Man accused of repeatedly stabbing woman in the head

The woman suffered five lacerations to her head.

An Oak Harbor man is accused of seriously injuring a roommate by repeatedly stabbing her in the head Jan. 4, according to court documents.

James M. Kluth is being held in Island County jail on $150,000 bail.

Prosecutors charged 29-year-old Kluth in Island County Superior Court Jan. 6 with assault in the first degree.

The crime was charged as a domestic violence crime with a deadly weapons enhancement.

Oak Harbor police responded to a report of an assault at a Paragon Place residence just before 10 p.m. and discovered the bloody 21-year-old victim lying on the floor.

One of the woman’s three roommates told police that he heard the woman screaming and went downstairs to find her on the floor of the bathroom and Kluth standing over her, according to the police report.

The man pulled Kluth out of the bathroom; he told police that Kluth had a blank look on his face and did not seem to be “completely there,” the report states.

At the hospital, the woman told an officer that she had gotten home from work that night and was told by another roommate that Kluth had been in the shower for two hours.

She went and checked on Kluth, who told her he was fine.

Later on, she was walking to the bathroom after drinking too much and saw Kluth sitting on the couch, telling him she was sorry for being loud.

After going into the bathroom, Kluth surprised her by suddenly knocking on the door, which came open. Kluth was standing outside the door with a non-stick frying pan in one hand and a kitchen knife in the other.

The woman said Kluth started hitting her with the frying pan and swinging the knife, the report states.

She screamed for help and another roommate pulled Kluth off her, she said.

A doctor in the emergency room told the police that the woman suffered five lacerations to her head.

The doctor said a CT scan showed a triangle metal object embedded in her head that appeared to be the broken-off tip of knife found at the scene of the assault, the report states.