Bayview School chief hired for elementary school position

Scott Mauk will be the new assistant principal at South Whidbey Elementary School in the fall.

Scott Mauk will be the new assistant principal at South Whidbey Elementary School in the fall.

It’s not just a new school, but a new position for Mauk. Mauk resigned as teacher-director at Bayview School in April.

“We think this will be very good for the school, our students and Scott,” said District Superintendent Fred McCarthy.

McCarthy said Mauk was interviewed late in the week by seven Elementary School staff members, one parent and Principal Jamie Boyd.

“The panel rated Scott very highly in all areas and I believe he will be an excellent fit,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy will present Mauk to the school board at its next regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 24.

Mauk has been with Bayview School for 12 years, the last two as teacher-director. He had asked to be named principal and wanted increased staffing for Bayview, but was told it wasn’t possible due to funding constraints.

A school also needs 250 students before a principal is added to the staff; Bayview School has an average of 90 students.

“It just got to be too much to be both administrator and teacher,” Mauk said. “I was encouraged to apply from district officials and teachers, so I made the choice.”

Mauk said he sees the move as a chance to replicate some of the teaching strategies he learned at Bayview to a more traditional environment.

“My goals include bringing a stronger sense of community to the elementary school and helping with a difficult transition in the years ahead as we consolidate the buildings,” he said.

“And working again with the little guys will be a lot of fun.”

For her part, Boyd was thrilled to hear of Mauk’s decision.

“I think he’ll do a spectacular job for us,” she said.

“Basically, we’ll be a leadership team as the schools prepare to unify the primary and intermediate schools into the elementary concept. In each building there are specific tasks to be handled, but I view us going beyond simple role definition,” Boyd said.

“I’m very excited to have Scott come aboard.”

Bayview School graduating senior Thomas Skaggs said his fellow students understand why Mauk is leaving, but they don’t like it.

“Scott is the heart and soul of Bayview,” Skaggs said. “His teaching methods and student/teacher relationships are what kept many of us in school. He did everything he could to help us graduate and move forward in life.

“The kids at the elementary school are very lucky to have Scott as their assistant principal.”

For Bayview School’s 12th commencement ceremony, 16 graduates will accept their diplomas at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, June 12 in Bayview Hall.