrate.

    Buffered Creatine

    The pH level of buffered creatine is higher than in other creatine types. While studies have not found substantial differences between buffered creatine and creatine monohydrate, some scientists believe that the former holds much better in a user’s body.

    Creatine Hydrochloride (HCL)

    It fuses with hydrochloride molecules. This ensures that the product can be absorbed easily into the body without any issues with the digestive system ( it dissolves in water easily). If you have found creatine monohydrate to be a bit harsh on your digestive system, you may want to consider this option instead. Creatine HCL is a special type of creatine that most creatine monohydrates may have as additives.

    Even though creatine HCL is not considered the best type of creatine, it can still help you achieve your desired results.

    Creatine Magnesium Chelate

    This type of creatine is bonded with magnesium to allow for faster absorption in the body. However, scientists are yet to provide concrete evidence to back up this claim. You can find this type of creatine in a creatine monohydrate powder.

    Liquid Creatine

    This type of creatine has been liquefied to allow easier consumption for users. Most customers find liquid creatine easier to handle compared to other forms of creatine. Still, a lot of research needs to be done on liquid creatine. While this form of creatine supplementation is not available on the market in significant volumes, such a product can replace micronized creatine monohydrate supplements and creatine monohydrate supplements.

    No matter the type of creatine one chooses, most users focus on the end goal of increasing energy levels to enhance better physical performance.

    How To Train On Creatine

    One of the major reasons creatine supplements are popular is because of how they impact performance. For you to enjoy the benefits offered by creatine, you have to work out. The good thing about creatine is that you will note some improvement as long as you combine creatine supplementation with any type of physical performance. Supplementing with creatine will enhance the following:

    • Strength Training

    If you are looking to add strength, it means you have to lift heavyweights. Taking creatine has been proven to boost muscle strength. To put it lightly, if you take creatine, you can lift slightly heavier weights than you are used to.

    If you train consistently, you will achieve the results faster than if you were just simply lifting weights without any creatine supplementation. This is the major reason that people use creatine.

    • Recovery

    Studies have shown that creatine helps reduce muscle soreness and inflammation. A short recovery period means one can resume training sooner. And the more you spend time in the gym, the stronger you will be. Also, no one enjoys being sore. It makes training challenging. Creatine helps eliminate that.

    • Endurance

    Besides strength and recovery, creatine also helps with endurance. It boosts your energy, meaning you do not tire easily while training.

    The more you learn about creatine, the more you understand why it is so popular among sportspeople, gym-goers, and bodybuilders. However, do not forget that creatine supplements need to be combined with a good workout for one to see results.

    How To Take Creatine

    For each person taking creatine correctly, one or two might not take it the right way. Unfortunately, if you are not taking creatine correctly, you will not see any results. With that said, there are several ways you can incorporate creatine supplements into your routine.

    How To Load

    The most common way people take creatine is by starting off with the loading phase. This is simply saturating the muscles with creatine before moving to the maintenance phase. In the maintenance phase, you reduce the dosage but continue taking the supplements.

    Usually, you will start with about 20 grams a day for the first five days. This is the quickest way to load up. However, you can also opt for another option: taking less creatine a day. That is around 10 grams a day, but do this for a period of 7 to 14 days.

    That does not mean that you will not get the results if you do not load creatine. You can decide to stick to the recommended dosage, which is 5 grams a day, and take your creatine supplement for a whole month.

    Something important to keep in mind is that it is not advisable to consume more than 20 grams of creatine for a period of five days consecutively.

    Maintenance Phase

    After the loading phase, next comes the maintenance phase. After the 5 or 14 days of loading, take about 2 to 3 grams of creatine supplement as that will be enough. This applies to people that have been taking the red meat as it usually has some creatine in it. But if you are a vegetarian or you simply do not like meat, take about 5 grams during the maintenance phase.

    Also, if you want to enjoy the benefits of creatine, take it consistently and not just when you feel like it. It will help you sustain those benefits you are getting.

    How To Take Creatine

    Creatine is going to be easily absorbed into the muscles if there is an insulin spike. That is why you see people mixing it with juice. Still, it is even better for the supplement to mix with your dextrose as this will result in maximum effects on your insulin. Because of this, creatine is often taken after a workout session. At this time, you have already used the energy you had, meaning the muscle glycogen is in need of filling its stores.

    If you are in the loading phase, split your dosage into three times a day. Taking too much creatine supplement at once might be too much for the body.

    Creatine And A Person On Diet

    Most people on a diet often wonder whether creatine is good for them. After all, it is more associated with muscle building. And if you are on a diet, you are focused on losing fat rather than gaining muscles or strength. When you look at it from this point of view, it may seem like there is no point in taking creatine.

    However, that is not the case. Even a dieter can still benefit from these supplements. As mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of creatine is enhanced endurance. When you are on a diet, your strength may not be as much to help you endure intense workout sessions. Taking creatine supplements can give you the strength and endurance to continue working out.

    Taking Creatine With Water

    Since creatine draws water from the body, pulling it into the muscles ensures you stay hydrated when supplementing with creatine. A good indicator you need to drink water is if you are feeling thirsty. Try to drink about a gallon of water every day.

    Also, staying hydrated supports your training. To make this easier for you, try and drink water after every hour. This will help you establish a routine of constantly staying hydrated. Also, during the first days, creatine can lead to water retention. Fortunately, this subsides as you continue with a healthy routine and drink water consistently.

    Scientific Studies On Creatine

    The history of creatine in the bodybuilding industry has made it easier for researchers to understand what this compound can do in the body. There are many studies that have been done to demonstrate how effective creatine can be. These studies highlight the many benefits of creatine, hence proving why this product has been trusted for many years.

    In 2003, researchers were interested in understanding how creatine affects performance. The study was done at Baylor University. The end results showed that this compound helped users who wanted to increase their speed in sprinting or increase their strength in lifting weights.

    The research also found a direct link between consuming creatine and improved overall muscle. However, the research did not find any long-lasting effects on endurance for people that do aerobic exercise.

    As researchers continue to study this compound, around 70% of the studies show that the use of creatine supplements results in improved muscle mass. According to the results of most studies, there was 5 to 15% progress in muscle mass improvement, muscle growth, and strength.

    In 2017, scientists did other research to understand which other benefits there are that users can get from incorporating creatine into their routine. The research did not find any risks or side effects in users that were already healthy before using creatine. This shows that, besides the benefits of creatine in one’s workout, it is also a safe product.

    Another common method that consumers use to maintain muscle development is stacking creatine and protein. In 2001, researchers did a study on participants to test how effective creatine is when combined with other protein supplementation. The group that received the creatine and protein combination experienced an increase in strength, lean muscle mass, and maximum bench press.

    Even people that are not really trying to build body muscle can still enjoy some benefits from creatine. The compound helps users in the recovery process after an injury, and it also enhances joint health.

    Another study by Belgium researchers investigated creatine effects on 22 candidates who, even though not injured, had been immobilized in a cast. Consuming creatine made it easier for them to regain their strength after immobilization.

    For senior adults, creatine can help boost joint health. The process of aging is often not kind to the body as collagen and other forms of nutrients diminish significantly. Using supplements like creatine is an easy way to regain these nutrients and protect the body.

    A study was done to examine how creatine affects senior adults, with part of the group being given placebos. The group then had to undergo a resistance training program for three months to see the effects. There was some muscle gain and increased strength in the individuals that had taken the creatine. No effects were seen in the people that had taken the placebo.

    Taking creatine supplements is a good way for individuals to maintain their muscle mass and strength even as they age. That is despite not participating in any fitness program.

    Cardiovascular health can also benefit from the use of creatine. Certain studies have been done to understand how this compound affects the risk of heart failure. People who included creatine in their regular routine improved their healing significantly after standard treatments compared to people who did not.

    Another significant reason customers seek creatine to improve their bodies is because of the cognitive benefits it offers. A 2017 study showed that using creatine supplements can help people suffering from mild concussions.

    Creatine supplements provide several benefits, preserving cellular energy and hence promoting better recovery. A study was done in 2019 to support cognitive function. The study showed that during difficult times like when one is stressed, creatine could help maintain brain function.

    People who want to keep their blood sugar levels under control can also benefit from creatine. This is particularly true for individuals that have been diagnosed with diabetes. The latest study observed creatine’s effects on diabetes for three months. Individuals who took the creatine supplement and continued exercising could manage high blood sugar levels easily even after eating a meal containing a lot of carbohydrates.

    In certain instances, creatine can help lower the risk of cancer. Even though preliminary studies have shown great promise, further investigations need to be pursued to understand the correlation between cancer and creatine.

    Side Effects Of Creatine

    If you are a healthy adult, there is a high chance that taking creatine will not come with any side effects. Already the body naturally produces creatine, meaning you are not introducing a compound the body is not familiar with. Plus, most sources are vegetarian or vegan. There has been scientific evidence to show that creatine has zero side effects on adults, even after taking it for six months or more.

    However, the exception to this is that users tend to gain some weight. Still, this weight is simply lean body mass which gives the users that extra bulk they are looking for.

    The group that is most likely at risk of experiencing some side effects of creatine are senior adults. These are people prone to conditions like liver disease, high blood pressure, and kidney disease. Therefore, if you have any concerns about creatine supplements, it is advisable that you speak to a medical professional first. A doctor will help you make the right choice that addresses your particular needs.

    The Recommended Dosage For Creatine

    In each serving, the amount of creatine that individuals can get from the creatine supplement is about 4 to 6 grams. Depending on the product one uses, an individual can take it once or twice a day. Users that take it more often can add a serving before and after workouts.

    Even on days when users are not working out, it is still important to take the creatine supplement as that will help maintain your progress. But on such days, you can also reduce the amount you are taking. So, instead of the usual full scoop you are used to, you can reduce your intake by 50% or 25%. Fortunately, studies have shown that you can still experience the benefits of creatine even by taking 3 grams daily.

    Even though some users try to consume a high dosage of creatine (say 20 grams or more), it will not cause them to get incredible results within a short period. That is because after the muscles have already been saturated with creatine, they do not need any extra support. The rest becomes waste and is expelled from the body through the kidneys.

    People with a higher weight or greater muscle mass can take more creatine. For instance, a person weighing 140 pounds can consume about 5 to 6 grams daily, while someone weighing about 200 pounds can take 8 to 12 grams and still experience the benefits.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Creatine

    It is common for people to ask questions about the supplements they are taking. Compiled below is a list of the common questions that people ask about creatine.

    Q: How does creatine work?

    A: A creatine supplement helps the muscles increase their energy expenditure. In other words, it saturates your muscles with the energy they need, and this helps boost short-term performance.

    Q: What is creatine?

    A: Creatine is a compound that provides one’s body with a temporary energy burst. This molecule plays a crucial role in helping the muscles generate new energy. Besides creating more energy, it also enhances better energy pathways, therefore making the creatine usable.

    Q: Can creatine be found in food?

    A: It is possible that you may find a good amount of creatine in the foods that you eat daily. However, if you are looking for the right kind of support that will help when working out or doing any other physical activities, it is much easier and better to take a creatine supplement.

    Q: Which foods contain the most creatine?

    A: Besides the supplement, you can also get creatine from raw beef, salmon, or similar meats. But for each pound of these meats that you consume, you only get about 1 or 2 grams of creatine.

    Q: What are the different types of creatine out there?

    A: There are about seven. The various forms of creatine you will find in supplements include creatine ethyl ester, creatine hydrochloride, creatine monohydrate, buffered creatine, creatine magnesium chelate, creatine anhydrous, liquid creatine.

    Q: What is the best kind of creatine?

    A: There is no best type of creatine, seeing as how each offers some advantages. But currently, the most popular form of creatine is creatine monohydrate. Still, you will also find other options. For instance, creatine anhydrous is a purer form of this compound. Some supplements will blend various types of collagen to give the body the best support by ensuring easy absorption.

    Q: What are the benefits of taking creatine?

    A: The main reason a consumer takes creatine supplements is that it boosts the muscles when one is working out. It encourages muscle growth, supports recovery, and enhances lean muscle mass. Some studies have also shown that using creatine can improve the heart’s health, boost cognition and provide a few other incredible benefits.

    Q: Can creatine be harmful to you?

    A: As long as you are in good health and you follow the instructions labeled on the specific creatine supplement you are taking, you should be fine. Side effects are quite rare. However, if you experience any adverse effects after taking it, consult with your primary physician for professional advice.

    Q: Which group of people should take creatine?

    A: Everyone can take creatine and enjoy the benefits. The reason why it is popular among gym-goers and bodybuilders is that they are the ones that stand to gain the most from the benefits of this product.

    Q: How does one take creatine?

    A: Most creatine supplements come either in powder form or capsules. Some of the powdered supplements are also available in different flavors, giving the user options. Per day you may have to take 1 or 2 scoops or capsules. You will find the instructions labeled on the packaging.

    Q: What is creatine loading?

    A: Creatine loading is taking a higher amount of creatine than the recommended dosage (3 grams) for a few days. This allows you to boost your creatine storage fast.

    Q: Should people cycle creatine? And how does it work?

    A: Some individuals cycle creatine to enhance how well their bodies absorb it. Some people may prefer to take about 20 grams in the first week, then reduce their dosage in the latter weeks. Others will stick to the recommended dose and take those 3 to 5 grams a day. And while some people believe creatine loading is helpful, there is still a lot of research currently being done on that. At the moment, researchers are yet to determine whether creatine loading is helpful or not.

    Q: Is there an ideal time of the day to take creatine?

    A: The time of the day one takes creatine is irrelevant. However, splitting your dosage into multiple servings in a day can effectively give you all-day support. Spread out the amount throughout the day to allow your body to absorb the creatine effectively.

    Q: Should one take creatine before or after a workout?

    A: It all depends on your preference. Some take it before and others after to improve muscle development. However, in some supplements, especially where one dosage involves two scoops, you can take one scoop pre-workout and another scoop after.

    Q: Is creatine safe to take before going to bed?

    A: Yes, it is. Creatine does not have any stimulants. You should not have any trouble sleeping after taking your dose.

    Q: What is a creatine shuttle?

    A: A creatine shuttle (creatine phosphate) facilitates the absorption of creatine into a user’s muscle. This is done by combining creatine and a few other ingredients like dextrose and glutamine.

    Q: What is the best time to take creatine?

    A: You can take creatine at any time. However, the ideal time for taking it is just after you are done with a workout. That is unless the label states otherwise.

    Q: Can creatine cause water retention?

    A: Not really. Even though water enters your muscle cells with creatine, this only enhances better muscle performance. The creatine will not cause moisture retention beyond what is necessary.

    Q: If individuals stop taking creatine, do they lose their muscle mass?

    A: Not exactly. The muscle you built while taking creatine supplements will still remain in place. However, you may notice a slight weight change or less muscle fullness. This is because of reduced water retention. The loss of muscle is common, so you have nothing to worry about.

    Q: Does creatine have any effects on kidney function?

    A: If you are a healthy adult, you can continue taking creatine without any fears that it will affect your kidney function. A few studies have been done to prove this. However, in older adults, there is a possibility that creatine can affect the kidneys. If you have a history of health conditions, it is advisable you first talk to a medical professional before you start taking creatine.

    Q: Is it okay for women to take creatine?

    A: Yes, they can. Creatine has no effect on one’s hormones. Plus, there are also no studies that show that if women take creatine, they will be negatively affected.

    Q: Can creatine cause obesity in users?

    A: You are likely to gain weight when you start using creatine. However, this is only temporary, and it happens because creatine can cause fluid retention. But if you exercise regularly, you can prevent any type of swelling or weight gain with ease.

    Q: Does creatine lead to hair loss?

    A: The use of creatine is highly unlikely to cause hair loss directly. Still, you should know that the formula causes dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to rise, and this could result in your hair becoming less thick.

    Q: Are there any negative effects of mixing creatine with caffeine?

    A: There have been mixed studies about this. Some researchers claim that caffeine and creatine help each other when consumed together. Other studies say that both compounds deactivate each other. More studies on the same are ongoing.

    Q: Is creatine vegan/ vegetarian?

    A: As of the moment, creatine is synthesized from vegetarian sources. It is also affordable to do it this way. Almost all creatine products you will find on the market are vegan-friendly.

    Q: Do all people need to take creatine supplements?

    A: Not really. The body has already produced this compound. And if you are eating a balanced diet, then you are getting a small amount of creatine from your meals. Creatine is for individuals that want to improve their muscle growth. Plus, considering that it enhances performance, if you live an active lifestyle, you can enjoy the many benefits of creatine.

    Q: How much creatine does one need to use in a day?

    A: Taking creatine supplements is not exactly necessary. That means there is no specific amount that one needs to reach by the end of the day. But if you want to add creatine supplementation to your daily routine, you can benefit by taking about 5 to 10 grams every day. If your goal is to maintain the results you already have, then take around 3 to 5 grams every day.

    Creatine supplements offer pure creatine monohydrate, micronized creatine monohydrate, and creatine hydrochloride or creatine HCL. All these options and any other creatine supplement you are taking can help you achieve the results you are looking for.

    Q: How much creatine does the body produce in a day?

    A: In general, your body produces about 1 to 2 grams of creatine every day.

    Q: What is creatinine?

    A: Although creatine is a molecule, creatinine is simply a breakdown product or metabolite of creatine phosphate and creatine. To discharge creatinine, the body pushes it through your kidneys. Specifically, creatinine is another form of creatine that can be found in various monohydrate supplements to provide great results from using creatine.

    Q: Which is the best creatine supplement?

    A: All the products that have been listed are good creatine supplements. They will help you achieve the results you want. Selecting the best depends on the brands that you prefer. The bottom line is that creatine supplements are a better option compared to the other types of bodybuilding supplements that you find on the market.

    Final Thoughts On The Best Creatine Supplements

    For a long time, a lot of people have been using creatine as a workout supplement. That is even before people started seeing specialized trainers or health gurus. It is found in various products like testosterone boosters and legal steroid alternatives, which shows just how flexible this product is.

    It has also been one of the most significant and notable compounds for most users, and it still proves to be very necessary in the world of fitness. The creatine supplements listed above are some of the best products for muscle building, muscle recovery, and many other benefits.

    And even though all these creatine supplements on the market may claim they enhance muscle recovery, at the end of the day, the choice is yours. Whether you are looking to increase lean muscle mass, boost your muscle development or improve your cognition, ensure that you are using the best creatine supplement.

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