Langley Civil Service Commission looking for new members

The citizen-led commission is seeking more members in order to function properly.

The city of Langley’s citizen-led Civil Service Commission is seeking more members in order to function properly.

The committee is a requirement of the state’s code, which calls for the formation of a civil service commission consisting of three members for every city, town or municipality with police officers. According to Langley’s website, the committee “sets rules and regulations for testing, examination and appointment, suspensions and discharges of Police Officers and other related matters.”

Within the past year, two members have departed from Langley’s Civil Service Commission. It currently only has two members, Savannah Erickson and Chris Carlson.

During a city council meeting June 5, Erickson led a presentation on the committee and encouraged her fellow citizens to consider joining. Per state code, Civil Service Commission members must be residents of Langley for at least three years.

Besides hiring the city’s chief of police and officers, addressing complaints about the force is one of the primary roles the committee fulfills. With just two members, Erickson explained, the commission cannot do that.

People interested in joining the board can download an application form from the city’s website, They can also reach out with questions to Interim City Clerk Darlene Baldwin at