Candidates file for office, one withdraws

Before the filing period ended Friday at 4:30 p.m., some candidates made the last-minute signup and one even had the chance to change his mind.

  • Wednesday, August 6, 2003 1:00pm
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Before the filing period ended Friday at 4:30 p.m., some candidates made the last-minute signup and one even had the chance to change his mind.

Incumbent Peter Borden withdrew his candidacy from the Whidbey Island Hospital District board Friday after Paul Zaveruha and Amy L. Ayers filed for the seat.

Here is the final list of who is running:

  • Langley Mayor: Neil Colburn, Will Collins
  • City Council, Position 3: Kirk Gardner, James Recupero
  • City Council, Position 4: Faith Bushby
  • City Council, Position 5: Vacant
  • South Whidbey School District, Position 1: Bob Riggs
  • South Whidbey School District, Position 2: Greg Gilles
  • South Whidbey School District, Position 5: Rich Parker
  • Coupeville Mayor: Nancy Conard
  • Town Council Position 1: Marshall Bronson
  • Town Council Position 2: Bob Clay
  • Town Council Position 3: Molly Hughes
  • Town Council Position 4: Dianne Binder
  • Town Council Position 5: Joe Keeva
  • School District Position 1: Don Sherman
  • School District Position 4: Carol Bishop
  • Oak Harbor Mayor: Patty Cohen, Eric Gerber, Bob Morrison
  • City Council Position 1: Clairann Haney, Sue Karahalios
  • City Council Position 2: Paul Brewer
  • City Council Position 3: Nora O’Connell-Balda, Larry Eaton
  • School District Position 1: Kathleen Jones, Brien Lillquist
  • School District Position 2: Vicki Harring, Roy Seth
  • School District Position 3: David McCool, Mike Quinn
  • Public Hospital District
  • District 2: Peter Borden (withdrew), Paul Zaveruha, Amy Ayers
  • Fire Districts
  • District 1, Position 1: Jim Shields
  • District 1, Position 3: Stephen Lich, Joe Uhrich
  • District 1, Position 5: Felix Moran, Gary Bradley, Richard Moa
  • District 2, Position 3: Bruce Carman, Jay Brand, Larry Morse
  • District 3, Position 3: Mike Helland
  • Central Whidbey Fire and Rescue, Position 3: Tom Smith
  • Ports
  • Port of Coupeville, Position 1: Ron Vandyk, Bruce Bryson
  • Port of Mabana, District 3: Carl Strandin
  • Port of South Whidbey, District 2: Rolf Seitle
  • Park and Recreation Districts
  • North Whidbey, Position 1: TJ Harmon-Fisher, Fred Henninger
  • North Whidbey, Position 3: Tom Johnson, Fred Smyth
  • South Whidbey, Position 1: Parl Arand
  • South Whidbey, Position 4: Joel Gerlach, Allison Tapert, Linda Cotton
  • Water Districts
  • Admirals Cove, Position 1: Adel Saba
  • Admirals Cove, Position 3: Kathleen Jones
  • Bayview Beach, Position 2: Jack Leengran
  • Bayview Beach, Position 3: Vacant
  • Bayview Beach, Position 4: Dave Haworth
  • Camano Vista, Position 3: Tom Nyland
  • Clinton, Position 3: Maury Hood
  • Crockett Lake, Position 2: Estell Bouchard
  • Freeland, Position 1: Chuck Maddux
  • Freeland, Position 2: Michael Saran
  • Holmes Harbor Sewer, Position 1: Stan Walker
  • Holmes Harbor Sewer, Position 5: Robert Miller
  • Juniper Beach, Position 3: Howard Quigley, Ralph Ferguson
  • Juniper Beach, Position 5: Mary Ann Plambeck
  • Lagoon Point, Position 3: Don Smith
  • Ledgewood Beach, Position 3: Robert Martin
  • North Whidbey Water District, Position 1: Vacant
  • North Whidbey Water District, Position 2: Vacant
  • North Whidbey Water District, Position 3: Vacant
  • Penn Cove Park Water and Sewer, Position 3: Bill Brooks
  • Rhododendron Beach, Position 1: Vacant
  • Saratoga, Position 2: Vacant
  • Scatchet Head, Position 3: Joe Hair
  • Swantown, Position 3: John Fakkema
  • Cemetery Districts
  • District 1, Position 3: Jim Smith
  • District 2, Position 1: Robert Hunger, Jan Ford
  • District 2, Position 3: Valerie Arnold

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