April 2 | 50 years ago today on South Whidbey

The following are excerpts from page 1 of the April 2, 1964, edition of the South Whidbey Record.

The following are excerpts from page 1 of the April 2, 1964, edition of the South Whidbey Record.

Editor at the time: Ace Comstock

Publisher: Glenn Smith

Alaskan earthquake has effect on So. Whidbey

“A savage earthquake which struck in Alaska Friday evening sent its effect across South Whidbey over the weekend in anxiety and dread, most of which by now has dissolved with word that casualties are low and, as far as can be determined, all relatives of local residents are safe.

The Whidbey Telephone company and manager David Henny handled dozens of frantic calls to and from Alaska for both mainland and Island residents during the hours after the quake.”

Disaster victims tell of night of shock, terror

“Five Valdez, Alaska, residents have found a safe haven at Clinton and are there recovering from the terror and shock of seeing their homes ruined and lives shattered by the Good Friday earthquake in Alaska.

The quake victims are Mrs. Angus Whyte, her two children, Bonnie, 10, and Christie, 8, and two sons of neighbors Larry McGill, 13, and Jeff McGill, 9. They are staying at the home of Mrs. Whyte’s mother, Mrs. Genevieve Burch, arriving there after a harrowing trip to Fairbanks and a plane ride “outside.”

Sunny skies, egg hunt draws big Freeland crowd

“An estimated 300 youngsters, ranging from toddlers to 12-year-olds, hunted for eggs and scrambled for pennies under sunny skies Saturday afternoon in one of the most successful of the annual egg hunts.

Many of the eggs found by the youngsters were inscribed with the names of Freeland businesses which offered small prizes to the finders.”

Lynnette chosen princess for Blossom parade

“Lynnette Joan Hagstrom, 18-year-old blue-eyed daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hagstrom of Clinton, was chosen by her classmates Wednesday morning as South Whidbey’s princess in the Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival on May 2.

Lynnette, a senior, will be the guest of the Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival Committee at the Princess Banquet and the Queen’s ball. In addition, she will ride the South Whidbey float in the festival parade.”