Man charged with raping Oak Harbor teenager

30-year-old Cameron D. Wilson is accused of raping a teenager after she passed out last year.

An Oak Harbor man is accused of raping a teenager after she passed out last year, according to court documents.

Prosecutors charged 30-year-old Cameron D. Wilson in Island County Superior Court Aug. 25 with rape in the third degree. He could face from six months to a year in jail if convicted of the charge.

The high school girl reported to police that she met Wilson through a dating app. On their second date in April 2022, Wilson bought a bottle of whiskey for her, according to a report by a detective with the Island County Sheriff’s Office.

Wilson took the girl to his house, where she drank a large amount of whiskey, the report states. The girl said Wilson only drank one beer while she became very intoxicated, had trouble walking and slurred her words, the report states. Wilson took the teenager to his bedroom, where she passed out, according to the report.

The girl said she woke up to find him raping her, which was painful, and then she passed out again, according to the report. The girl reported that she blacked out after that.

After she returned home, the girl exchanged text messages with Wilson in which he told her to take the Plan B “morning after” pill.