Langley council defers decision on sidewalk construction bid

The public works department of Langley is looking to begin a new sidewalk improvement project.

Funded by a federal grant, a bid was recommended to the city for improving a 600-foot stretch of sidewalk along the south side of First Street, beginning at the intersection with Anthes Street and continuing west up the hillside.

“We started this project because of the deterioration of sidewalks starting up on Park Avenue, and we got funds to do a replacement,” Mayor Tim Callison said during Monday’s city council meeting.

The mayor added that it’s likely the sidewalk will never be ADA compliant, but the improvements will make it more ADA friendly.

Public Works Director Stan Berryman said a five-foot width will try to be achieved, but there may be areas where the sidewalk will have to go around telephone poles or trees. The project does not aim to take away property or parking from homeowners.

City council members discussed the project, with some worried the widening of the sidewalk would cause a steeper slope.

Council Member Dominique Emerson recalled a previous sidewalk project in which homeowners were not satisfied, and the project’s designs had to be re-engineered.She recommended speaking with the homeowners before the engineering is complete.

“Part of the design process should be going to the residents and giving them an opportunity to make sure that they’re comfortable with it so that we don’t face concerns later,” Emerson said.

Berryman agreed to meet with homeowners along First Street to discuss the project with them. The decision to approve the recommended bid for the project was deferred to another meeting.